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3 Backuptrans Alternatives to Transfer WhatsApp Data

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

“Is there any trusted Backuptrans alternative that I can use to transfer my WhatsApp data from my Samsung  to iPhone 15? I used Backuptrans but it is not working!”

As I read this question posted on Reddit, I realized that so many people find it hard to move their WhatsApp data between different devices. Although Backuptrans is a popular option, it often doesn’t work while moving from one platform to another. Not only is it complicated to use, but people often get errors using the application. In this post, I’m going to make you familiar with 3 Backuptrans alternatives to transfer your data between different phones.

backuptrans alternative 1

Part 1: Backuptrans Desktop Alternative: MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

If you are looking for a desktop application as a Backuptrans alternative, then MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer will be a perfect solution. With a few clicks, it can help you transfer the entire WhatsApp data between different phones and backup WhatsApp on PC.

  • • The application can transfer WhatsApp data between iPhone and Android, iPhone and iPhone, and Android and Android.
  • • The most prominent feature of the tool is the cross-platform transfer of data from iPhone to Android or vice-versa.
  • • It will transfer your chats, attachments, voice notes, group info, emojis, and every other data related to the app.
  • • MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is extremely easy to use and will not save or leak your WhatsApp data anyhow.
  • • There is no need to root or jailbreak your device to transfer WhatsApp data using MobileTrans. It can further help you backup and restore your WhatsApp data as well.

To learn more about this Backuptrans alternative to transfer your WhatsApp data, the following steps can be taken.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer

To start with, just launch the MobileTrans toolkit, select the WhatsApp Transfer module. You are now ready to transfer WhatsApp.

transfer whatsapp messages home

Step 2: Connect both the devices

With the help of working cables (USB and lightning), kindly connect both the devices and let MobileTrans detect them. Your devices would be displayed and shall be marked as either source or destination. If you want, you can change their positions with the “Flip” button.

transfer whatsapp android to ios 1

Step 3: Transfer WhatsApp Data

Simply click on the “Start” button and wait as MobileTrans will move your data. Once the process is completed, it will notify you so that you can restore your data on the target device.

transfer whatsapp android to ios 4

Part 2: Backuptrans Alternatives for Your Phone: 2 Smart Mobile Apps

Apart from using a desktop tool, you can also explore Backuptrans alternatives for your phone. For instance, you can consider the following apps to transfer WhatsApp data between different platforms.

WazzapMigrator: Backuptrans Alternative for iPhone to Android Transfer

If you are moving from an iPhone to an Android, then you can use the WazzapMigrator application. While it is not as user-friendly as MobileTrans, you can try it nevertheless.

  • • To use WazzapMigrator, you first have to take a backup of your iPhone data on iTunes.
  • • Later, the iTunes backup can be extracted and the WhatsApp data would be moved to your Android device.
  • • The application can help you move your messages, chats, and other WhatsApp data.
  • • Since the process can be a bit complicated, it is often not considered by many users.

If you want to learn how to use this Backuptrans alternative to transfer data from an iPhone to Android, then you can follow this drill.

Step 1: Take a backup of your iPhone on iTunes

Firstly, connect your iPhone to the system, launch iTunes, and go to its Summary section. Under the Backups field, you can choose to take a backup of your iPhone on the local computer (without encryption).

backuptrans alternative 2

Step 2: Extract the iTunes backup

Now, install the iBackup Viewer tool from the WazzapMigrator website and launch it. Go to the iTunes Backup > folder and extract the ChatStorage.sqlite file (and the media folder).

backuptrans alternative 3

Step 3: Transfer WhatsApp backup to your device

Afterward, install the WazzapMigrator app on your Android phone and connect it to your computer. You can now transfer the ChatStorage.sqlite file from the system storage to the WazzapMigrator folder on your Android device.

backuptrans alternative 4

Once that is done, disconnect your Android phone and launch the WazzapMigrator app on the device. Select the recently transferred backup and extract your data. In the end, you can reinstall WhatsApp and choose to restore the backup content on it.

backuptrans alternative 5

Mutsapper: Backuptrans Alternative for Android to iOS WhatsApp Transfer

The last Backuptrans alternative that I would recommend using is Mutsapper (Used name: Wutsapper). It is a reliable Android application that can transfer your WhatsApp data to a connected iPhone directly.

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone

  • • You can connect your iPhone to Android via an OTG cable or use its desktop version to transfer your data.
  • • The application can move your chats, attachments, voice notes, and everything else related to WhatsApp.
  • • Mutsapper is 100% secure and will perform a direct transfer of data without saving anything in between.
  • • Also, Mutsapper is extremely easy to use and will not need any root/jailbreak access on either device.

You can use this Backuptrans alternative to move your WhatsApp data from an Android to an iPhone in the following way:

Step 1: Connect both the devices

Firstly, you can go to the Play Store and install the Mutsapper app on your device. Once you install the app.

Now, you can just connect both phones using an OTG cable and adapter. Simply wait for a while and trust the connected device on your iPhone (and grant it the needed permission).

Step 2: Backup your WhatsApp data on Android

Then, please backup your WhatsApp messages on Android with the instructions.

Step 3: Parsing your WhatsApp data

When you create a backup file on your Android phone, Mutsapper app will detect the data automatically. At this time, you have to log in your WhatsApp account to parse the data.

Step 4: Transfer your WhatsApp data

Once your data is parsed, you can view what would be transferred by the app (like photos, messages, videos, and so on). Simply tap on the “Start Transfer” button now to proceed.

As the application would move your data, you can just wait for a while, and make sure that both the devices are connected.

transfer whatsapp business between android and iphone

In the end, Mutsapper will let you know that the WhatsApp data has been transferred. You can disconnect the device and restart your iPhone to restore your data.

I’m sure that by now, you would be able to know about three different Backuptrans alternatives. As you can see, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is the best Backuptrans alternative that you can use on your desktop. It can directly transfer your WhatsApp device without any compatibility issues. Apart from that, you can also use Mutsapper or WazzapMigrator to transfer WhatsApp data between your smartphones.

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