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How to Access WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive or iCloud

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

“Is it possible to access WhatsApp backup that I have previously taken from my phone on Google Drive? Can someone tell me how to access WhatsApp backup directly?”

As surprising as it might sound, a lot of WhatsApp users post queries like this on a daily basis. While it is pretty easy to back up our chats to Google Drive or iCloud from the app, users find it hard to access it separately on a computer. For instance, you might not wish to restore the backup, but just read the chats on your PC. Well, in this post, I will answer your question on how to access WhatsApp backup on iCloud or Google Drive in an honest way.

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Part 1: How to Access WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive?

If you are an Android user, then you might be looking for ways on how to access WhatsApp backup on Google Drive. Well, before you proceed, make sure that you have already taken a backup of your WhatsApp chats. To do this, just go to the app’s Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap on the “Back Up” button. Just make sure that WhatsApp is linked to an active Google account beforehand.

Now, to learn how to access WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, follow these steps. If you cannot find your backup on Google Drive through the steps below, it's probably because Google Drive failed in syncing data. Try to fix this issue first.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the web version of Google Drive on any system and log in to your account (where the backup is saved).

Step 2: Click on the gear icon on the top-right corner of the screen and visit the Google Drive Settings.

access whatsapp backup 2

Step 3: Once the Google Drive settings are launched, go to the “Managing Apps” section and navigate to the WhatsApp section.

Step 4: By visiting the “Options” tab of WhatsApp, you can clear a previously taken backup and perform other actions on it.

access whatsapp backup 3

Important Note:

As you can see, the method how to access WhatsApp backup on Google Drive will only let you navigate the backup or delete it. Since the WhatsApp data is protected by end-to-end encryption, you won’t be able to read your messages or extract them to any other application. But one third-party app may help you solve this problem

Part 2: How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone

MoibieTrans is a powerful and easy-to-use tool designed to help you restore your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to your iPhone. With MoibieTrans, you can easily transfer all your WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, and other data from your Android device to your iPhone in just a few simple steps.

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Restore

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Part 3: How to Access WhatsApp Backup on iCloud

Just like Android, iPhone users also want to know how to access WhatsApp backup on iCloud as well. If you use WhatsApp on iPhone, then you get a chance to take a backup on iCloud (instead of Google Drive). Though, you might already know how serious Apple can be about security. That is why, even when you go to the official website of iCloud and log in to your account, you won’t see any WhatsApp backup section. If you want, you can access your iCloud drive, but there is no solution as of now to extract only WhatsApp chats from it.

access whatsapp backup 4

Alternatively, if you wish to access your WhatsApp chats, then consider taking the backup of your phone on iTunes. Later, you can use a dedicated iTunes backup extractor and load the “ChatStorage.sqlite” from it to access your WhatsApp chats.

access whatsapp backup 5

Part 4: The Best Solution to Backup WhatsApp Chats on PC?

Although WhatsApp lets us take a backup of our chats on iCloud or Google Drive, the data can’t be accessed readily by us. To overcome this issue, you can consider using a dedicated tool like MobileTrans - Backup & Restore. The application can take an extensive backup of your WhatsApp chats to a computer with just a single click. This would include your messages, contacts, group info, exchanged media files, and so on. Later, you can restore the backup data to the same or any other device. Apart from that, you can also use it to directly transfer your WhatsApp chats from one phone to another.

MobileTrans - Backup & Restore

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  • • Takes less than 10 minutes to finish.
  • • Fully compatible with major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.
  • • Support the latest iPhone OS and Android OS.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

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To learn how to backup (and restore) your WhatsApp data using MobileTrans - Backup & Restore, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your phone to the system

At first, just connect your Android or iOS device to the system and launch the MobileTrans application on it. Afterward, go to Backup&Restore > Backup app data to take WhatsApp backup of the connected device.

whatsapp backup home

Step 2: Backup your WhatsApp Chats

In no time, the application will display the snapshot of the connected device. To save your chats, just click on the “Start” button. As of now, iOS users don’t have to do anything and their WhatsApp data would start saving on the local system.

whatsapp backup android 01

If you use an Android device, then you need to unlock it now, and launch WhatsApp. Go to the app’s Settings > Chats > Chat Backup feature and tap on the “Back Up” button to take a local backup of your WhatsApp chats.

whatsapp backup android 02

After that, reinstall WhatsApp on your phone, log in to the same account, and choose to restore the recently saved backup.

whatsapp backup android 04

Step 3: Backup Completed

Once you click on the “Next” button, the application will start taking a backup of your WhatsApp data to the local storage. When the process is completed, MobileTrans will let you know so that you can disconnect your device safely.

whatsapp backup android 05

Step 4: Restore WhatsApp backup (optional)

If you want, you can restore the previously taken backup from MobileTrans to the same or any other device. Just connect it to your computer and launch MobileTrans, go to Backup&Restore > Backup Record and then choose to restore WhatsApp backup. In the end, just select the backup file of your choice and extract its data to the connected device.

whatsapp restore from android to ios 01


I’m sure that after reading this guide, you would have got the answer to your question like where to find WhatsApp backup on Google Drive or iCloud. Since the solution is not feasible, it is recommended to try an ideal alternative like MobileTrans - Backup & Restore instead. It is a user-friendly and professional tool that can help you move your data from one device to another or take a backup of all the prominent social apps like WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat , LINE, etc. Once you have taken its backup on the computer, you can also restore it to the same or any other iOS/Android device too.

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