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How to Delete WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Google Drive is a great cloud storage platform that provides free 15GB space. However, if the backup of your WhatsApp data has taken up all your Google Drive storage space, it can be a problem for you.

To prevent yourself from spending money, you can delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to acquire the free space. This article lets you discover the simplest yet effective methods to delete the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. To begin, let's dig into the details of this article.

delete whatsapp backup

Part 1: What Happens if You Delete WhatsApp Backup on Google Drive

Are you thinking of deleting WhatsApp backup from Google Drive? This section will shed light on the aftermath of removing WhatsApp backup from Google Drive.

  • Once you have deleted the WhatsApp backup from your Google Drive, all your media files and chat messages will get deleted immediately. Moreover, you won't be able to access the files that were attached to chat conversations.
  • If you are opening your WhatsApp account on another mobile phone after deleting the WhatsApp backup, you won't be able to access your previous messages and media files.
  • When you delete the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, it will temporarily be moved to Google Drive's trash. Basic and Plus users would be able to get it back in 30 days, whereas, Business and Pro users have 120 days. After that, the backup data will be deleted permanently.

Caution: If you are still planning to remove your WhatsApp account, you should create a WhatsApp backup as a precautionary measure. In this regard, Wondershare MobileTrans can effortlessly help you create a WhatsApp backup.

Part 2: Delete WhatsApp Backup From Google Drive via Google Drive App

If you are a non-technical individual, you may think you can only use a computer to delete the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. However, this is not true, as you can easily use your Android phone to delete the WhatsApp backup.

Step 1: Start by navigating to your Google Drive app on your phone. Make sure to log in with the correct Google account associated with your phone.

Step 2: Now tap on the "Three-Lines" icon on the left side, which will open a new menu. From there, select "Backups" and scroll until you can locate WhatsApp backup. After locating the backup, tap on the "Three-Dot" icon given adjacent to the option. From there, select "Delete Backup."

select the delete backup option

Note: You can also use your mobile phone to delete the WhatsApp backup using any web browser. To do so, access the website of Google Drive from a web browser on your phone and sign into your account. Now from the left side, select the three lines icon and tap on the "Desktop Version" option.

Part 3: How to Remove WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive on a PC

Do you know how to delete the WhatsApp backup in Google Drive using a computer? Read this section to find out the easiest way to delete the WhatsApp backup on a PC:

Step 1: Start by opening your Google Drive on your web browser and then log in with the account associated with your WhatsApp. Once done, tap on the "Storage" option on the left side.

tap on the storage option

Step 2: After opening the storage menu, select "Backups," displayed at the top right corner. To proceed further, choose the WhatsApp backup you want to delete from your screen. To select the preferred WhatsApp backup, right-click on it and click "Delete Backup."

choose the delete backup option

Will Google Drive Remove WhatsApp Backup Automatically?

Google Drive can only store one WhatsApp backup at a time for 5 months. So, if you haven't created a WhatsApp backup for a long time, you don't have to remove the backup on your own because it will be removed after 5 months.

Part 4: How to Stop Google Drive Backing Up WhatsApp Again

Deleting WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, won't stop Google Drive from backing up WhatsApp again. So, to prevent Google Drive from backing up your WhatsApp data, check the following steps:

Step 1: After opening your WhatsApp account, click on the "Three-Dots" icon to open the settings. Afterward, go to the "Chats" option and select "Chat Backup."

choose the chat backup option

Step 2: Now choose the option called "Backup to Google Drive." After selecting this option, choose "Never." By doing so, Google Drive would stop backing up your WhatsApp.

enable the never option

Part 5: How to Permanently Delete WhatsApp from Your Android Phone

Do you want to delete WhatsApp from your phone permanently? Here are some easy steps through which you can permanently erase the WhatsApp account from your Android phone:

1. Delete Local Backups

Step 1: Locate and access the "File Manager" of your Android device and tap on the "Android" folder. Afterward, proceed with the "media" folder.

access the media folder

Step 2: Select the "com.whatsapp" folder and tap on the "WhatsApp" folder. You will now have to access the "Databases" folder and delete all the backup files present in this folder.

select the databases folder

2. Delete WhatsApp Chats

Step 1: On your WhatsApp, click on the "Three-Dot" icon to open the Settings menu. Afterward, select "Chats" to proceed.

select the chats option

Step 2: On the Chats menu, select "Chat History" and then tap on "Delete all chats."

select the delete all chats option

3. Disconnect your Google Account

Step 1: Open the "Settings" of your Android device and locate the "Google" option from the settings. Next, tap "Manage your Google Account" and access the "Security" tab.

tap on manage your google account

Step 2: You have to scroll down and locate the option of "Manage third-party access." Afterward, select the "WhatsApp" option and press the "Remove Access" button.

hit the remove access button

4. Delete WhatsApp Account

Once you have opened the "Settings" menu on WhatsApp, tap on the "Account" option. From there, select the last option called "Delete my account." It will delete all the details of your WhatsApp account.

select delete my account option

Bonus: Export WhatsApp Chats Before Deleting

If you are willing to delete WhatsApp from your phone for good but want to keep your essential data safe, you can try Wondershare MobileTrans.

You can use this compatible software as a restore tool to back up and restore WhatsApp data. It has a friendly interface that can be easily operable. Moreover, it provides 24/7 customer support so that you can consult your queries anytime you want.

MobileTrans is not only restricted to backup WhatsApp data for free. This professional tool provides various advanced features that can help keep your data safe and secure. To learn more about this software, check the below key features:


  • • MobileTrans can create a backup of your WhatsApp data. You can use this feature to free up the storage space on your phone.
  • • You can also use this software to transfer your WhatsApp data, like messages, media files, and other attachments, from one phone to another easily.
  • • This tool is also capable of exporting WhatsApp messages easily. You can also store your WhatsApp chats in PDF or HTML format.
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Deleting WhatsApp backup from Google Drive can be a safe choice if you are willing to ditch WhatsApp for another chatting app. To do so, this article has addressed all the related methods and solutions on how to delete WhatsApp backups from Google Drive.

However, if you will continue using WhatsApp, you can use MobileTrans to back up your WhatsApp data, which is free of charge now.

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