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How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

Written By Axel Nash |

In the world of smartphones, loyalty is in short supply. Usually, users will shift brand once they feel like trying a new experience. A good case scenario is moving from Android to iPhone. But while this might be exciting, you’ll have to move some of your data from Android to iPhone. For example, you’ll need to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone to continue where you left on your old phone. If that’s your worry, then read on. You’ll also learn how to backup WhatsApp from Android to PC.

Is it possible to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp backs up data on different cloud storage on Android and iOS. On Android, users back up their data on Google Drive. On the other hand, iPhone users back up WhatsApp on iCloud. For this reason, it’s impossible to directly backup WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. But all hope isn’t lost. You can still transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via email. Note, however, that this method only allows you to move a single conversation at a time. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Find WhatsApp on your Android phone and fire it up. Then, choose a chat that you want to export to iPhone.

Step 2. Hit the Ellipsis icon at the upper-right corner and click More.

open WhatsApp chat and click more

Step 3. Next, click Export chat. You’ll be prompted to choose whether to export with or without media.

click export chat

Step 4. Choose Gmail and export your chat. You can also share WhatsApp data on Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Skype.

export chat from Android to Gmail

How to transfer WhatsApp data to PC in an efficient way

Fortunately, there is a more straightforward and convenient way to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone. In this method, you’ll use Wondershare MobileTrans. It’s a unique desktop software specially designed to transfer data from mobile to PC and vice-versa. With that said, MobileTrans can transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Windows PC in bulk. You can share starred messages, videos, images, audio, group SMS, status updates, and so on. What’s more, you can backup data on other social media apps like WeChat, Kik, Line, and Viber.

Key features:

  • Simple to use and fast transfer speeds.
  • Transfer all WhatsApp data, including starred messages and status updates.
  • Restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android.
  • It supports other social media apps like Kik, WeChat, Line, and Viber.
  • Helpful 24/7 support.

Below is how to export WhatsApp messages from iPhone to PC with Wondershare MobileTrans:

Step 1. Connect your mobile phone to your PC.

Download MobileTrans from the official site and install it on your PC. Then, fire it up before clicking the Profile icon to set up an account. Also, grab a USB cable and connect your mobile phone to the PC.

Connect your mobile phone to your PC

Step 2. Enable WhatsApp data transfer feature.

open the backup and restore feature

After connecting the two devices successfully, click Backup & Restore before tapping Backup app data.

choose WhatsApp

Then, choose WhatsApp from the options available. The program will then guide you on enabling USB debugging on your phone.

Step 3. Transfer WhatsApp data to PC.

choose data to transfer to PC

Now everything is set to start exporting WhatsApp data from phone to PC. Wondershare MobileTrans will indicate the type of files to import. You can also click Only files to upload media files only. To start the file transfer process, click Start. It’s that easy!

Pro tip: As said in the first part, WhatsApp comes with its backup feature. So, if you want to save the messages on a new phone, simply click Restore and choose your phone’s name on the “Destination” menu.

restore WhatsApp data on MobileTrans

FAQs about how to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive

Q1. How do I backup WhatsApp chats to Google Drive?

The easiest way to restore WhatsApp on Android is by backing up data on Google Drive. After backing up the data, you can simply restore it on your new Android device after linking the Google Drive account. Here are the steps:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone, then tap the Ellipsis
  • Click Settings and then tap Chats.
  • Press Chat backup.
  • Assuming your Google Drive account is already linked, click Back Up.

Q2. How do I backup WhatsApp chats to iCloud?

Like WhatsApp users on Android, you can also back up your WhatsApp chats on iPhone via iCloud. Again, the process is relatively easy once you have an iCloud account up and running. Let’s go!

  • Launch WhatsApp on iPhone and tap Settings at the bottom-right corner.
  • Click Chat Backup under the Chats window.
  • Finally, click Back Up Now to start saving WhatsApp on iCloud.

Q3. How do I access WhatsApp chats on Google Drive?

We already know that WhatsApp backs up data on Google Drive for Android. But how do you find this data? To do that, open Google Drive on your computer web browser and log in with your Google account. Then, click the gear icon and then tap Settings. Now click Manage Apps and then scroll down until you find WhatsApp Messenger. Finally, click Options to see your backup folder or delete it if you want.

Q4. How do I export a starred message from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows users to star messages they want to save for later reference. But how can starred messages be exported leave alone viewing them?

  • Launch WhatsApp and click the Ellipsis
  • Then, tap Starred messages.
  • Long press the message to export and tap the Share Remember, this method only works with media files like photos and videos.

See, learning how to restore WhatsApp messages on Google Drive is a cakewalk with a simple guide like this one. But iPhone doesn’t backup WhatsApp on Google Drive, use MobileTrans, instead. With it, you can restore WhatsApp chats on PC and mobile effortlessly. Even better, it works with other social media apps.

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