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Everyone Regrets Not Understanding MDM Sooner

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

We are past the days when the only devices you would use for work were desktops and laptops. Nowadays, organizations are also embracing the use of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. They improve productivity since employees are working from a familiar platform. Their portability is at another level, and the flexibility is also indisputable.

Unfortunately, they can do more harm and good when unmanaged. Some staff members would misuse them and start using them for other reasons such as streaming and playing games. Do you see how that can cripple the same productivity you wanted to promote?

That's just one of its drawbacks. Fortunately, mobile MDM software can help you avoid such situations. So, if you own a business that uses mobile devices as working tools, keep reading. There is pretty much to learn about this business savior as it copes with challenges that come with working on mobile devices.

Part 1: What is MDM Software, and what is the Best MDM Software for You?

It must have been exciting to learn that there is a way to simplify working from mobile devices, MDM software. So, what is MDM software? How can you maximize its benefits? Is there a need to consider it? If so, how do I ensure that I take home the best solution? These are the answers to all the questions. So, without further ado, let's dive in.

MDM Software

1.1 What is MDM Software, and how can it be used?

Understanding MDM definition is the best way to get started, no doubt. First of all, MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. As the name suggests, MDM software is what a business uses to maintain maximum functionality, not forgetting the security of the many mobile devices they use for work reasons. All those efforts have one primary mission, protecting the company and, more so, its network.

MDM software products need to have these characteristics:

  • It should be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices regardless of their platforms, type, and operating systems
  • Its integration with the existing administrative, IT, and application systems should be seamless
  • It should also be customizable so that it can meet the company's requirements and align with its policy
  • The IT team should be in a position to configure, lock, wipe, detect and encrypt the devices simultaneously
  • Last but not least, it should be reporting every activity that each device does

1.2 Reasons why your business needs MDM Software

Businesses need to consider buying MDM software because of the following reasons.

    1. To Enhance Productivity

It is essential to acknowledge that MDM is centralized. Consequently, the IT team no longer has to use many resources, including time to manage all the devices used in the organization. It does many things remotely, including the removal, update, and installation of applications. Changing settings and policies is also done using a single management dashboard. Under such circumstances, the company improves on its efficiency since tasks get done remotely and within a short time.

It also comes in handy when carrying out asset management. Every employee uses a particular mobile device, and that's easy to note. If there is a need for an update or replacement, it is easy to tell and also take the next cause of action. Due to the central management, the IT team doesn't have to move from one place to another to access the devices.

Enhance Productivitye

    1. To Reduce Cost

It is no secret that MDM promotes BYOD. It has proven to improve productivity which means more revenue for the business. At the same time, no need for the company to buy mobile devices, which cuts on cost.

As much as it is a good thing, it makes companies vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Given how high the data breach cost is, an MDM security can reduce cost by avoiding such a circumstance. The data breach also comes with inconveniences such as losing great clients and even gaining a bad reputation as we advance. MDM avoids security issues saving the company from the hefty cost following a data breach or loss of clients.

Reduce Cost

    1. To Improve Security

MDM will ensure that your company data is safe at all times. It has features such as wiping and locking a lost or stolen device. It can also restrict the devices from visiting websites that pose a danger to the devices or the company data. It controls everything, including applications and policies, to enhance security further.

There is a need for containerization for maximum security. It separates what the employees can access from the rest of the data. Therefore, a vulnerable individual or unsafe mobile applications cant access the company's data.

Improve Security

    1. Ways To Choose A Right MDM Software

- Usability of the MDM Software.

- Consider The Data Security Needs.

- Specifications that you require to manage the mobile devices.

- The devices you want to protect.

Choose A Right MDM Software

Part 2 Some Unexpected Benefits of Using MDM Software

Upon settling for an MDM solution, these are the benefits you stand to gain.

Benefits of Using MDM Software

    1. Registration of Devices Automatically

This feature offers outstanding help when you have a new employee who needs to use a new mobile device to work for the firm. MDM will register the new device remotely. The enrollment process includes Wi-Fi configuration, user policies, and installation of the necessary application. Since all this happens remotely, the IT team doesn't have to move from one place to another. Also, the process is easy hence takes less time to complete it, thanks to MDM.

    1. Promoting the Adoption of BYOD

On one side, BYOD brings a lot of benefits such as improved productivity and saving on cost. On the other hand, it exposes company data to unauthorized people. That has seen many companies struggle between embracing BYOD or choosing security over it. Those who have chosen it and thought of enhancing security have found it hand to cope with the issues since they change all the time. That's where mobile MDM software comes in. it makes it easy to embrace BYOD by establishing a dedicated policy, enhancing security, and controlling devices. It also makes the management easy despite the people being far away from each other and even supervisors.

    1. It enhances security

Both the company data and applications contain sensitive data hence the need for adequate security. One way of enhancing it is ensuring that the software is up to date at all times. An MDM helps with the updates and patches as soon as possible and remotely. It is also one way for a company to simplify staying compliant. The same case applies to applications because their installation and configuration take place remotely.

    1. It is an excellent collection of management and security tools

The fact that an MDM serves all devices regardless of their type or operating system is worth mentioning. Its management capabilities include enrolling a device automatically and remotely, integrating various devices with the business application, and managing them from a central point. It helps identify things that need security improvement and what multiple users are doing with their devices. Configuring and installation of applications takes place thoroughly. It also handles security, productivity, and compliance.

    1. Easy management of devices

A company uses a fleet of mobile devices, and above all, employees are working remotely. An MDM software ensures that the management of all those devices remains easy. It will take you minutes to configure, update and install applications on all the devices. You will also do all that remotely, which could mean a lot to any business. Also, you can monitor all the devices all the time simultaneously.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

One can learn pretty much information from this article. Some of the insights include:

  • There are various ways a business can benefit from an MDM solution
  • However, one has to choose it wisely
  • Once the choice is perfect, there are many ways in which the company can benefit
  • MobileTrans software is a product worth considering

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