Samsung recently announced their foray into generative AI with plans to debut the technology in their flagship Samsung Galaxy S24. There have been many rumors about the AI features since that announcement, but one remains. It is about the Samsung AI live translate call. So, what exactly is this generative AI-powered feature?

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Samsung S24 AI Live Translate Call: Overview

Strong rumors suggest the Samsung Live Translate Call AI feature will debut on the Samsung Galaxy S24. The AI feature will work like a personal translator so that users can get live text and audio translations as they speak over the phone. In essence, you can call and talk to someone that speaks a different language.

From all indications, it seems like a game-changing application driven by Samsung's generative AI, the Samsung Gauss. Samsung recently previewed "a new era of Galaxy AI" that will come to their smartphones. They went into greater detail about the AI live-to-translate feature that works in real-time, and they emphasized its safety and ease of use.

samsung s24

Galaxy AI is a comprehensive mobile AI experience, powered by both on-device AI developed at Samsung and cloud-based AI enabled by our open collaborations with like-minded industry leaders,” the South Korean company claimed.

You may be wondering how this will work. Samsung intends to build the AI Live Translate Call feature into the native phone app. That is, you will be able to find it in your dialer. It will not be a separate or third-party app or function.

Samsung further stated, "Audio and text translations will appear in real-time as you speak, making calling someone who speaks another language about as simple as turning on closed captions when you stream a show."

Since the announcement of Samsung Gauss, they have generously spoken about the Samsung AI live translate call. However, they did not indicate how many languages the function will be available in. So, how will this work?

How to Use Samsung S24 AI Live Translate Call?

With the above knowledge about Samsung AI live translate call, perhaps you cannot wait to use it. But first, note that the AI Live Translate Call is not the same as Android’s Live Translate feature. This new feature will debut on the Samsung Galaxy S24 in January 2024.

Although there is no official statement on how exactly it will work, the statements from the company prove that this will be a really simple feature to use. And very likely, it will be built into the dialer.

Here is a possible scenario of how it will work:

live translate call in real time

When you dial a phone number and the receiver picks up at the other end, you will get a prompt whether you want to translate. If you select yes, the real-time translation kicks in. For audio, the AI will use the caller's voice and translate their speech to your default language.

If you prefer using the text translation, you will need to either use your phone on handsfree mode or use an earpiece so that you can view the translation on the screen of your phone.

From all indications, Samsung has built this feature with ease of use as a priority. So, we do not expect users to go through multiple steps to access the function but wait for more capability and convenience.

How Will Samsung S24 AI Live Translate Call Benefit You?

Besides possible convenience, you will benefit from the 5 critical ways with the Samsung AI live translate call.

  1. On-the-go translation: The Samsung AI translation call will work in real-time. So, users will get translations while on the phone with their friends or business partners.

  2. Audio and text capability: The AI feature will not only work as audio, like most translation features. Instead, it will have an audio and text feature.

    That means even if a user is physically challenged with hearing issues, they can rely on the text part to get their real-time translations.

  3. Ease of communication: The generative AI translate function will change mobile communication.

    Imagine you have business partners in another part of the world. Instead of hiring a translator, you can talk directly and understand each other with the help of the new Samsung AI translate call.

  4. Time-saving: Samsung has clarified that the AI translate call will be built into the phone's dialer.

    So users will not need to click a third-party application to access the feature. It comes with the phone as a native feature. That makes it easy to use for every user.

  5. Secured conversations: Aside from all the regular benefits, Samsung has assured that the feature will be on-device for the Galaxy AI.

    That means all conversations and data stay on your mobile phone no matter what. This will ensure you can communicate over a secure network, and your conversations will be safe and unavailable to hackers.

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User’s Feedback on Samsung’s AI Live Translate

With every new device or feature release, it is good to know what users think about it and here are some user’s perspectives.

  1. About the AI Race

    Starting with this GSMArena newsroom forum, some users already believe this is a ploy to compete with Google rather than provide real value to users. Here are some perspectives on that.

    ai live translate discussions
  2. About the AI live Translate Feature

    Another user is skeptical about the new feature. @/rodolf imagines the infrastructure is not ideal. He says, “I doubt this can work effectively without some help from the cloud”

    Alt text: ai live translate discussions

    An anonymous user seems to like the feature.

    Alt text: ai live translate discussions

    There is also a live discussion about the AI live translate on the Reddit forum. Most users expressed privacy concerns.

    reddit al live translate discussions
    reddit al live translate discussions
    reddit al live translate discussions

So, users' perspective is somewhat mixed, while some like it, others are concerned about privacy. However, the Samsung AI live translate call is a huge jump in the field of smartphones.

For many, the new feature is an opportunity to switch to a Samsung smartphone, while you may also be considering upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy S23 to the S24. Also, with generative AI coming to the S24, and especially with the AI live translate being the first of its kind, even iPhone users would consider switching to the S24 to enjoy the feature.

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Alt tet: connect devices and select data type


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transfer data using mobiletrans

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The Samsung AI live translate call promises to be a game-changer for mobile communication. The fact that it does not come as a third-party application will also increase its effectiveness and save time for users. Finally, as smartphone makers foray into generative AI, users will benefit from these new AI functions as it will ease and enhance their work communication with friends and business partners worldwide.

Navkiran Dhaliwal
Navkiran Dhaliwal Jan 04, 24
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