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How Long Does Move to iOS Take? It Now Takes Forever to Finish Transfer!

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

"I attempted to transfer info from my previous Android device to my new iPhone 12 Pro. However, Move to iOS is slow. I would want to know the approximate duration of the Move to the iOS procedure. Thanks."

When you jump onto the iPhone ship, you must transfer all your crucial data from your Android device to the new iPhone. Even though Move to iOS is designed to assist, users complain a lot as it takes forever to finish the transfer process. Therefore, it is wise to know more information before acting.

In this article, we will let you know how long Move to iOS takes and, most importantly, what you can do if Move to iOS takes forever. Let's dive in.

move to ios

Relevant reading: It often happens that when you transfer using Move to iOS, the iPhone gets stuck in a boot loop. How to fix this issue? Click on the link to read more.

Part 1: How Long Will Move to iOS Usually Take?

Typically, the Move to the iOS process duration depends on how much data needs to move from your Android device. Wi-Fi connectivity is an additional aspect. It may take several or ten minutes to transfer tens of gigabytes of data over a solid Wi-Fi network.

Here is a table to give you an idea of how long the Move to iOS app should take while moving a specific amount of data.

Tip: Unlike other data transfer tools, Move to iOS generates a one time code to move data between devices. But overall it still depends on a stable network to function well.
Amt. of Data Estimated Time
How Long Does Move to iOS Take 2GB 5-10 Minutes
How Long Does Move to iOS Take 5GB 10-20 Minutes
How Long Does Move to iOS Take 10GB 20-30 Minutes

However, according to the latest test of Beebom, it takes more than a half-hour to migrate 1.7GB of WhatsApp data.

move to ios how long

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Part 2: How Can I Fix Move to iOS Taking Forever

"I'm transitioning from Android to iPhone for hours. How long does Move to iOS take?"

"I am switching from Samsung Galaxy to the new iPhone 153, but the Move to iOS is taking forever! Is this typical?"

In most circumstances, Move To iOS can move your data and information from your Android handset to your iPhone or iPad in only 10 to 20 minutes. However, if you notice that the Move to iOS is taking a very long time to complete, say a few hours, this may indicate that the app is malfunctioning.

Follow the below tips to resolve the Move to iOS app taking forever issue.

Fix 1: Switch to a Stable Wi-Fi Connection:

This is the initial step if the Move to iOS is slow. As discussed previously, Wi-Fi connectivity is a crucial aspect of moving time. Therefore, ensure you link your iPhone and Android to a solid and robust Wi-Fi network.

stable wifi connection

Fix 2: Do not Use Your Phones During the Transfer Process:

On your Android device, keep the Move to iOS app on-screen for the duration of the Move To iOS process. If you use another app or receive a phone call while the Move To iOS transfer is in progress, your data movement will slow down further.

do not use

Fix 3: Skip Unnecessary Data:

When selecting what you need to move to your new iPhone, try as much as possible to skip unnecessary data you do not need. This will also help to reduce data size and thus avoid Move to iOS taking forever issue.

Fix 4: Restart the Process:

Other issues may also cause the "Move to iOS" app is slow and stuck at a certain percentage. To resolve it, hold down the Power button to restart the setup procedure and follow the instructions again to migrate your Android data to iOS.

Part 3: Get Move to iOS Alternative to Transfer Data Faster

If you have tried the four approaches and still the Move to iOS app is taking forever, you should consider using Move to iOS alternatives instead.

MobileTrans app should be the go-to alternative to Move to iOS that you must try. It is a mobile data management solution that transfers data between devices. It enables the data-safe transfer of contacts, images, videos, music, messages, and more from any Android phone to any iOS device.

Plus, the process completes in a few minutes since it keeps a wired connection.

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Let's find out how to move data from Android to iPhone easily.

Step 1: Launch the MobileTrans on your computer and choose the Phone Transfer module

launch the mobiletrans

Step 2: Select Phone to Phone from the given options and choose the data to transfer

choose the data to transfer

Step 3: Click on the Start button and wait for the process to be end. It only takes a few minutes.

wait for the process

Transferring from Android to iOS is much easier with MobileTrans. Try it Now.


Therefore, the answer to why Move to iOS is slow relies on your data size and connection speed. If your Move to iOS is taking too long to finish the transfer process, we hope this post can assist.

In addition, MobileTrans is an excellent alternative method for transferring data from Android to iPhone, and it is easy and fast.

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