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Hi, my iCloud storage is almost full, and I want to delete iCloud backups. Does anyone know what happens if I delete the iCloud backups?”

Apple iCloud allows users to easily backup their iPhone to protect essential data in case their iPhone gets missing or they accidentally delete the data from their device. So, if you think deleting iCloud backup is the best way to clear iCloud storage space just to save you new data, then you're about to make a big mistake. 

Anyway, if you want to know what happens when you delete an iCloud backup, this article will give you the right answer in a brief. So, keep reading.

delete icloud backup

Part 1: What Happens When I Delete iCloud Backups

The concise answer to the question is ‘All data backup to your iCloud such as apps data, messages, photos, and other essential data will be permanently deleted from your iCloud. So, It's better to think before you act and find out what happens if you delete backups from iCloud. 

1. You cannot set up a new iPhone from iCloud backups

As stated earlier, all data backup to your iCloud such as apps data, messages, photos, videos, and other essential data will be permanently deleted. Thus, if you intend to change to a new iPhone or set up your iPhone from scratch you'll not be able to recover the data from iCloud. Although you can try using data recovery tools to recover the deleted data, the fact is you can not recover all.

2. Data synced to iCloud will not be Impacted

Despite the fact that deleting iCloud backup erases backup data permanently, data synced to iCloud before will stay the same. So it's better to find out what's taking up your iCloud storage before you decide to delete iCloud backup. Who knows, it might be some unwanted synced data that's occupying your cloud storage space.

3. Clear iCloud Backups will not Affect iPhone storage

Wait, hope you're not thinking iPhone storage and iCloud storage are the same? If you are, then you've been having the wrong thought. Clearing your iCloud backups only frees up iCloud storage, but not iPhone storage. So, if your intention to delete iCloud backup is to free up your iPhone storage, then you should delete unwanted data stored on your iPhone instead.

Part 2: How to Delete iCloud Backups

If you're really serious about deleting iCloud backup, we've explained different effective methods you can employ to get the job done without hassle. However, before we proceed, it's vital we give you heads up on the kind of data that you're about to delete.

  • Photos and videos.
  • Device settings
  • Visual voicemail password.
  • Apps data
  • Health data.
  • Homekit configuration
  • MMS message, iMessage, SMS
  • Ringtones
  • Home Screen and app arrangement.
  • iTunes purchase history.

Method 1: Delete iCloud Backup on iPhone

Deleting iCloud backup on iPhone is quite straightforward - You can complete the task in a few clicks via the Settings app. 

Step 1: Open Settings app on your iPhone, then from the main page, tap on your ‘Profile’. 

delete icloud backup on iphone

Step 2: Select iCloud and tap on ‘Manage Storage’, and choose ‘Backup’.

delete icloud backup on iphone

Step 3: Select the iPhone device whose backup you want to delete, then tap ‘Delete Backup’.

delete icloud backup on iphone

The iCloud backup of the selected iPhone will be deleted instantly. It's as simple as A, B, C!

Method 2: Remove iCloud Backup on Computer

You can also remove iCloud backup on your computer, be it Mac or Windows. Read on to find out how to remove iCloud backup on Mac or Windows computer.

Option 1: Remove iCloud Backup on Windows Computer

To remove iCloud backup on your Windows computer, you will need to install the iCloud app on your PC and login into your iCloud account to access your iCloud backup and execute the operation. The steps outlined below will walk you through the process.

Step 1: Download and install the iCloud app on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Open the iCloud app and sign in to your iCloud account using the correct Apple ID and password. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Storage’ to view iCloud storage settings. 

delete icloud backup on windows pc

Step 4: Click ‘Backup’ from the options and select the backup you're looking to delete from your iCloud account. Then, click ‘Delete’ to remove the selected backup.

Option 2: Remove iCloud Backup on Mac Computer

Removing iCloud backup on a Mac computer, on the other hand, doesn't require the installation of the iCloud app. However, you must ensure the iCloud account your using on your Mac computer is the same as the one on your iPhone. 

Step 1:  Navigate to the Apple menu on your Mac computer and select ‘System Preferences’. Then click on ‘Apple ID’ and choose ‘Apple ID’ from the sidebar.

Step 2: Your iCloud storage details will be displayed on your PC screen. Just navigate to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Manage’. 

delete icloud backup on mac

Step 3: Navigate to the left side of the page and click on ‘Backup’, then select the backup you want to delete from iCloud and click on Delete. The iCloud backup will be removed instantly.

delete icloud backup on mac

Part 3: Backup Your iPhone to Computer instead of iCloud

Deleting iCloud is not really as helpful as you think because you only get 5GB iCloud storage space free, except you intend to purchase extra storage space.

We'd suggest backing up your iPhone to the computer instead using advanced data sharing software.

Instead of backing up the iPhone to the computer using iTunes, we recommend MobileTrans for a faster and more effective backup process. 

MobileTrans is a top-leading data-sharing tool that eases the process of executing data backup, restoration transfer, and transfer. It doesn't matter if you're looking to backup app data, WhatsApp data, photos, SMS, contacts, or more, this software will give you access to robust tools to get the job done handily for free.

MobileTrans - Backup iPhone

Backup iPhone to Computer Instead of iCloud!

  • Backup iPhone data to a computer for Free.
  • Encourages seamless and faster offline iPhone backup process.
  • with over 6000 different mobile devices and can be used on both Mac and Windows PC.
  • Support top-notch data privacy.
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How to Backup iPhone to Computer With MobileTrans Software 

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch the MobileTrans software, then click on ‘Backup & Restore’ and select ‘Backup’ in ‘ Phone Backup & Restore’.

backup iphone to computer

Step 2: Choose the category of data you want to backup by ticking the checkbox next to it > Click Start to start iPhone backup.

backup iphone to pc

Step 3: MobileTrans will complete iPhone backup to computer in a few minutes. Just disconnect your iPhone from the computer afterward.

backup iphone to pc


Deleting iCloud backup is a bad idea if you don't have a copy of the data you want to delete. So, it's important you backup your iPhone data to a computer before executing any iCloud backup delete process. Besides, MobileTrans is a very effective data-sharing tool you can rely on to get the job done for you.

That being said, if you still insist on carrying on with the iCloud data backup delete process, we also explained different methods you can use to complete the operation in a few clicks either via your iPhone or computer.

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