How to Fix 'Device is Unreachable' Error with iOS & Windows [2024]

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Even though, it is extremely easy to transfer images from iPhone to your computer. Sometimes, you may receive error messages as if the device is unreachable. If you are receiving any such messages do not just jump to any conclusion, instead try these five methods to fix the glitch:

Part 1: 6 Ways to Fix the – Device is Unreachable Error

Method 1: Disable Image Conversion

One of the best features of the iPhone is that when you start transferring your multimedia files to your PC, it will first convert the file into a format that is compatible with the PC. No wonder this is a great feature, but sometimes it causes a hindrance in transferring files from one device to another.

Your iPhone may take some time to complete the conversion process and meanwhile, the computer will show a message that the device is unreachable. If you are encountering such a problem, just disable the conversion process.

Step 1:

To do so, go to the setting menu on the iPhone and disable the format conversion under the image app.

Step 2:

Once it has been disabled, plug in your iPhone again, and start the transfer process.

Method 2: Run Hardware Troubleshooter

Windows PC has a built-in feature that can detect hardware problem in your computer. If you are unable to detect your iPhone, you will need to run the diagnostic.

The device is able to determine the existing problem and we will show you the result in a prompt window. To complete the automatic troubleshooting, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, you will have to launch the run promptly on the computer and press Windows + r button
  • Once the run prompt launchers, type in msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic.
  • After you receive the repair window, click on the advanced menu. From there you can apply automatic repair.
  • Click on the Next button and wait for the repair process to complete.
  • If there is, any hardware-related issue the system would prompt it. 

In case, the system is unable to determine the problem, proceed with the steps mentioned below: 

Method 3: Try Different USB Cable and Port

One of the common problems that causes this error to erupt is a broken USB cable port. In order to make sure that this is not the root cause, try a different port for the transfer and if that is not working you can transfer using a different cable altogether. Hope it works for you; else you can proceed to the next methods.

Method 4: Update USB Driver

Sometimes the PC’s USB drivers are not up-to-date and that causes a hindrance while transferring files from any device. In case, you are receiving the unreachable error message, it is time to update the USB drivers. To do so you can:

update driver

  • Select the device manager by clicking on the Windows menu on your PC. Once you click on it, you will be taken to the main menu, which will contain Universal Serial Bus Controller.
  • Expand the Universal Serial Bus Controller section and click on the USB root hub.
  • After right-clicking, you will receive an option to update driver. Click on it and you are good to go.
  • You will be prompted to the question automatically update driver’s software or browse my computer for Driver Software then the length between the two select the first one.
  • Now repeat the process for each of the USB root hub driver
Method 5: Update iTunes on PC

Another reason why your device is unreachable is maybe that the Apple iPhone driver has not been updated for a while. For doing so:

update itunes

  • Click on the device manager and go to the portable devices
  • Expand it and you will come across the Apple iPhone option. Right click on it and update the driver option.
  • Once again, you have to click on the search automatically option for updated driver software. If there is, an updated version Windows will update it automatically.
  • Try to transfer the file again and see if the device is reachable
Method 6: Update iOS and Windows

Finally, you can try to update your iPhone to eliminate any bug that has come due to un-updated software.

  • Update the software by browsing the setting options and from there click on the general menu.
  • Next click on the Update Software option
  • Let the update complete and then start transferring the files again.

Part 2: Transfer Photo from iPhone 15 to PC Easily with MobileTrans

If you are constantly facing problems with data transfers, then maybe you need to update to a better transfer software. One such software that simplifies the way we transfer data is MobileTrans. The app allows you to transfer, restore, and backup data from one device to another.

The software supports more than 6000 devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac software. So, let us see how you can transfer your file from one device to another with Mobile Trans.

Step 1: Connect your phone to the computer

To connect the iPhone with a PC, first, connect the iPhone with your computer. Once the phone has been connected, click on the “File Transfer” option. From there, click on Export to Computer.

export files to computer

Step 2: Choose the photo to transfer

Once you have completed the first, a window will pop up displaying all the data types that can be transferred from one device to another. From the many options, choose the file that you want to transfer.

select files to export

Step 3: Transfer completed

After you have selected the files, click on the export button and the transfer process will begin. Do not disconnect the device, until the export process is completed.

transfer photos from iphone to pc

That’s it, just a few steps, and the data will be transferred wherever you want. Once the export has been completed, you can import the files whenever and wherever you want.

The software makes it possible to transfer your data to a number of devices without the fear of losing it.

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