How to Import Contacts from Sim to the iPhone

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"How do I transfer my Sim contacts to my new iPhone?"

You will find the answers to questions like above in different ways that we are going to discuss in this specific post. Well, there could be apparent reasons you want to transfer contacts to the new iPhone. No doubt, the iPhone can't save any contacts in its Sim card, but it helps import. So, any method won't work if you want to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. They would only perform well while transferring contacts from the Sim card itself.

So, check out the two popular ways on how to copy contacts from Sim to the iPhone.

Part 1: How to import contacts from Sim to the iPhone?

Provided your Sim card is supportive, you can easily import Sim contacts to the iPhone with the right method.

sim to iphone

Step 1: Put sim card into iPhone.

Take your Sim card, which has contacts, and first put it in the destination iPhone where you transfer contacts. However, make sure the Sim card fits in properly. You can check the compatibility of your iPhone with the Sim card it supports here.

Step 2: Start import

The next step is to go with Settings and import of contacts. Click Settings> Contacts> Import SIM Contacts.

Step 3: Select the location.

The on-screen prompts may ask you for the location of Sim contacts. So, choose it and proceed further.

Step 4: Wait for the completion of import.

It may take a few minutes to complete the import of contacts from the Sim card to the iPhone. So, wait and watch!

Step 5: Open contacts

Open Contacts on iPhone and check if all the connections get imported. You can also replace the old inserted Sim card from where you have just introduced to the new Sim card.

So, you can follow these steps to import Sim contacts to the iPhone.

Now that you want to retain these contacts for further use, the only recommended option is to create a backup from respected software. Given below is another popular method to do it.

Part 2: Recommended: Backup contacts from iPhone to a computer with MobileTrans

Let's discover a step-by-step guidepost to import Sim contacts iPhone. That's a highly recommended step for the avoidance of situations like sudden data loss. And, the reliable software you have to use for such a purpose is MobileTrans.

It provides an all-in-one solution for backup, restore, and transfer of data between different devices. We are going to talk about, especially the backup feature and its steps in detail.

Features of MobileTrans

  • • With the MobileTrans software, you can select the files you need to transfer from one device to another, including photos, apps, songs, messages, etc.
  • • The software works with iOS, Android as well as Windows operating system.
  • • Now, with a single click, move all your WhatsApp data to your new phone via computer while keeping your chat history safe.
  • • The easy-to-use interface of MobileTrans helps the seamless movement of all data from your mobile phone to your PC.
  • • MobileTrans enables you to restore the backup files to your iPhone or Android without any risk of overwriting. You can even restore the backup from iTunes without any reset.
  • • MobileTrans enables you to transfer files between phone and Windows computer, both android and iOS devices are supported. 

Overall, we found Wondershare's MobileTrans as a one-stop solution for all your primary concerns. After installing the software, you won't need to pay for other products for similar needs.

Steps to backup imported contacts from iPhone to computer

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer

backup home

In the first step connect your iPhone device with the computer after the installation of MobileTrans from the official website. Open the respective application and select the Backup&Restore module>Backup phone data to proceed.

Step 2: Choose contacts.

backup ios 01

The backup window will present you with a list of options to carry on for backup. All the supported kinds of files will be automatically loaded on the window to support different types of data on Android and iPhone. Here, you need to check the Contacts and proceed by clicking the Start button.

Step 3: Start backup and wait for its completion.

It's your last step after clicking the Start button. Don't disconnect the iPhone until completion. Want to view the backup? Check to Restore from MobileTrans Backup File.

The iCloud is another alternative to using MobileTrans, which has its limits as well. It is the primary reason we always suggest to go for platforms such as MobileTrans. However, you may not restore the same backup file if you are using developer beta or public beta version of the iPhone while downgrading. It's a typical scenario found in every iPhone device. So, there's no need to lower. Always go for upgrades!


Hopefully, you liked our detailed guide on how to copy contacts from Sim to iPhone. Of the two sections divided, the first one describes a clear way to import Sim contacts iPhone, whereas the second one is a backup recommendation. The suggestions to create a backup are high because of the various valid reasons we've already discussed above.

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