4 Easy Ways to Save Text Messages on iPhone

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“How to save entire text conversation iPhone?” – Anonymous

To know how to save text messages of the iPhone, you must know the difference between text messages and iMessage. Both of them are quite different and should get backed up to avoid any accidental loss of data in the future. The primary identification difference between both the message types is color. The text messages are green in color, whereas the messages sent on iMessage are blue. So, the message from iPhone to Android device will be sent as a text message, whereas iMessages are the messages between iPhone devices only, and they require a data connection.

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In this guide, we will discuss the backup process with regards to both text messages and iMessage backup. Let’s begin with the steps to backup or save text messages iPhone to computer freely.

Part 1: Backup your text messages to computer free with MobileTrans

The very concept to save text messages iPhone is to create a backup solution wisely. And, there would be nothing best than selecting an all-in-one backup solution by MobileTrans-Backup. MobileTrans is the ultimate software that supports cross-platform transfer facility between Android and iPhone devices as well.

Furthermore, the specified software offers a free solution to backup iPhone text messages to computer. It provides a topmost phone to phone transfer solution with a cross-platform facility. You can complete backup data on iPhone or Android devices to PC/Mac with just two steps. You can quickly restore MobileTrans backup or iTunes backup files in hardly one to two actions. MobileTrans can also transfer WhatsApp data between different devices.

Steps to backup text messages to a computer with MobileTrans

Step 1: Download MobileTrans

Head towards the official website of MobileTrans and tap the Download button given on the top menu bar. Wait a few seconds for the setup to get downloaded.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to PC

After you finish the installation of the MobileTrans setup, connect your iPhone to the PC via the suitable data cable. Launch the MobileTrans application and select the Backup&Restore tab to proceed.

backup home

Step 3: Select text messages

After hitting the Backup phone data module, you will be asked to select content to backup. Scroll and check the text messages option to start back up. The backup will get automatically completed within seconds after you choose the Start button.

backup ios 01

Part 2: Backup text messages from iPhone to iCloud

The iCloud has the facility to backup all kinds of data from contacts to pictures to messages safely. However, the platforms suffer their limitations, such as complicated steps for backup. You need to go through lots of pre-adjustment in settings before actual backup.

To save text messages of the iPhone to iCloud, we are going to discuss two ways. One method involves syncing your iPhone text messages with Mac.

So, let's start with a general backup of iPhone text messages on iCloud.

1. Steps to backup iPhone text messages to iCloud:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu in your iPhone device.

Step 2: Tap your name/image at the screen’s top.

Step 3: Select the iCloud tab in a new window.

Step 4: Scroll it down up to messages and activate the green switch.

backup text messages iphone 4

All the text messages are now ready for backup. You are only required to have sufficient space in the iCloud. Therefore, we always recommended dedicated software MobileTrans, which doesn't suffer from space availability problems.

2. Backup iPhone text messages to iCloud by syncing iPhone with Mac

Synchronization of the iPhone with Mac is also a good option if you want to save iPhone text messages. Given below are the steps to export messages from iPhone.

Step 1: Select the Launchpad app from the dock on Mac. Then, select the Messages app.

Step 2: Hit the Preferences option in the drop-down menu after clicking the word Messages present on the top-left side of the screen.

Step 3: Select the iMessage with @ logo.

Step 4: Enter the same Apple ID credentials as on iPhone.

Step 5: Open the Settings tab in your iPhone and scroll below to Messages.

Step 6: Hit the text message forwarding tab in the Messages window. Then, select the Mac to which you want to allow forwarding.

backup text messages iphone 5

Part 3: Backup text messages iPhone to Gmail

You can also export text messages from iPhone for free to Gmail as a backup option. Gmail is an email web-based service by Google that also provides users with space to store messages and other media. So, you can easily save text messages of the iPhone to Gmail. However, it is a way to keep messages rather than backup. So, the requirement of a reliable backup solution will always be there.

Steps to export text messages from iPhone to Gmail

Step 1: Go to Settings on iPhone and tap Messages.

Step 2: Then, hit the Text Message Forwarding tab under the Messages app. Enter your Gmail ID on the resultant screen. The option can also be useful to sync iPhone text messages with other devices.

backup text messages iphone 6

Part 4: Backup text messages iPhone to iTunes

To create an iTunes backup, you are required to sync it with iPhone first. The backing up of text messages and iMessages will be automatically over once you finish the process.

Steps to sync iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone with computer via USB cable and open iTunes.

Step 2: Hit the device tab on the upper-left corner, as shown below.

backup text messages iphone 7

Step 3: It will present you with a list of Settings from which you have to choose Messages. Select the Sync checkbox, as shown in the image below.

backup text messages iphone 8

Step 4: Lastly, you need to hit the Apply tab in the lower-right corner. Select the Sync tab if synchronization doesn’t happen automatically.


So, these were the four best ways to save text messages iPhone. Merely storing them in iCloud or iTunes may leave you with certain limitations regarding space availability, etc. Thus, we always try to focus our viewers with finding a reliable backup solution with Wondershare MobileTrans. It is a secure platform specially made for such purposes without any complications or limitations.

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