Apple iPhones offer fun functions to make your messages more impactful and exciting. These iPhone text effects either apply to the text or the screen, depending on the type you select.

Some of these special effects are automatic when you use certain words. You can select to use others before you send a message. These special iPhone text effects have two main types: bubble effects and screen effects.

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Exploring iPhone Text Effects

As stated, iPhone text effects are fun ways to make your messages more interesting and animated, and you can use them in various ways.

However, it is important to note that these iPhone text effects only work when you are sending messages to other iPhone users through iMessage, not via regular text messages or messages to Android users.

When you open the messaging app, you will see blue message bubbles or 'iMessage.' If your text messages appear in green, they are normal text messages, and the messaging effects will not work for them.

Bubble Effects

Bubble effects are available for every message you enter, and they only affect the blue text bubble. Bubble effects have 4 types, which are slam, loud, gentle, and invisible ink.

Slam: When you select Slam, it makes your text message fall onto the screen like a dynamite of some sort and kicks up something like a dust cloud when it lands.

Loud: This enlarges your text, making it look like a bubble or as if you're screaming the words.

invisible Image name bubble effect

Gentle: This is the most subtle bubble effect. Your text starts out small and then grows to your normal font size.

Invisible Ink: This makes your text look scrambled, and you need to tap it to reveal what it is.

invisible Image name bubble effect

How to Add Bubble Effects to Your Messages on iPhone

You can manually add bubble text effects to your messages:

Step 1. Go to messages to compose a message and add your recipient.

Step 2. After composing your message, press and hold the send button — the blue arrow shown in the images below. Then select any of the four types of bubble effects that come up.

long press send button

Step 3: Finally, tap the blue arrow beside your chosen effect to send your message.

select bubble effect

Screen effects

Screen effects add full-screen animations to the background of your messages. Just like bubble effects, there are also different types of screen effects.

Echo: It multiplies and zooms your text around the messaging screen.

echo screen effect

Balloons: It triggers the release of balloons of different sizes and colors.

balloons screen effect

Confetti: This releases small pieces of beautiful colored paper from the top of the screen to all parts of it.

confetti screen effect

Fireworks: This brings a bright fireworks explosion all over your screen.

fireworks screen effect

Celebration: This comes as golden sparks from the right side of the screen.

celebration screen effect

Love: This brings a 3D heart to your screen and floats away.

love screen effect

Lasers: These are color-changing lasers that spring out from your text messages and move up and down the screen.

laser screen effect

Spotlight: This highlights your message with a single light, leaving the background to turn dark.

spotlight screen effect

How to Add Screen Effects to Your Messages on iPhone

Step 1. Go to messages to compose a message and add your recipient.

Step 2. After composing your message, press and hold the send button — the blue arrow shown in the images below [.]. Then select ‘Screen’. To select effects, simply slide your screen to the left [2].

long press send button

Step 3. Finally, tap the blue arrow beside your chosen effect to send your message.

After sending these text effects, they appear instantly on the receiver’s phone. Aside from these iPhone text effects, there are a few others, like the handwritten effect.

Overview of Handwritten Effects

Aside from the bubble and screen effects, the handwritten messages are another fun iPhone text effect you can use. Here are the ways to use it.

Step 1. Go to the messaging app to start a new message on iMessage.

Step 2. Rotate your iPhone to landscape mode.

icon note
Note: Check that your Portrait Orientation is set to off. To do that, go to your home screen and swipe the screen upward. Then tap the icon that looks like a keylock.
tap the keylock icon to rotate

Step 3. Tap the Handwriting button on your keyboard in the lower right corner. It will open up an empty area to handwrite your message.

tap the handwritten button
empty text area to handwrite messages

Step 4. You can start writing messages with your finger. Or, for more convenience, you can select any of the saved messages.

handwritten text
pre-saved text

And with that, you can create handwritten messages to send to your contacts. It is easy to use. But why are these iPhone text effects important? There are many creative uses for them, which we will explore.

Creative Uses of iPhone Text Effects

Personalizing messages: You can use them to personalize your messages. For instance, when talking with friends, you can use particular effects often, and they will come to know you for that.

Enhancing business communications: You can also use iPhone text effects to make your business communications more impactful. For instance, you can use the handwritten effect to input your signature in a text message exchange.

Making messages more engaging and fun: You can also use them for fun. For example, on special holidays, you can use confetti, congratulations or balloon effects. And for romantic messages, you can use the Love effect.

So, the above are the creative use cases of the special text features. But it does not work smoothly all the time. In that case, what can you do?

Common issues and tips

There are times when the iPhone text effects do not work, and there could be several unknown reasons for that. But if you find out that your iPhone text effects do not work, here are some ways to rectify it.

  1. Restart your phone: This is the simplest and oldest trick to fix smartphone issues, and it works most of the time.

  2. Turn off the 'Reduce motion': You can find this through the accessibility function on your iPhone. Follow the guidelines below to do it.

    Step 1: Go to Settings and select “Accessibility.”

    Step 2: In the “Vision” section, select “Motion.”

    Step 3: Slide the toggle to turn off “Reduce Motion.”

    toggle off reduce motion.

    Step 4: Check “Auto-Play Message Effects.” If it is turned off, toggle it on.

    Step 5: Retry after some time. Sometimes, your iPhone needs to cool off for a bit. You can wait a few hours, then try again.

  3. Use Apple ID for iMessage: By default, your phone number is assigned for iMessages. You can change that to your Apple ID if your iPhone text effects do not work. Here is the simple step to do it.

    Step 1: Go to settings and tap messages.

    Step 2: Tab Send & Receive — Just below the iMessage toggle.

    change imessage to Apple ID

    Step 3: Tap ‘Use your Apple ID for iMessage’.

    Step 4: Tap Sign in to sign into your Apple ID. After that, your iMessage will change from your mobile number to your Apple ID. Then, you should be able to enjoy your iPhone text effects.

    sign into your Apple ID for imessage.

The above are four ways to fix any issues you may have if your iPhone text effect fails to work. Another last-ditch option is to reset your iPhone’s factory settings. But only do that if it is necessary.

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    confirm receiving phone
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    select data to transfer.
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    wait for the transfer to complete

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The iPhone text effect is a fun way to keep up your communication with friends, relatives and even business partners. It gives you different effects and animations that you can use for several occasions, and it also gives you the option of handwritten messages.

But should you have any issues with the function, follow one of the 4 tips in this article to resolve it. And if you need to transfer your phone data after upgrading to a new phone, remember that the MobileTrans app is the fastest and easiest way to do it without hassles!

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