5 Methods to Transfer Music from PC to iPhone without iTunes

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I want to transfer music from my computer to iPhone via iTunes. However, it seems Apple is restricting this move. Is there an alternative to sync music to iPhone without iTunes?

Most users are met by this unfortunate gesture when transferring music via iTunes. Even though iTunes is a perfect tool to organize and manage your songs (You can use iTunes to move MP3 files to your Apple Music on your iPhone), it will also likely throw a few drawbacks. You risk losing music on your iPhone if you didn’t pair it with your computer as it deletes any existing music.

Likewise, you cannot transfer music that you didn’t formally purchase on iTunes. But worry less! This article gives you the best options on how to transfer music from computer to iPhone and vice versa without iTunes.

transfer music to iphone with itunes

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Part 1: Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes via MobileTrans

The first option to sync music from PC to iPhone without iTunes is via MobileTrans. This sophisticated tool will transfer your files with one click, from phone to phone or computer. Easily back up and restore data from iTunes without resetting your device. It supports over 18 data types and does an excellent transfer at a 3X faster rate.

Tip: If you are the owner of both Samsung and iPhone phones, then you can choose to transfer music from Samsung to iPhone.

Step 1. Download, install and launch MobileTrans

Head to the official site of MobileTrans, download, and install it on your computer. Then select the “Phone transfer” > “Import to Phone” option from the main window.

transfer music to iphone with mobiletrans

Step 2. Connect iPhone device to PC

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone device to the computer. The program will then automatically detect your phone.

Step 3. Start to transfer music

Select “music” as the file type to transfer. Next, hit on the “Import” button and let the system start to transfer your music to iPhone without iTunes. Finally, access the transferred music from your phone’s “transferred” folder.

transfer music to iphone with mobiletrans 2

Part 2: Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes via Media Monkey

The next option to transfer songs from PC to iPhone without iTunes is via Media Monkey. This is a music player that doubles up as a song management program suitable for syncing your music.

transfer music to iphone with media monkey

Step 1. Download and install Media Monkey

Download, install and launch Media Monkey on your PC. Also, ensure you have installed iTunes on your computer. This is because Media Monkey needs an iTunes driver to access your iOS device.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to the PC

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer. Ensure your phone is “ON” then launch the “Media Monkey” app and go to the “File” option. Next, choose the “Add/Rescan Tracks to the Library”. This should open a file selection window.

Step 3. Locate the parent folder

Check on your computer for the music file folder you wish to export to iPhone then choose its path. Next, hit on the “OK” button and wait for Media Monkey to display a confirmation of the folder’s availability within the program library.

Step 4. Transfer music from your PC to iPhone

To start the transfer process, just hit on the “iPhone” icon on the program menu and Media Monkey will start the transfer of your music to your phone. Finally, locate the transferred music on your phone for streaming.

Part 3: Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes via Dropbox

Dropbox is a Cloud service that you can use to transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes. It is free and can hold up to 2GB of data.

transfer music to iphone with dropbox

Step 1. First, download and install “Dropbox” on both your computer and phone. Then log in with the same Dropbox account.

Step 2. Then start to add your music in the “Dropbox” folder in your phone without iTunes.

Step 3. Once added, you can now start to listen to your music on your phone offline without an internet connection.

Part 4: Transfer Music to iPhone without iTunes via Email

If you prefer not to use a third-party tool to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone without using iTunes, you can consider using your email account to complete the transfer process. Keep in mind that when using this method, you won't be able to transfer files larger than 25MB in a single email. To get started, follow these simple steps:
1. Open your email inbox in your web browser, click on "Compose," and upload the music files you want to transfer.
2. Enter your own email address and click "Send."
3. If you have more music files, send additional emails as needed.
4. Open your email app on your iPhone and download the files.


Part 5: Sync Music to iPhone without iTunes via Streaming App – Apple music

Several streaming apps are also available to help you send music to iPhone without iTunes. And Apple Music is one best option. It harbors over 90 million songs ad-free. You can try this streaming app for 3 months free before upgrading. Follow these steps to sync your music to your iPhone.

transfer music to iphone with apple music

Step 1. First, subscribe to the Apple music streaming service. Then sign in with your Apple ID. Just open Apple Music, choose “Account” > click “Sign in” and then enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 2. Next, sync Library on your iPhone. Just go to the “Settings” > “Music” and toggle on the “Sync Library” option.

Step 3. Once your music is transferred, you can now freely listen to your music on your iPhone.


This article has enlightened you on how to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes wirelessly. You can employ the best app, MobileTrans, which is number one’s phone transfer that doesn’t cause any loss of the existing music. You can also sync music from Apple Music to your phone wirelessly as long as you have subscribed to the service. Syncing music from Dropbox is another available option but you’ll need to ensure that your music is converted to the format that’s supported by iPhone. If not, it won’t stream. The best option to transfer music without iTunes is via MobileTrans, which is easy to use, with no limitations.

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