4 Methods to Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC Wirelessly

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While you may click simply phenomenal pictures with the help of your iPhone, how would you transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly?

Many times, we may want to send pictures to a PC to secure it, clear the phone’s storage, or share it with other people through the drive. How would you transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly?

This article will discuss all these methods that may help you send photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly.

Part 1: Wirelessly Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC with iCloud

One of the well-known methods to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wireless format is through the iCloud drive.

Apple offers a cloud drive to all its users. You can save up to 5 GB of data on this drive without paying for the storage. If you need more storage, you can pay for iCloud and save data on the drive.

How to wirelessly transfer data from iPhone to PC?

For iPhone and Mac

If you have a Mac, then using iCloud is a simple option.

  1. In your phone, go to iCloud under Settings.
  2. Enable iCloud.
  3. Under it, you will find many options, you need to enable Images.

This will sync your images with all your Apple devices, including Mac and iPhone. Now, you can simply visit your Mac and download all the images in the computer’s storage.

For iPhone and Windows

If you have Windows, then you may need to follow a series of extra steps.

  1. In your phone, go to iCloud under Settings.
  2. Enable iCloud.
  3. Now, similar to above, enable Images under iCloud.
  4. On your computer, download iCloud.
  5. Sign in to your Apple ID.
  6. Go to Gallery and download images to your computer.
Tip: If you don't see some photos, you can check if they are hidden photos on your iPhone. Click to learn more information.

Part 2: Send Photos from iPhone to PC Wirelessly via Bluetooth

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC Windows 10 wireless format?

The second method to transfer photos iPhone to PC wirelessly is Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth on both devices and keep your iPhone and PC nearby for better connectivity.

transfer photos with bluetooth

  1. In your phone, go to Settings and enable Bluetooth.
  2. Now, achieve the same on your PC. Make both devices discoverable.
  3. On your phone, go to the Bluetooth menu and search for nearby devices.
  4. Click on the name of your Windows PC.
  5. This will connect your PC to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  6. Go to your Gallery, select pictures to transfer.
  7. Share these pictures over Bluetooth.

On your PC, you need to approve this transfer.

This method would be extremely uncomfortable when you need to send hundreds of pictures to your PC. It will take too much time and you need to select all the pictures manually.

Part 3: Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC Using E-mail

How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC without cable?

Another method to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly is through email. You have to use the same email ID on both your PC and iPhone to transfer images seamlessly.

  1. In your Gallery, select the images that you need to send to PC.
  2. After this, click on Share.
  3. Select Email or Mail.
  4. Add your own email ID and wait for images to attach.
  5. Now, send the email.
  6. On your computer, open the browser and this same email ID.
  7. Open the mail, and Download All the images.

The reason why this method may be hectic is that it may take a lot of time to attach images and download them again on the PC.

Bonus Tip: Transfer iPhone Photo to PC with MobileTrans

The last method on our list is to transfer photos from iPhone to PC using MobileTrans. Although this method is not wireless to move data, it still works like a charm. You don’t need to go through hassle like other wired methods.

First, check out the features of MobileTrans:

  • MobileTrans help you transfer photos from one device to another. You can move data between iPhone, Android Phone, Mac, and Windows PC.
  • It is possible to transfer different types of data, such as images, WhatsApp chats, documents, etc.
  • You can select the files you need to transfer to a PC or another device before the actual transfer.
  • The solution is user-friendly and it automatically guides you to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

Here are the exact steps to follow to transfer photos from iPhone to PC:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to PC

Take the USB cable from which you charge your iPhone and use it to connect your PC and phone. You may need to Trust the device on your phone for this.

Here, go to File Transfer and select Export to Computer.

export files to computer

Step 2: Select Files To Transfer

You will now get options to transfer photos from iPhone to PC. Select pictures and Start the transfer process.

select files to export

Step 3: Transfer Data

Finally, you need to wait till the pictures move from your iPhone to your PC. During this time period, you need to keep your connection stable. Don’t move your USB cable or break the connection, as that may only transfer half the images and you may need to start the process all over again.

export successfully

Wrap up!

So, these were all the methods to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly.

You can use the first three methods for anybody who needs to transfer just one or two pictures. However, when you have to move the entire gallery to your computer, in that case, MobileTrans is the best tool. This is because MobileTrans has so many other features and it needs only 10 minutes to set up. Download the solution on your computer, connect your phone, and you are done. You can even transfer data from your PC to another phone without issues.

Explore more about the MobileTrans tool on our website and understand its features.

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