Best 4 LG Backup Apps to Backup LG Phone

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LG can be considered as a mobile brand which has been successful in making great efforts for creating a special place in people’s hearts. And no matter what device you own, having a backup of the data is always a sane thing to do.

If you are an LG device owner and wants to learn backup stuff, this article is just for you. We will be sharing some LG backup apps in this article. Have a look on them one by one and go for what suits you best for LG Backup.

Top 4 LG Backup Apps for LG Backup

1. MobileTrans - Backup

From the list of 4 LG backup apps, the one that tops is MobileTrans. This app or say tool is available for Windows PC and Mac. You can use MobileTrans with iOS and Android devices easily. Using this tool, you can Backup LG and keep everything in your PC safely. Having MobileTrans – Backup, you can have your contacts, photos, music, wallpaper, calendar, call logs, photos and what not backed up. Here are some of the features of this program that you should know.

Main Features of MobileTrans – Backup&Restore

  • • One of the best things about this tool is that is completely promises full safety and performs efficiently.
  • • Another benefit from this tool is it is totally reliable to work with. There is no worry about any virus and malware infections with this.
  • • You can get the results by following a 3 steps process.
  • • With this, the need of iTunes or iCloud for backup or restore becomes zero. As these are pretty tough to follow, you have this tool that eliminates the need for so.
  • • A yet another thing that we like about this is that it can let you preview the data you backed up and you can restore it anytime you wish.

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2. LG Bridge

LG Bridge is a yet another way to backup LG phones. This is a recently made software that allows the users who have LG G4 and later devices. It doesn’t just let you backup LG but you can deal with many other things using this light-weight software. It is compatible with Windows and Mac (OX 10.7 and more). Here is what you can do with LG Bridge.

Main Features of LG Bridge:

  • • With this, you can transfer your files between LG device and the computer.
  • • When you open the menu, you will get “LG AirDrive” that can assist you copying or viewing the stored data in your device.
  • • You can also update your software to the fresh version with the help of LG Bridge.
  • • Needless to say, the tool can help you backup and restore your data using the USB cable in an easy manner.
  • • Using the Settings, you can easily sign in and out and manage where you want to keep the backup files.

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3. dr.fone – Phone Backup

Another way for LG phone backup is dr.fone – Phone Backup. The tool is designed with all the special care by Wondershare. This also supports Windows and Mac operating systems easily. One can get their LG backup done in one click. You no need to have any special expertise over technicalities as it is fairly easy to operate. You should know the features of this tool as well. Here are the most talked about features of dr.fone – Phone Backup. Let us explore.

Main Features of dr.fone – Phone Backup

  • • The tool has the ability to work with over 8000 Android devices.
  • • Being a flexible tool, the silver lining about dr.fone – Phone Backup is that it allows the users to backup their data selectively.
  • • Not just this, you can preview and restore the backed up data selectively.
  • • Also, it helps you restoring iCloud and iTunes backup easily if you are an iPhone user.
  • • It is completely secure and has been trusted by millions of users. Having said that, it carries a higher success rate.

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4. Super Backup & Restore

The last LG backup app that we would like to introduce is Super Backup & Restore. It is one of the well known apps for Android devices and claims to be the fastest app. However, if you love your bookmarks, unfortunately you can’t backup those with Super Backup & Restore. Here are some of the features that make it among the top 4 apps for backup LG phone.

Main Features of Super Backup & Restore:

  • • You can easily backup your apps to the SD card as well as backup he download links for the Google Play installed apps.
  • • An interesting thing is that you can schedule automatic backups with this app.
  • • It also can help you save your contact’s group and picture properties.
  • • Having schedules backups, it can automatically upload the backup files on your Gmail or Drive.
  • • One can choose what SMS conversations they wish to backup and backup these, call logs, contacts, bookmarks, and calendars to SD card and restore from it too.

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The Bottom Line

No wonder that our phone’s data is extremely precious to us and no one can deny the fact that how much safely we use our phones, the data is prone to lose by any single wrong action. Therefore, backup apps like mentioned above are at your rescue. These cannot avoid data loss but can indeed help you getting your data back to you. You can use any of the above tool or application to Backup LG. We would really like to hear from you about which LG backup app you used. Comment us below to do the same and stay tuned for more interesting discussions. Thank you for giving time to read this post. We hope that we could succeed in helping you out.

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