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Backing up data on our phones is really important when we want to switch new phone. It can be switching from old model to the latest model or to even phone on any operating system like from Android to iOS and others. What you simply need to make the backup process simple, fast and efficient is to get the right tool needed for the backup Huawei data. That is simply MobileTrans - Backup and the Huawei HiSuit. It is the best tool compatible with so many Smarphone on different platforms models and even operating system. So, you should just follow the information provided here in order to backup your entire Huawei data including music, contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more.

Part 1. How to Backup Huawei Data with MobileTrans

Learning how to backup Huawei data is just simple with MobileTrans efficiently running on your device. It can just be completed with one click. To make the process, possible, simple and easy these are what you need:

  • Your Huawei Smartphone
  • A USB cable
  • Computer which can be windows or Mac
  • MobileTrans Huawi Backup Tool.

Having the mentioned tool handy will make your backup process simple, efficient an also reliable. The truth is that MobileTrans - Backup is the most recommended tool used for Huawei data backup.

Step 1. Run Wondershare MobileTrans on your device. In the MobileTrans main window, select “Backup&Restore”. This will make it easy for you to backup your entire device in order to get the data restored at the appropriate time or when you so desired. Link up your device which is your Huawei phone to your computer and select “Backup phone data”. The screen will be like the one shown bellow when the phone is recognize by the program.

How to Backup Huawei Phone-setting

Remember that MobileTrans is compatible with all operating systems.

Step 2. Now is the time to select the particular file type you want to backup from your device from the list of the files displayed at the center of your window. Choose the type of file you want to backup and click “Start Transfer” button. The process for the backup will commence and will take some minutes before it can be fully completed.

How to Backup Huawei Phone-setting

There will be pop up new window showing you the private data located in the scan results.

Step 3. At the completion of the backup process, which suppose to take some minutes. You can click the pop up window so as to gain access to backup data. You can equally access the backup data when you check the settings.

Part 2. How to backup Huawei with HiSuite

The Huawei HiSuit is among the most popular and generally used backup software app. This particular tool is also recommended owing to the fact that it is just designed for Huawei devices. Backing up Huawei data is quite easy with this software. The steps to follow when you want to enjoy easy Huawei backup using this software application are:

Step 1. Connect your Huawei device to your computer with the help of a USB cable. Immediately there is successful connection and the program detect your Hauwei device, the entire data inside your Huawei device will be listed out in the Home icon of the HiSuite. Just click the “Backup and Restore” button.

How to Backup Huawei Phone-connect-Backup and Restore

Step 2. When you click at the” Backup and Restore” button you are going to see the window below. Just choose the radio “Backup” button and the “Next” button

How to Backup Huawei Phone-next

Step 3. After clicking next you will find the window where you will be able to choose the backup content. That is the type of file you want to backup. So, you have to begin to select by ticking the checkboxes beside each of the files you will like to save. Just click “Start” when you are done selecting.

The backup process will then commence and will take few minutes to be completed. So, just wait patiently while the processes get completed.

Conclusion - Backup Huawei Effectively

Backing up your Huawei can be easy and efficient with the help of any of the abovementioned backup tools the MobileTrans - Backup and the Huawei HiSuit. While both of them are recommended, the MobileTrans seems to be more efficient as it can work with several other devices. That is the MobileTrans is compatible with almost all devices irrespective of the operating system running on it. But, the Huawei HiSuit is only customized for Huawei device and does not work for other devices. Truly, you will not need to worry about losing your important information, data, contact, music and others on your Hauwei when you make use of any of the aforementioned backup tool. Just follow the processes listed above and you will get the data backup within the shortest of your time.

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