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Having an Android Backup device can reduce your lots of time and save your problems if you have lost your data by any kind of situations. We know that backing up your data is an unnecessary task until you lose data and have no other way of getting it back. Also, when you are out of space, you might also want to back up your data to somewhere else to get more storage on an Android phone.

Here in this article, we are going to share how we can backup the data using the best backup app and software for Android. We have also mentioned some of the different apps that will help you in creating a backup of your Android device entirely.

In this article
  1. MobiKin Assistant for Android
  2. Super Backup
  3. Helium – App Sync and Backup
  4. Easy backup and Restore

Part 1. Best Android Backup Software – One Click to Backup and Restore Android

Here we MobileTrans - Backup that will make the transition easy and hassle-free. MobileTrans can transfer all your data such as text messages, contacts, photos, call logs, videos and music from one phone to other or from one device to other PC just in the one single click. MobileTrans can create a backup of your valuable and important data right onto your computer safely.

Key Features

  • MobileTrans can work on 6000+ different devices.
  • This app is trusted by millions of users.
  • It comes with less than 3 minutes time to transfer the data.
  • It comes with zero hacks and zero data loss.
  • Transfer almost all type of files between phones.

Backup your phone with just one click

To back up your phone to your computer, there is a backup phone data option available in your primary window of MobileTrans.

Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

Run the MobileTrans app on your computer and connect your device to the computer. Go to Backup&Restor > Backup phone data. 

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-backup -01

Step 2. Choose the file and Start backup

Select the file from the list that you need to backup. It will be displayed in the middle of the window. Check the file and then click on the start transfer. Wait until the transfer is completed.

backup android

Step 3. Check your backup file

After your backup process is completed, you can click on the pop-up window to access it or else go to the settings and find the backup file.

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-backup -03

Restore from MobileTrans Backup

Wondershare MobileTrans is a wonderful software that will allow you to restore your device from different backup files by using the feature of Restore from iTunes backup and backup.

Step 1. Choose MobileTrans app to restore the backup

Go to Backup&Restore and select from Backup record after connecting your device.

restore the backup itunes mobiletrans android

Step 2. Restore the MobileTrans backup to your Android device

Choose the MobileTrans backup files and select the file type that you want to restore. Click on "start" button to begin the restore process.

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-restore- step2

Part 2. Best 4 Android Backup App – Free to Backup Contacts, Apps and Other Files

We all are busy with our tight schedule and our devices are not that secure from inside. So to keep your data safe there are various methods used to store them in any secondary storage device or make backups in the mobile itself, or use Dropbox, Google Photos or can use any other app to take backup.

App backup and restore are essential, whether it’s backup of your Android smartphone, your photo albums or your computer. Backups can save your day and we also know that nothing is worse than losing the data on your phone or computer. When you realize it that you have lost your important data, it feels very bad. So here we have few Android backup apps or methods for making an Android Backup.

1. MobiKin Assistant for Android

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-mobikinn

Have you backup your data with using this best backup app for Android? It is MobiKin Assistant for Android. This tool works very well and ensures that you will never lose your contacts, text messages, apps, music, videos and many more important files. Whatever the reason be to take Android Backup your data will be safe and secure.

2. Super Backup

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-super-backup-app-android

Super Backup is a simple and another android app backup tool which functions very well and is easy to use. This app comes with buttons that backup everything individually including apps, contacts, SMS, calendars, bookmarks and few other things very easily. Super backups apps come with automatic schedule button for android backup. So now taking backups has become an easy task. There are few bugs reported but it can be easily removed by booting process and comes with the free solution.

3. Helium – App Sync and Backup

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-Helium – App Sync and Backup

Helium is the another good backup app for Android used to create a complete backup without root access. You simply have to install the desktop version and pair the two devices simultaneously. Once you made the connection tell Helium that which apps and data you need to backup. Helium also comes with automatic scheduled backup features but for that, you need to install the pro version of the app and will store all your data and backups in the cloud.

4. Easy backup and Restore

Top 5 Android backup apps and software- how to backup android data-easy backup and restore

We know that there are plenty of Android Backup apps available in the Play store with the best solutions. Some apps are paid version and some are free versions, but Easy backup and Restore comes free and features all-in-one backup tool. It lets you backup your contacts, call logs, text messages, calendar, and bookmarks .But it doesn’t backup Music, videos or documents files. You can easily backup with connecting your device using USB cable on your computer and just locate the folder name in your phone. Simply copy and paste the contents to your computer.

Hope you enjoyed the article and we are capable to make you understand the top 5 Android backup software and apps that are designed perfectly with full compatibility and support almost all devices and their versions. So we highly recommended using MobileTrans as it is one of the best Android backup solutions.

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