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Motorola phones specifications and designs lure smartphone enthusiasts a lot. The brand name is enough to gain your attention, isn’t it? It is a renowned brand in the smartphone industry. If you own a Motorola phone, then you can understand this statement better. However, in some instances, your phone may start to misbehave and need a factory reset, which always results in data loss. Hence, keeping your moto backup will save the data loss. This guide today will concentrate on the methods to backup the Motorola phone. You will come to know about Motorola backup software and a lot more in this content.

Part 1: How to backup Motorola with Verizon Backup

You can meet your moto backup needs with Verizon Backup Assistant, a cloud storage application for desktop and mobile for saving confidential data like documents, photos, videos, music, etc. It provides you a small but free storage space. Moreover, the application gives you the facility to access your backup content anytime and anywhere. You can backup the Motorola device using Verizon cloud services. However, you cannot transfer call logs, text messages, and contacts, but only synchronize them. You can access the contents later with the Verizon website or its cloud application.

Step 1: Download the app.

motorola backup 1

Install the application in your Motorola phone from the device app store or download it on your desktop for online use. Run the application.

Step 2: Setting up the application

Verizon Backup Assistant

Tap on the right corner of the page and then on ‘Get Started.’ When asked, type the Verizon password and sign in. Otherwise, you will have to enter one time Pin received on your email while setting up the app for the first time. Hit ‘Next,’ and do not forget to set up your profile correctly.

Step 3: Choosing contents

Choose what you want to back up by checking the boxes and then tap the ‘Next’ located on the top right corner.

Part 2: How to backup Motorola to PC with Motorola Phone Tools

Motorola Phone tools serve as a medium to establish a connection between your Motorola device and PC. Let us find out what process you have to follow for the backup Motorola.

Step 1: Follow the installation Procedure.

Follow the installation wizard. The next step is to configure and set up everything. Do not connect your phone right now.

Step 2: Establish Connection

Motorola Phone Tools Setup

It’s time to form a connection but create a profile first. Choose the connection type before connecting the phone. Click Next and connect it to the PC. It will detect, and the whole setup will finish.

Step 3: Backup

Motorola Phone Tool

Now, you can easily backup everything. For any technical assistance, please register online at Avanquest Software.

Part 3: How to backup Motorola to Google drive

If the above options fail, Google Drive is an excellent alternative to backup Motorola. In some devices, it comes preinstalled. Also, your data will be safe for a long time at the cloud platform. Let’s see how you can do it. The steps can vary based on the kind of your Motorola model, but in most cases, this works as we are mentioning.

Step 1: Download or open Google Drive

google drive

Download Google Drive and wait for few seconds until it installs on your phone. If the app is already on the phone, then launch it. For the full backup of your phone, simply go to Setting>Backup and restore>Turn on Backup my data or else Settings>Google>Backup.

Step 2: Go to File Directory

The simplest way for every Motorola user is to go the file directory and select all the data you wish to backup. Click on the share icon. Find the Save to Drive and tap on it. It will save your document, media, and contacts to Google Drive.

Step 3: Provide the required detail

Before uploading the files to the Google Drive, it will prompt to type document title, select account the drive folder where you want to store the backup files.

Part 4: Motorola backup software

As technology is improving continuously, it’s significant to see the advent of backup software for mobile devices. Search one online for your moto backup, and you will get many, a brilliant achievement of software developers. The three tools we are going to recommend are MobileTrans, dr.fone, and Motorola PC Suite. These software and their functions are easy to imbibe to your mind.

1. MobileTrans – Backup

MobileTrans is a simple to use backup and restoring software for windows device, android, and iPhone. This all-in-one tool is compatible many phones too. The application is for data transfer between multiple devices running on different operating systems. It is available for download in Windows and Mac desktops. The users can perform full moto backup on their own using a data cable and the MobileTrans software installed on their desktop. 50,000,000+ users are using MobileTrans for achieving their backup needs at a click. All you can do these securely without jailbreaking.

Step 1: Install application

Home Interface

First of all, visit and install MobileTrans.

Step 2: Launch the software and form a connection.

MobileTrans has the potential to transfer over eight kinds of files between a computer and an Android phone. Launch the software and connect the Motorola device to your PC. Move to the Backup option on the homepage. Before this, wait for the system to identify your device.

Step 3: Choose data and transfer

Data transfer

Choose the data you are thinking to keep on your desktop. Click on ‘Start’ to initiate the data transfer between your desktop or laptop and the Motorola phone.

2. dr.fone - Phone Backup

dr. fone supports over 8000+ Android devices. It features an intuitive UX and UI suitable for newbie techies. It’s a toolkit consisting of the various program for phone data recovery, screen unlocks, system repair, transferring data, backing up, and much more. Data recovery is a primary function of dr. fone. Some of the features found in this complete package are phone manager, screen lock, data eraser, WhatsApp transfer, phone backup, and so on. If you face any issue in your phone, then this handy tool provides the system repair option. This tool is one of the best Motorola backup software.

Step 1: Installing dr. fone


Install the dr.fone toolkit on your PC or laptop and then launch it.

Step 2: Connecting phones


Take a USB cable capable of data transfer and connect the Motorola phone to your PC. When the app reads your phone, maintain patience for few seconds.

Step 3: Select file types

Backing Up

Your device may contain many file types that you want to back up. Select them and click on Backup. Don’t disconnect your phone during transfer.

3. Motorola PC Suite

Motorola PC Suite is a highly recommended application to synchronize your Motorola device with the computer. It serves as a comfortable tool to move files from the phone to the computer. The app has the capability of saving every type of file from your Motorola handset to a desktop. You can synchronize almost everything and back up your phone. This app can deliver superb performance. Moreover, it is easy to use and simple to understand.

Step 1: Download app

PC Suite Interface

Download Motorola PC Suite by searching it on Google. Ensure you are downloading from a trustworthy platform. Install the application in your PC or laptop while it will take around 5 minutes for the file extraction and configuration.

Step 2: Connecting device

The PC suite allows three connection modes to synchronize data between your system and Motorola handset. You have to choose from USB, serial cable, or Bluetooth.

Go to Tools>Connection Guide>Choose the connection mode and click “Next.” The PC will start to identify connected devices. Select from the list of connected devices and click “Finish.”

Step 3: Backup

Once the phone connects with your PC, go to the file manager to import contacts, text messages, and everything else.


So, we hope that now you know how to backup your Motorola with the best software in the industry. We urge you to try anyone of the Motorola backup software listed above and see the difference.

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