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Transfer phone data without a PC

Motorola to Motorola Transfer: Transfer from Old to New Motorola

Nicola Massimo

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If you’re lucky enough to get a new Motorola and ready to give away your old Motorola phone, you should wonder how to transfer data from the old Motorola phone to the new one.

Today, data transfer from an old to a new Motorola is easier, especially when you know the right ways to do so. If you are having difficulty determining the quick way for Motorola to Motorola transfer, then no worries!! This post will walk you through all plausible ways to transfer data from an old to a new Motorola without much hassle.

Part 1: Transfer Data from Motorola to Motorola Without A PC

The MobileTrans App is the ultimate solution for transferring files seamlessly and securely between devices. Whether you want to transfer data from your old Motorola device to your new one, or share large files between your phone, PC, and tablet, MobileTrans has got you covered. The app is designed to make the transfer process quick and easy, with no cellular data usage or cables required.

Step 1: Download MobileTrans App on your phone/Confirm which phone is old or new.

confirm phone

Step 2: Choose the device you want to send data to.

select data

Step 3: Select the data you need to transfer.

pair phones

Step 4: The process is to be completed within seconds.

wait transfer complete

Part 2: Transfer Data from Motorola to Motorola via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

The best tool to transfer Motorola to Motorola is MobileTrans - Phone Transfer without any second thought. Not only it supports to transfer all common file types like messages, photos, contacts, etc, but it can even transfer WhatsApp to your new Motorola phone. On top of all, it has a user-friendly interface that requires no technical skills to perform a transfer.

In addition to the data transfer feature, MobileTrans even comes with a one-click data backup and restore feature. Besides Motorola, it even supports various other Android devices like Samsung, LG, etc. You can even use the software to perform data transfer from iPhone to iPhone.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from Motorola to Motorola in 1 click!

  • • Supports to transfer more than 18 types of data including contacts, text messages, videos, photos, notes, calendars, and more from between two phones.
  • • Supports cross-platform migration - iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone and Windows phone to Android/iPhone.
  • • One-click data transfer between two phones securely and automatically.
  • • Backup and restore the data with 100% safety.
  • • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones, which include the latest Android and iOS devices.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it

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How to transfer text messages from Motorola to Motorola using MobileTrans? First, get MobileTrans from its official website on your computer and then follow the below guide:

Step 1: Select Phone Transfer feature

Run MobileTrans and from the main interface, select the “Phone Transfer” feature. Also, connect your both old and new Motorola phone to the computer.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 2: Select file types

Make sure that your old Motorola phone is selected as the source and the new Motorola phone is selected as the destination. Then, choose the desired file types (for instance, text messages) you like to transfer and hit on the “Start” button. This will begin the transfer process.

Don’t forget to select the option that says “Clear data before copy” if you would like to delete everything on the destination device.

phone transfer ios to android 02

Step 3: Start Transfer

Once you hit the “Start” button, the data transfer will begin. Be patient here and let the software complete the entire data transfer. After the successful data transfer, check your target phone to see if all selected data is transferred.

phone transfer ios to android 04

For users who want to transfer contacts from Motorola to Motorola, MobileTrans is highly recommended.

Part 3: Transfer Data from Motorola to Motorola via Motorola Migrate

To transfer data from Motorola to Motorola, Motorola Migrate also comes quite in handy. It is an app that helps to transfer content between Motorola and other Android brands. The app features an easy and quick way for data transfer from old to a new Motorola.

In order to transfer data successfully using this method, you need Motorola Migrate installed on both of your old and new Motorola devices. Plus, both devices must be connected to a reliable internet connection.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use Motorola Migrate:

    1. Download Motorola Migrate from Google Play Store and install it on both of your old and new Motorola devices. Open the app on your new Motorola device and select the old Motorola phone as a source. Then, click on the “Start” button to start the transfer.
    2. Open the app on your old Motorola device and click on the “Start” button. Make sure that your old Motorola device is selected as a source phone.
    3. Choose the file types you would like to migrate and scan the QR code from the screen of your new Motorola device.
    4. Finally, wait until the transfer is completed.

motorola migrate

With Motorola Migrate, you’ll be able to transfer file types including call history, texts, photos, videos, contacts, and music. The important thing to note here that Motorola Migrate works only for smartphones running with Android 2.2 to Android 5.1.

Part 4: Transfer Data from Motorola to Motorola via Bluetooth

A feature available in all smartphones including Android and iOS devices, Bluetooth is wireless technology to exchange content over short distances. With Bluetooth, it’s possible to directly transfer data from Motorola to Motorola - sending & receiving without the need for any other hardware.

Below is the quick guide to help you learn how to use Bluetooth for data transfer from your old Motorola phone to a new one.

    1. To transfer data using Bluetooth, you need to pair your old Motorola device with a new one. On both of your old and new Motorola phones, open “Settings”>” Bluetooth” and turn it on.

enable bluetooth

    1. To pair both devices, one phone will look for available Bluetooth devices in the network. If it is able to find the other, click to Connect.
    2. Once pairing the devices, you can start the data transfer. On your old Motorola phone, go to a file like an image, video, or document you want to transfer. Select it and locate the “Share” icon.
    3. Click the “Share” icon, select the “Bluetooth” option and choose the paired device (new Motorola device) to which you like to send the file.

share via bluetooth

Not to mention, transferring transfer file types using Bluetooth isn’t possible. For instance, you can’t transfer s text messages or contacts.


That’s all on how to transfer from Motorola to Motorola. As you can see that there are several ways to transfer content from old to new Motorola. But, MobileTrans - Phone Transfer is the only that helps to do the job without any limitation.

MobileTrans - Best Android to Android transfer tool

1-click solution to transfer data from Motorola to Motorola. Supports to transfer contacts, photos, music, videos, calendar, and more.

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