How to Transfer Videos from Samsung Phone to Computer Easily

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Do you like to use your Android mobile to capture videos?

As we all know, saving more and more recordings on an Android phone consumes memory, slows the device down, causes frequent restarts, and so on. You must transfer video from Android to PC, but you may be at a loss for what to do. Most video recording enthusiasts, I believe, are eager to figure out how to transfer videos from phone to computer. Now, this website includes practical methods for transferring videos from your phone to your computer, which you may check out after reading the article.

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Method 1: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer via USB Cable

Using a USB connection to transfer videos from a Samsung to a computer is convenient for everyone. It will not accept any apps or data from the Internet. The transmission through a USB connection, on the other hand, is so sluggish that you'll lose your cool. You may select the path if you have adequate patience. Here's how to use a USB cord to transfer Samsung video to a computer:

  1. Please use a USB cable to connect your Samsung device to your computer. Then, if prompted, provide permission to the PC.
  2. Double-click "This PC" on the computer, then "Devices and drives" to find your Samsung device. On the screen, you will see all of the Samsung videos folders.
  3. Guide through the directories to find your videos. Make a note of the video files you want to transfer: Right-click and select "Copy" from the menu.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you wish to save the copied videos on your computer. When you right-click again and select "Paste," the copied videos will be put into your PC's folder.

transfer videos from android to computer

Method 2: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer via Bluetooth

If your computer supports it, you may use Bluetooth to transfer videos from your computer and your Samsung device. Place your Samsung phone adjacent to your computer to speed up the transmission. Here's how to use Bluetooth to transfer videos from your phone to your computer:

  1. To begin, go to the "Settings" section of your Samsung phone and look for "Bluetooth." Please switch it on.
  2. Go to "Start" and select "Settings" from the menu. On the left side, tap "Devices" and select "Bluetooth & other devices" to turn it on.
  3. On the PC, pick "Bluetooth" from the "Add Bluetooth or other devices" drop-down menu on the new page. On the list, you'll see the name of your Samsung device. Please press the button.
  4. To proceed, you must touch the "Accept" option on your cell phone.
  5. After connection, go to the PC and select "Send or receive files through Bluetooth," then "Receive a file."
  6. On your Android phone, locate your video files and select "Share" from the "Share" menu. Select your computer by tapping on its name. Choose "Yes" on the mobile if prompted.
  7. Your videos will be delivered to your desktop shortly.

transfer videos from android to computer

Method 3: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer via External SD Card

Copying videos to your phone's microSD card is another simple technique requiring no apps or wireless networking protocols. If you don't have a USB cable, this is an excellent choice and keep things simple. However, you'll need a MicroSD as well as a card reader. Here's how to download videos to PC:

  1. Save the videos to your phone's SD card before turning it off. Eject the card and then put it into your PC's card reader to examine the data.
  2. Select the videos you want to transfer and follow the steps mentioned above.

transfer videos from android to computer

Method 4: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer via Google Drive

Why won't my videos transfer to the computer? Google Drive is an excellent option to wirelessly transfer videos from the Samsung Galaxy phone to a computer. Because everyone has 15 GB of free storage space with a Google Account, you can move files to Google Drive as long as you have enough space. On the other hand, the transferring speed is determined by your Internet connection speed. Furthermore, if you don't have Wi-Fi, you'll waste a lot of Internet data transferring files.

  1. Start the application and log in using your Google account. On the app, you may create a Google account if necessary.
  2. Select "Upload Photos or Videos" from the "Upload" menu. Scan through your directories and choose your videos. Touch the "Plus" symbol on the interface when you're finished. Then, on the top right, hit the "Done" icon. The videos begin to appear on Google Drive.
  3. Please use the same Google account to log in to your Google Drive on the computer. When you select "Recent," the uploaded videos will appear on the right side.
  4. Right-click the mouse on the video and select "Download" from the drop-down menu. Please select a spot on your computer to save your videos. The length of time it takes to transmit your movie will be determined by its size.

transfer videos from android to computer

Method 5: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer via Email

The most significant restriction is that your video cannot exceed 25 MB at any given moment. If your video is long, you'll need to split it into sections. As a result, it is a bit inconvenient for users. Another helpful tool is the email app if you want to know how to upload video from phone to computer. As an example, let's look at the Gmail app. How to send a video from cell phone to computer?

  1. To send videos, you may use Gmail or other email programs. Open the email app on your Samsung phone, whatever method you want. Then, to modify an email, click the "Compose" icon.
  2. Scan and add your video from your Samsung phone, click the "Attach" icon at the top. Once that's done, go to the "To" option and input the receiver's email address (you may use your own). Press the "Send" button to send the email.
  3. Go to the computer when you're ready to transmit the video through email. Please log in to your webmail account using the same account you used to send the video.
  4. You'll find the email you sent right now in your Inbox.  Select the video file. Right-click and select "Save link as," then select a location on your computer to save the movie.
  5. Wait a few minutes for your video to download to your computer.

transfer videos from android to computer

Method 6: Transfer Videos from Samsung Device to Computer in 1 Click

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer allows you to send and receive text messages, photos, videos, and other files across phones. If you switch phones frequently and want all of your previous smartphone material to appear on your new mobile, this is a tool you'll need. Syncing contacts between Android phones (thanks to Google) and importing old iPhone data using iTunes are typically simple tasks. When you want to import everything from the previous phone, though, things get a lot more complicated. MobileTrans allows you to transfer material between iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, HarmonyOS, and Blackberry, as well as other less popular mobile platforms.

transfer videos from android to computer


Every user will benefit from the six transferring techniques mentioned above. We hope they can assist you in your everyday life in figuring out how to get video from phone to computer. The majority of people suggest MobileTrans - Phone Transfer. Users favor it because of its strong transfer feature. MobileTrans, I believe, will also satisfy your expectations.

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