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7 Ways to Transfer Files from Samsung to Huawei

“How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei P20 Pro? I have recently got a new Huawei phone, but I can’t find any quick solution to transfer data from my old Samsung!”

This is one of the many queries posted by concerned Huawei users who want to transfer data from an existing Samsung phone. If you have also got a new Huawei phone, then you might be going through a similar situation. The good news is that there are multiple ways to transfer from Samsung to Huawei all kinds of data.

Since it can be a bit overwhelming, I have handpicked seven of the best solutions right here. Without much ado, let’s proceed and learn how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei like a pro.

Part 1: One-click Solution to Transfer Files from Samsung to Huawei

If you think that data transfer between different smartphones can be overwhelming, then try MobileTrans - Phone Transfer. With just a single click, it will let you switch from Samsung to Huawei in a matter of a few minutes. The application supports 8000+ different phone models and also provides a cross-platform transfer solution (like iPhone to Android transfer). Using it, you can move your photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, call logs, music, and different other data types.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Files from Samsung to Huawei With 1 Click!

  • • The data types include calendar, contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos, apps, wallpaper, voice memo and more.
  • • Move safely without resetting devices or deleting original data.
  • • Retain the quality of your data and would keep it private.
  • • The interface is extremely simple and will let you select the type of data you wish to move.
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Step 1: To begin things, launch MobileTrans on your system (Windows or Mac) and select the “Phone Transfer” feature from its home.


Step 2: Using working USB cables, connect both the Samsung and the Huawei phone to your computer. MobileTrans will automatically detect both the devices and would provide their snapshots as well.

Step 3: Since you wish to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei, Samsung should be the source while Huawei should be the destination device. You can click on the Flip button to interchange their positions.


Step 4: In the end, just select the type of content you wish to move and click on the “Start” button. Wait for a few minutes and accept the incoming data on your Huawei phone. Once the process is completed, you will be notified, so that you can safely remove your phones.



  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Lightning fast direct device to device data transfer
  • Supports all the new and old Samsung/Huawei phones
  • Can transfer 11 different types of data including apps


  • Premium features are paid

Part 2: Transfer Data by using Huawei Phone Clone

Just like Samsung’s Smart Switch, Huawei has also come up with its own app to move data from an existing device to Huawei phone. By using Phone Clone, you can wirelessly connect your old and the new device to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei. It supports the transfer of all kinds of major content like contacts, messages, photos, videos, call logs, and more. Not just Samsung, the app also supports several other Android and a few iPhone models as well. To transfer contacts, messages, media files, etc. from Samsung to Huawei, follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, launch the Phone Clone app on your new Huawei device. If you can’t find the native app, then go to Play Store and download it for free.

Step 2: Now, you need to mark this phone as either sender or receiver. In this case, it will be a receiving device. Enable WiFi on your phone as the application will make it a hotspot to receive data and displays a unique code.


Step 3: Install and launch the Phone Clone app on your Samsung now and mark it as a sender instead. Turn on the WiFi and let it look for the other Huawei device. To establish a secure connection, you need to enter the unique code displayed on your Huawei.


Step 4: Once both the devices are connected, you will be given an option to select the kind of data you wish to transfer. Simply select data types like contacts, music, call logs, messages, etc. and tap on the “Send” button.

Step 5: Receive the incoming data on your new Huawei device and wait for a while for the transfer process to be completed.



  • Native solution by Huawei
  • Freely available
  • Wireless transfer


  • No wired transfer support
  • The target device has to be Huawei
  • The process is a bit complicated

Part 3: Use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to Transfer Data One by One

If you don’t want to use any application or third-party tool to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei, then this would be an ideal solution. You can simply take the assistance of the phone’s native features like Bluetooth or WiFi direct to transfer your data. Though, you should know that this would be an extremely time-consuming process as you would need to transfer data one by one. Also, it might not support all kinds of different data types as well. Nevertheless, if you wish to learn how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei phone this way, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, bring both the devices in close vicinity and go to their Settings > Bluetooth to turn it on. Choose to pair both the devices from here to establish a secure connection.


Step 2: If you wish to share data wirelessly via WiFi direct instead, then go to Settings > WiFi > WiFi Preferences and turn on the WiFi direct option.


Step 3: Great! Once both the devices are connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, you can start sharing their data. For instance, you can go to the Contacts app on your Samsung, and send all contacts via Bluetooth.


Step 4: To transfer photos, go to the Gallery app on your Samsung and select the photos you wish to copy. Tap on the share icon, choose the Bluetooth/WiFi direct option, and select your Huawei device as the receiver.


In the same way, you can transfer other types of data from Samsung to Huawei via Bluetooth or WiFi direct as well.


  • Free solution


  • Extremely time-consuming
  • Only limited to certain data types
  • Security concerns via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not support the transfer of apps, call logs, browser data, and so on

Part 4: Try Sending your Data via Email from Samsung to Huawei

This is something that would certainly work on every major Android device. Though, it would also be one of the most time-consuming solutions. As you know, you can use any email app (like Gmail) on a Samsung or Huawei phone. Therefore, you can take the assistance of emails to transfer certain files like documents, photos, videos, etc. to yourself. That is, mail selected files from Samsung and access them on Huawei. Needless to say, it will take a lot of time and is only recommended to transfer a handful of content. You can follow these steps to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei for free.

Step 1: Firstly, launch any email app (like Gmail) on your Samsung and tap on the draft icon to compose a new email.

Step 2: Enter your own email id and tap on the attachment icon on the compose section. From here, you can choose to attach a file, so that you can browse and load any file to the mail.


Step 3: You can later send the email or simply save it as a draft. Just make sure that the attachment size would be less than 20 MB or so (the limit for most email clients).

Step 4: Now, you can go to your Huawei phone and access the same email (from drafts or inbox). Open the email and tap on the download icon to save the file to the device storage.



  • Free


  • Time taking solution
  • Can only transfer a few data types
  • Would not work for the transfer of messages, call logs, browser history, etc.
  • Size limitations for attachments

Part 5: Move Data Piece by Piece via Computer and USB Connectivity

This is one of the most commonly followed techniques by Android users to transfer their data or even take its backup. While it works fine for media files and documents, it can’t help you transfer all types of data from Samsung to Huawei. In this, we will first connect both the devices to a Windows PC and later transfer data between them. You can also first take a backup of your device on the local computer and later move selected files to Huawei. To learn how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei using your computer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, connect your Samsung and Huawei phones to your Windows computer using working USB cables. Once you connect your devices, you will get a notification on the screen regarding USB connectivity. From here, you can choose to use your device for media transfer (MTP).


Step 2: Wait for a while as your computer would detect both the devices and display their icon on My Computer. Simply browse to the storage of your Samsung phone and copy the data you wish to move. Later, go to the Huawei phone storage and paste the copied content.

Step 3: Alternatively, you can first copy the selected folders on your computer from Samsung. Once you have taken its backup, you can move it to your Huawei phone afterward.



  • Free


  • Extremely time-consuming
  • Does not support every data type
  • Device would be exposed to security threats

Part 6: Get all Data to Huawei from Samsung with Google Backup

As you know, all the Android devices are automatically connected to a Google account by default. Therefore, you can simply take a backup of your Samsung phone on the Google account and later restore it to your Huawei. Just be sure that your backup size won’t exceed the free space on your Google account. While the process to transfer files from Samsung to Huawei will meet your basic needs, it won’t support an extensive transfer of data. Also, it will take a lot of time to transfer your files as well. If you want, you can follow these steps to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei.

Step 1: To start with, unlock your Samsung device, go to its Settings > Backup & Restore, and enable the option to backup your data. You can also turn on the automatic backup feature from here.


Step 2: You can even go to your device’s accounts > Google and enable the syncing feature for contacts, calendar, app data and so on.


Step 3: Once you have taken a complete backup of your data, turn on the Huawei phone, and perform its initial setup. Make sure that you link the same Google account while setting up the device.

Step 4: When you would be asked to restore an existing backup, simply agree to it, and select the previously taken backup. Maintain a stable internet connection as the Google backup would be restored to your Huawei device.



  • Free (if you have space on your Google account)


  • Difficult to implement
  • Takes a lot of time
  • Might not copy all data types successfully

Part 7: Use the Helium Backup App to Transfer Files from Samsung to Huawei

Helium, which was previously known as Carbon, is a popular Android app to backup and restore the device data. Most of the features are free and are applicable for a standard Android device. Though, if you wish to access its advanced features (like app data backup), then you would have to root the devices first. Currently, the application runs on every leading device with Android 5.5 or a newer version installed. Here’s how to transfer from Samsung to Huawei all kinds of data via Helium.

Step 1: Go to the Play Store and download the Helium Backup app on the device. Launch the app and visit the “Backup” section to select the apps and data types you wish to save.

Step 2: Subsequently, choose if you wish to take its backup on the local storage, SD card, or any cloud account. If you choose cloud storage (like iCloud or Google Drive), then you need to log-in to your account.


Step 3: Wait for a while and maintain a stable internet connection for the Samsung data to be stored.

Step 4: Later, install the Helium app on your Huawei phone and visit the “Restore and Sync” option. From here, select the backup of your choice and restore the relevant data on your Huawei phone.



  • Easy to use


  • Premium features would need root access
  • Not all data types are supported
  • It is not the safest method

Now when you know how to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei in 7 different ways, you can easily switch your phones without any data loss. From the above-listed solutions, MobileTrans by Wondershare is an ideal option. It supports every major smartphone with direct device to device cross-platform transfer features. With just one click, it will let you transfer data from Samsung to Huawei in a trouble-free manner for sure.

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