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Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Oppo

Contacts are indeed vital for us and would be for anyone. Without these, we won’t be able to interact with our friends and others on phone. Therefore, transferring them is greatly an important topic. When we switch to the newest phone, these contacts cannot be ignored and seriously needs to be transferred. With the help of this article, we will be giving you details on how to switch contacts from Samsung to Oppo. However, these methods can do the trick for other Android devices as well. Please read the article carefully to know more.

Part 1: Best Tool to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Oppo in One Click

The most powerful and convenient way to transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo is to use a tool that never leaves dissatisfied. It is MobileTrans – a one-click transfer tool made to migrate almost all types of data at once. It can easily work with iOS and Android devices and guarantees full security. More than 6000 devices are easily supported and you can freely download it on your PC no matter Windows or Mac. Following are the instructions to learn how this tool performs when you wish to transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo.

Samsung Transfer

  • MobileTrans is extremely easy to use with an intuitive interface that does not need any technical background.
  • It supports the direct phone to phone transfer of data for photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and so much more.
  • Users can first select the type of data they wish to move before commencing the process. You would not encounter any compatibility issues using it.
  • It is compatible with 6000+ different phone models and even supports the cross-platform transfer of data like iOS to Android (and vice versa).
  • The quality of the data would remain 100% intact and it would not be saved anywhere in between.
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Step 1: Get the Tool Downloaded

From the main page of the MobileTrans, download the software package on your computer and install it. Open the software now and click “Phone Transfer” option.


Step 2: Establish Connection Between Devices

Now, take your Samsung and the Oppo devices and using the USB cords, make connection of the devices with the computer. On successful connection, you will see the two devices on the screen as source and destination. If you wish to change their positions, simply hit on the “Flip” button to do so.


Step 3: Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Oppo

From the data types available, click on “Contacts” and hit on “Start”. The contacts will not start getting transferred. Make sure that the devices are connected during the process. Within a while, all the contacts will be transferred from Samsung to Oppo.


Part 2: Transfer All Contacts from Samsung to Oppo by drag and drop

Since, you already have a computer by your side. We have an easy yet complex and lengthy process – the “drag and drop” method to help you transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo. You’ll require the genuine USB cables supplied with your Samsung and Oppo devices respectively to get through this process. Let’s now, without waiting any longer, begin with the detailed tutorial on how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo.

Step 1: First, get hold of your Samsung device and get all your contacts exported into your device storage. To get this done, launch the “Contacts” app of your Samsung device and get into the “Settings Menu” by hitting the “3 horizontal bars” icon.

Step 2: Next, you’re now required to hit on “Manage Contacts” setting followed by “Import/Export contacts” option.


Step 3: Now, Hit on the “Export” button from the upcoming screen and select the location where you would like to store the exported contacts file. Select “Internal Storage” here and jump to the next step.

Step 4: You’ll now be asked to select the contacts that you wish to export to your internal storage. Either select the contacts one by one or simply tap the “All” radio button over the top left corner of your screen. Once satisfied with the selection, hit on “Done”.

Step 5: Next, you need to hit on the “Export” option. Wait for the process to complete. All your selected contacts will now be exported to your Samsung device’s internal storage.


Step 6: Now, get hold of both your Samsung and Oppo device. Subsequently, plug both of them into your PC with their respective USB cables.

Note: Ensure only the authentic cables are being used to maintain a good connection, or else you run high risks of data loss.

Step 7: As soon as your computer detects both your Samsung and Oppo devices, launch the internal storage drives of both the devices in separate windows. Then, navigate to the “contacts.vcf” file over your Samsung device’s internal storage followed by dragging and dropping that file to Oppo device’s internal storage window. This will transfer contacts file from Samsung to Oppo storage.

Step 8: You’re now done with the computer thing, so get your devices disconnected now. Thereafter, put aside your Samsung device and get hold of your Oppo device. Next, get into the “Settings” app and then scroll all the way down to “Contacts” followed by selecting the “Import/Export contacts” option.

Step 9: From the next screen, ensure to select the “Import from storage device” option. You’ll now be asked to navigate to the location where you have transferred contacts file from Samsung device.


Step 10: Once done, select the location where you wish to import them. Select “Phone” here as the target location. Within a short span of time, transferring contacts from Samsung to Oppo will be completed successfully.

Part 3: Switch all Contacts from Samsung to Oppo via Email

Emailing your data is yet another way with which you can easily transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo device. This would be the next way that we would like to introduce to serve the purpose. Unlike the aforementioned method, you do not require a PC for this one. You just need to email your contacts file to yourself or your other email account which you can access over the target device. And yes, a strong Wi-Fi network is a must for this method. Here’s how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo:

Step 1: First, get all your contacts exported from your Samsung device to its internal storage. To get this you need to follow the steps (Step 1 to Step 5) mentioned in the previous method. Once done, you need to launch the “Gmail” app over your Samsung device.

Note: As per your feasibility, you can make use of any other email service to email the contacts file to your same or other email account.

Step 2: Over the mainscreen of the Gmail app, by default you’ll be landed in the inbox. To compose a new email, you’ll get to see a “Pencil” or “Edit” button on the bottom right corner of your screen. You need to push it and “Compose” email screen will pop up.

Step 3: Here, you’re required to provide either your same email address. Or, any of your other email account address which you can access over your Oppo device and download the contacts file. Now, to attach the exported contacts file, push the “Attach” or “paper-pin” button over the top followed by opting for “Attach File” option.


Step 4: Then, navigate to the contact file over your internal storage. Once done, hit the “Send” button and get your Oppo device handy with you.

Step 5: Launch the Gmail app on your Oppo device and get the email account (to which you sent the contacts file) configured with it. For this, head to the “Settings” app, then opt for “Accounts” followed by “Add Account” option. Now, choose “Gmail” and punch in the credentials.

Step 6: Let’s now download the file from the Gmail app to your Oppo device’s storage. Launch the app and in the inbox section a mail must be flashing up. Open it up and hit the “download” icon available at the bottom of the attachment file.


Step 7: Next, to access notification panel, swipe down from the top of the screen. Over the notification panel, hit on the downloaded “contacts” file to open the file’s location.

Step 8: Lastly, hit on the file to launch it, tap on “Import” button followed by providing your consent to proceed with the selected action.


That’s about it, you will now have all your contacts switched from Samsung to Oppo. With this your step by step tutorial on how to transfer contacts from Samsung to Oppo via Email is complete.

Part 4: Move Contacts from Samsung to Oppo via Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi

Bluetooth is not hidden to anyone and can be considered a sound way when the matter is how to switch contacts from Samsung to Oppo. One just needs to keep the Bluetooth enabled and visible to make the process done. Similar to this, one can also fulfill the task with Wi-Fi direct. The steps are alike. You can go along with the following mentioned instructions.

    • Open the Contacts app on the Samsung device. Head to menu and pick out the “Import/Export” option.
    • Select “Share namecard via” option now and move on to select the contacts that you want to transfer. You can also tap on “Select All” to transfer all the contacts.


  • Enable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct on both the devices now.
  • Take the source device and look for the target device’s name.
  • Tap on it and accept the request on the target device to grant permission for the contacts to get transferred.

Part 5: Sync Contacts from Samsung through SHAREit

SHAREit can be also come in handy when it comes to switching contacts from Samsung to Oppo. Most of the people use this way for its convenience and no need for any cords. Let us get familiar with the steps that are needed to get the contacts transferred to the new Oppo.

  • Open the Contacts in the Samsung device.
  • Start selecting the contacts that are to be transferred.
  • Once you select, tap on the Share icon you can see at the top.
  • Pick out “SHAREit” from the options and then open “SHAREit” in the Oppo device as well.
  • Tap “Receive” on the target device and connect the two devices by keeping them in close proximity. On the source device, tap on the target device’s name and the contacts will begin to transfer in the new phone.


Bottom Line

It’s now time to conclude the article with all this classified information at your hand. All the aforementioned methods will certainly help you to serve the purpose of transferring contacts from Samsung to Oppo. Now, it’s up to you that which method suits you the best.

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