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How to Add a WhatsApp Business Number on the Facebook Page

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

While running a business, it is essential to look for effective ways to contact your current and future customer base. With that in mind, learning how to add WhatsApp number on the Facebook page will help your business be in touch with prospective customers. However, the process is not simple as not all WhatsApp users get the chance to add their WhatsApp number as a button on Facebook Page. Well, you must be aware that WhatsApp now comes under Facebook. So, only those business owners who have WhatsApp business numbers get the option to add WhatsApp number on the Facebook page.

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How to add WhatsApp Business number on the Facebook page?

This simple guide focuses on how to add WhatsApp number on the Facebook page easily. For the purpose, it is indeed crucial to have a proper understanding of the process of how to add WhatsApp business number on the Facebook page. The essential requirement for it is:

  1. Owning a Business
  2. Have WhatsApp business profile/ WhatsApp business number
  3. Adding the WhatsApp business number on Facebook Page.

Thus, the required steps cover in two Parts:

Part A- How to create WhatsApp Business Profile through the business app?

For all aspiring business owners, the WhatsApp business application is the most feasible solution to tackle day to day customer data. This application is free for both Android and iPhone device users. So, without any further delay, move to the respective play store and download WhatsApp business App, that will assist you as below-

  • • To create a Business Profile
  • • Access to Quick replies
  • • Contact organizer with different labels features
  • • Automated message facility
  • • Various messaging tools and statistics data

So, you can download the application from the WhatsApp Business page.

add whatsapp business number 1

Part B- How to add the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page?

After you are over setting up the WhatsApp business profile, it’s the time to move ahead with your real goal to understand how to add the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page. Many of the users might want to know real benefits stated under adding the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page.

So, some of the key benefits if you learn well how to add WhatsApp business number on the Facebook page:

  • • Whoever visits your Facebook page able to see your WhatsApp business button on the Homepage.
  • • Important Lead generation tactic
  • • If a user clicks on the WhatsApp business button, that will prompt your Whatsapp chat page. Thus enabling them to converse with you and your business directly.

Required steps to add WhatsApp business number on the Facebook Page:

Step 1: Log in to Facebook Account

The first thing is to open a web browser window and log in to your Facebook Account

Step 2: Visit Settings

On opening up, the Homepage of the Facebook, look at the top right corner of the screen, from the given sub-menus choose the Settings option

Step 3: From the left Panel, locate ‘WhatsApp.’

Under the Settings, from the left side panel, you need to scroll down the cursor to locate the WhatsApp option. When you find it, click on it to proceed further.

add whatsapp business number 2

Step 4: Enter the WhatsApp Number Details

After that, to connect your WhatsApp Business account, enter specific details, such as your country code, the WhatsApp business number, etc. Then click on the ‘Send Code’ button to receive the code on your WhatsApp business number.

add whatsapp business number 3

Step 5: Verify WhatsApp Business Number

The next step is to check your phone to receive the code and then enter the pop-up window to verify your WhatsApp business number. If there is a lag in receiving the code, wait, or use the pop-up window to send it again.

add whatsapp business number 4

Step 6: Add the Button

Once you successfully verify the number and get connected to the Facebook page, a pop-up message will appear asking your permission. Here you have to click on the ‘Add Button’ option to add the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page just below the Cover image.

add whatsapp business number 5

The process about how to add Whatsapp number on the Facebook page is not so complicated. Of course, you need to know the right procedure. We promise, if you follow the step guidelines given above, then in no time with the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page, you would be able to boost up your business.


There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most accessible and most trendy instant messaging service at present. If you are a business owner whose sole wish is to expand their business range, then understanding how to add WhatsApp business number on the Facebook page will be the most viable solution. That will not only gives a lead to your business but also acts as a call to action link for the prospective user base. Facebook, one of the biggest social media platforms and a link button to WhatsApp, provides the right approach for the customer who needs direct conversation or link to your business. Thus, it is rightly advisable to add the WhatsApp button on the Facebook page and take a step to boost your business in the virtual world with real user-base.

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