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How to Export WhatsApp Chat iPhone

Axel Nash

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Had you ever thought to save the messages, chat, photos, videos from your WhatsApp platform to any reliable source? Do you know how to do it? In this article, you will learn how to export WhatsApp chat iPhone. Choose the perfect method if you want to back up the WhatsApp data for future use.

Use the below-discussed tips to carry out the WhatsApp data backup process. While choosing the perfect method according to your needs, it is highly advisable to research the time consumption, quality of data backup, compatibility with the files, etc. All these factors decide the effectiveness of WhatsApp data backup.

Tip 1: Export iPhone WhatsApp chat with E-mail

In this section, you will learn how to export WhatsApp chat manually on your iPhone. Carefully surf through the guidelines given below for a better understanding of the method.

Here, you can manually export the WhatsApp chat in your iPhone to any platform available with your gadget like mail, drive, notes depending on your needs. It is a time-consuming process because you must work on every chat individually.

Step 1: To export the WhatsApp chat data, select the WhatsApp messenger icon on your iPhone and then tap the chat from the list.


Step 2: Tap the name and choose the "Export Chat" option. From the displayed items. A pop-up message appears requesting whether to attach media or without media files. You can choose according to your needs.


Step 3: Another screen opens that displays the icons of mail, drive, Bluetooth, etc. You can select the mail option from the list. Then the screen switches to the mail’s composed environment. Here you can enter the mail address and press the send button to export the WhatsApp chat data. You will receive the chat data in your mail within a few seconds.


The above-discussed method is a manual process. You must work on every chat data to carry out the export process. You must spend more time if you want to export all the chat data from your WhatsApp space. To achieve a lossless data backup, you must have a strong network connection without any interruptions.

Failure of network connectivity leads to data loss, and the process ends suddenly. It is a tedious process if you are dealing with a large amount of data to back up. This method is reliable if you want to back up any specific chat or media files in your mail. To handle more data, this technique is not advisable.

Tip 2: Export iPhone WhatsApp chat (1 Click)

Another recommended method is Mobile Trans from Wondershare. It is a reliable and effective technique to export WhatsApp chat iPhone effortlessly. The helps you to transfer data between gadgets, create a backup or restore social media files effectively. Just one click is sufficient to transfer bigger size data collections quickly. It is a desktop application and allows you to carry out lossless data transfer between devices easily. You can take a quick look at its remarkable features below.

The Functionalities of Mobile Trans application

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone devices. This application performs well for both platforms effectively.
  • It supports more than 6000 models of electronic gadgets. You will not encounter any issues during the data backup process.
  • There is no need for any technical or special skills to work on this tool. If you have sufficient knowledge to work on a computer, then you can handle this app optimally.
  • The faster data transfer takes place despite file sizes.
  • You can expect the transfer, backup, and restore process to occur without any data loss.
  • A single click is enough to create a WhatsApp backup of the large-sized data.


Steps to backup WhatsApp messages in iPhone

It is enough if you follow the below instructions carefully to backup WhatsApp data without any issues.

Step 1: Install the application

Go to the official webpage of Wondershare Mobile Trans and download the tool. You can either choose Windows or Mac version depending on your system needs. Both versions are available to help the users to choose the perfect version from the list. Install the application by following the instruction wizard and launch the tool by double-tap the icon. On the home screen, select the "Backup&Restore" module and the "Backup app data" option, click "WhatsApp" to continue.

backup whatsapp home

Step 2: Connect your iPhone

Use a reliable USB cable to connect your iPhone with your PC. You must ensure the connection is firm throughout the data backup process. The tool senses the iPhone and displays the WhatsApp data for the selection process. You must check whether the iPhone takes the Source place and your computer as a destination to ensure a successful backup process. Choose the desired data from the lists and press the "Start" button.

backup whatsapp faq

Step 3: Wait until the backup ends

You must wait for a few minutes until the WhatsApp backup process completes. You will get a message window displaying the success of the WhatsApp backup process on your iPhone. Now you can disconnect the iPhone from the PC, and the WhatsApp data will be available on your PC in HTML or pdf format. You can access it effortlessly and store it at the desired location on your PC for easy recovery in the future.

This method is a recommended technique to backup WhatsApp data to the desired location for quick restoration. You can effortlessly backup bulk data in no time. You can use this method to backup WhatsApp data at regular intervals to overcome storage issues with your iPhone. Choose this technique if you want to back up bigger size files in a secured space for easy recovery.

Tip 3: Backup WhatsApp chat data using iCloud

In this method, you will learn how to export WhatsApp chat iPhone using iCloud. It is a simple method, and you can backup WhatsApp chat data effortlessly on this virtual storage space.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone by tapping the tool icon on the home screen.


Step 2: Go to ‘Settings -> Chats-> Chat Backup’.

Step 3: Finally, press the ‘Back up Now’ option to create a backup of your WhatsApp chat at the cloud platform.


All the chat data move to the iCloud server, and you can access it whenever required. The backup data is easily accessible using the restore feature. You can transfer the WhatsApp data to your iPhone using the iCloud options. You can use this virtual storage space to handle any volume of data without any issues.

It is a usual method adopted to backup iPhone data at virtual storage. Using this technique, you can access the data anytime. It is enough if you log in to the iCloud account using the Apple credentials to access the stored data. The backup WhatsApp data is available to any iPhone gadgets if you can enter the iCloud space through valid credentials. Despite file sizes, you can store big data effortlessly in this storage space.

Tip 4: WhatsApp data backup in iPhone using iTunes

Another easy method to back up the WhatsApp data is using the iTunes option. It is a non-technical procedure, and you can transfer the data easily without any data loss. Before commencing this task, ensure that you had installed the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 1: Open the iTunes environment on your PC by entering the valid credentials for the login process.


Step 2: Connect your iPhone with the PC using a reliable USB cable.


Step 3: In the iTunes environment, press "File -> Devices -> Backup".


This procedure backup all the iPhone data that including the WhatsApp chat messages and media files. You can quickly restore it to another device by connecting the new gadget with the PC and opening the iTunes platform to trigger the restoration process. You can easily backup the WhatsApp data from your iPhone using the iTunes feature.

The above-discussed tips help you to move the WhatsApp messages to the desired location effortlessly. You can back up the data files and restore them on any gadget. All the methods are effective and ensure you with lossless data transfer. Every technique is unique and handles the iPhone data optimally. All the methods will help you to restore the backup data whenever necessary on any desired devices.


Thus, this article had taught you how to export WhatsApp chat iPhone effectively. There is a need to back up the WhatsApp data for future reference. The above-discussed methods give you a clear understanding of how to carry out the export procedure wisely. The Mobile Trans tool is the perfect method if you handle large sizes files during the backup process. The entire process takes little time, and you can carry out the task at your comfort. It is the recommended method by experts and professionals in gadgets. Choose MobileTrans and find the differences when you try to back up the WhatsApp data for future needs. Connect with this article to discover innovative techniques in the field of data transfer. Try the Mobile Trans app and handle any kind of data type effortlessly.

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