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How to Make A WhatsApp Book by Yourself

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp is a very famous chatting app that is gaining popularity in the world. Nowadays, every other person uses WhatsApp to interact with family, business partners, and friends.

You may have never-ending chat memories of your loved ones that you want to save forever. Or, you may want to save your professional conversation that occurs on WhatsApp for future use.

Whatever the reason, turn your Whatsapp messages into a lovely and creative book. By making a WhatsApp book, you can interestingly save all your chats and cherish your memories at any time.


If you want to know more about how to make a WhatsApp chat book on your own, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss the reasons and different ways with a complete guide that can help you to make a beautiful and interesting Whatsapp book.

Create and share these books made by you with your loved ones.

Let's get started!

Part 1: Reason For Making A WhatsApp Book

If you want to record your WhatsApp chat memories, these books are a perfect choice. With Whatsapp books, you can make an album that will last for a long.

You can use these books as a gift for your family as well as friends. Make them feel special and let them fall in love with the books that you make on your own.

For more effects and to look eye-catching, you can also add pictures and templates to these books. The books you make with your chats are very meaningful and secretive.

Just spend some time gathering all the special moments that matter to you and your near and dear ones.


Part 2: What Should I Prepare To Make A Whatsapp Book?

Now, if you want to prepare a WhatsApp book by yourself, you need some material to prepare it. For that, you can take the following materials.

Paper and Empty Book

When you need to print the content you have made with the chats, you need to have paper and an empty book to give it a proper structure.


If you want to make your book look more attractive, you can pates additional material that will give it an extra effect.

WhatsApp chat history

This is the key material that you need to have while making a WhatsApp book. If you are not aware of how to convert your chats into a book PDF, then in the next part, we are discussing that as well. Go through all steps carefully.

Watercolor pens and Cartoon stickers

When you want to gift this book to your family or friends, you can also use different watercolor pens and cartoon stickers. In this way, you can make it look more impressive.

Part 3: Steps To Make A Whatsapp Book

If you wish to learn how exactly you can make a WhatsApp book yourself by converting WhatsApp chat into a book, go through the given steps. You can use MobileTrans-Whatsapp Transfer to back up your WhatsApp chats on your PC. Further, you can convert them into PDF/HTML documents to initiate the further process.

3.1 Use MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer

MobileTrans is an enormous tool that lets its users transfer WhatsApp chats into books for Android and iOS owners. It is true and one of the best transfers as well as a backup solution for WhatsApp.

This desktop app can immediately save all WhatsApp conversations to your computer. Simultaneously, it can export all your WhatsApp chat history to PDF/HTML.

You can easily restore it to any device without any compatibility concerns in the future. It not only backs up all chat history but on the same side also transfers all images, including your profile photo, along with a picture in the chat history.

In the same way, it goes with all other videos and any additional attachments in chats that you want to use to make a Whatsapp conversation book. Here are the guidelines that let you learn about how to back up your WhatsApp chats on your PC.

Step 1- In the first step, you have to download the tool (MobileTrans) and install it on your Mac or Windows computer. After installing it, connect your mobile phone to a PC with the help of a USB cable.

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Step 2- Now click on the "Backup&Restore" option to process the further task. Then, select the option for "WhatsApp" on the screen's left side.

Here you can also find some of the other functions, including restore, transfer, backup, and more which you can execute on the WhatsApp data.

backup whatsapp home

Step 3- Now, you have to select the option for 'Backup WhatsApp messages. Then the software will discover all your WhatsApp chats or data on your phone. Click on the "Start" button to begin the process of WhatsApp data backup.

backup whatsapp faq

Step 4- When the backup process is in progress and do not create any hurdles in between. You have to wait for the time till the procedure of chat backup completes successfully. When the backup process is complete, you will receive a success message, which you can see on the PC screen.

backup whatsapp faq

Now, if you click on the 'View it' button, you can see the WhatsApp files you have loaded from the system. And when you press the 'Ok' button, it will lead to ending the process successfully.

Select between these two alternatives as per your desire. And now, you can also view your chats as PDF/HTML documents.

Now you must be clear about how you can back up WhatsApp messages from your phone to your PC with this excellent tool, "MobileTrans." This method is highly suggested for you because, during the transfer process, you need not have to worry about any data loss. You can also completely rely on this tool to back up Whatsapp groups for PDF books.

3.2 Choose The Chats You Want To Print, And Then Print It

Following the above steps, you must have backup your meaningful WhatsApp chats to your PC. Now you have to select all those conversations with which you want to make your WhatsApp book.

When selecting images, you must be clear about whether you want to make them for your use or to gift it to someone special. Now choose the chats wisely that you want to print and then print them to create a wonderful biography of Whatsapp.

3.3 Create Your Whatsapp Book You Want

When you want to turn your WhatsApp chats into a book, it is a very creative and thoughtful process. But once you collect all messages and pictures in a place and keep them in a particular folder, it becomes easy for you to prepare a book.

Now you are on the way to making a beautiful as well as personalized book. Depending on the information you want to include, it can be a book with just four pages or can be a little more than this.

You can comprise messages from different WhatsApp conversations so that you can easily convey your message with your book. Make sure that you make an attractive book cover to make it look unique.

You can choose a white color to make it look elegant as well as a classic which always looks stunning with a black-and-white photo on it. If you dedicate your WhatsApp book to your partner, you may also choose a red book cover for it.

Also, add additional pictures, stickers, and more to make it the best handmade WhatsApp book.


Part 4: Another Way: Make Whatsapp Book With Zapptales

Zapptales is another way with which you can print your WhatsApp conversation. It allows its users to transform their favorite chats into an exclusive book, including pictures, videos, as well as voice and text messages.


Or you can save the messages as a PDF file. It is one of the most convenient ways to make a WhatsApp conversation book.

The entire process of converting all your WhatsApp chats is fully automatic and encrypted; hence it offers you a safe platform for the same. Here you also have the option to pick your title, cover photo, personal dedication, different fonts, and background. Further, it makes these books the most personal book for you.

But you may feel that it is very expensive. You can confirm the final price of your book on the chat edition page after you upload the chat and select the time interval.

If you feel that other people do not check your chats, then this will not be your best option.

Pros of Zapptales

  • It offers you unrivaled value for money for long conversations
  • It is fully customizable
  • It converts your chats into PDF
  • You get multiple options to edit your content and make it look more impressive
  • It works for all media types, including pictures, texts, stickers, audio notes, videos, and emojis.
  • There is no page limit
  • It helps you to upload and edit your messages quickly and easily
  • It offers you top-quality of paper as your conversations will be printed on glossy paper color printing with DIN-A5 format.
  • Fully encrypted

Cons of Zapptales

  • It is expensive
  • Need to wait for the deliver
  • Not worth for money if people do not see your WhatsApp books


We hope the above discussion helps you make the most beautiful, unique, and attractive Whatsapp book by yourself. If you want to back up WhatsApp chats to the computer to create a perfect book, then MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer is the right choice for you.

Today most people favor this tool to carry on all their essential tasks with respect to social apps and more. It is an extremely reliable tool and takes less time compared to other tools or methods to back up Whatsapp chats.

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