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Where is WhatsApp Message Backup Stored?

Caroline Laurent

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Backing up WhatsApp data lets users load the account into the new device to restore all messages and pick up right from the last step left off. Beware that other alternatives exist to help with the backup and restore process.

However, the cloud backup service is the only option that will guarantee protection to your WhatsApp data if you lose your phone or accidentally lose the conversations. IOS devices use the iCloud cloud service, while android mobile devices use Google Drive to backup data by default. Other services can store the backup you create from your WhatsApp application.

Part 1: WhatsApp messages backuped stored on Android

Android WhatsApp users can back up and restore chats anytime. When creating the backup, a WiFi connection is required, or mobile data can be used, causing additional charges. With that said, look into the following methods for backing up WhatsApp data on Android devices.

whatsapp backup

Method 1: Back up WhatsApp data to Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service that can store various data formats. You can always access your backup from any other mobile device provided the Google account is synced. Creating a backup on Google Drive is the simplest method but should be done correctly to avoid problems when restoring the WhatsApp data. The following are processes to help you back up WhatsApp data to Google Drive.


  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone and go to setting. Click on ‘Chats,’ then go to ‘Chat Backup.’
  • From the same window, go to the ‘Accounts’ option and choose the Google account to save the data. If accounts don’t appear, check whether you are logged in; if not, you should sign in and then tap on the ‘Back up’ options. The app will take an immediate backup to your Google Drive. Choose the type of data you want to include or exclude from the backup.
  • Remember to set the backup frequency from the options provided or set a custom choice to enable automatic backup in the future.  
  • To use WiFi only, tap on the toggle that is nest to WiFi to back up. Alternatively, you can select backup via cellular data but beware of the additional costs on the data charges.

Method 2: Back up WhatsApp data to local backup

You can also opt to back up your WhatsApp data to a local backup on your android device or SD card. WhatsApp offers this built-in backup feature to enable users to use the encrypted file to restore contents on the same phone or transfer to another device for restoration. The process can appear a bit complicated; hence you follow the steps carefully.

local backup

Once you create the WhatsApp local backup, the app will automatically update the local storage at 2 a.m on a daily basis. You can also change to a convenient time apart from the default time. This method only keeps backed up data from the last 7 days only and automatically eliminates the older files. If you are looking to store data for a longer time, the method might not be a great option. However, the technique is a helpful and convenient mode of storing WhatsApp data.

The steps to storing your WhatsApp data in the local storage include the following:

  • Launch the WhatsApp app and go to the settings icon and click on ‘chats’ then ‘Back up.’
  • You will find the local backup and Google Drive backup options.
  • Choose the local backup option and click ‘Backup’ to save the WhatsApp data to the local storage. The process will take a few minutes to complete.
  • If you lose your recent data, you can reinstall WhatsApp and click on the restore option from settings to show the backed-up data.

Part 2: WhatsApp messages backuped stored on iPhone

Unlike Android smartphones, iPhones use the iCloud service as a default backup method for iOS WhatsApp users. Other solutions are available given that iCloud might have its issues during the backup process, such as low storage and other security concerns. The alternatives include using iTunes and the Email Chat feature. The following content elaborates on each method used to back up WhatsApp data on iPhones.

Method 1: Backup WhatsApp data from iPhone using iCloud

Besides the undeniable disadvantages of iCloud services, you can enjoy some benefits when you are looking to back up your WhatsApp data. With this inbuilt backup feature, you will likely sync the account across different devices using your Apple ID account to allow easy restoration of the WhatsApp data. Here are the simple steps to enable you to back up WhatsApp data on iPhone using iCloud.

  • iCloud is turned on from the settings icon on your home screen. Tap on your name on the settings panel to find iCloud.
  • Launch the WhatsApp app, go to settings, and tap on chats to find the ‘Chat Backup’ option.
  • Tap on the ‘Back up now’ option to initiate a manual backup. You can also switch to automatic backup by selecting the ‘Auto Backup’ option.

When storing your WhatsApp data on iCloud, beware of the following:

  • Use the Apple ID to access iCloud
  • Your device must run on iOS 10 or higher and ensure iCloud is turned on
  • Check whether you have enough storage on iPhone and iCloud
  • You can limit your iCloud to use WiFi if you are worried about cellular data usage

Method 2: Backup WhatsApp data on iPhone using iTunes

iTunes is another native solution for backing up WhatsApp data and the entire phone memory and settings. Apple has built the app to manage iOS devices more like iCloud for free. However, iTunes tend to store everything in the device rather than only selecting the necessary WhatsApp data. The following approach can help to complete the process.

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer using a cable and wait for iTunes to launch on its own
  • Tap on the trust computer on your phone and enter the passcode if prompted to continue.
  • Select the ‘Device’ tab on the iTunes window and then choose the ‘Summary’ option.
  • Click ‘Back up now; to begin the process of storing your WhatsApp messages to your iTunes account.

Part 3: WhatsApp messages backuped stored PC

Method 1: Backup WhatsApp data to PC using the Email Chat feature

This method is more like transferring your WhatsApp data rather than actually backing up the messages. It is advisable to use this approach when attempting to back up a small number of WhatsApp messages. To export your chat history, follow these processes.

  • Open the WhatsApp application on your phone and click on the chat you want to back up.
  • Tap on the name of the individual contact or a group and then choose ‘export chat.’
  • You can choose to attach media or not, depending on your needs.
  • Open your mail and type the email address, then click ‘send.’ The selected WhatsApp chat will be exported to your email and can be saved to other devices from the email.

Method 2: Backup WhatsApp data to pc directly from phone memory

This method is a basic one where it makes use of the internal storage of your android phone. The following guideline will help to complete the backup process.

  • Connect your android phone to a PC using a USB cable.
  • Go to the internal storage of your device and select the WhatsApp folder. Copy and paste the folder to your desired location on the PC.
  • In the WhatsApp folder, select the messages listed in the folder. Choose Export to pc to initiate the transfer process, which will take a few minutes. The transferred messages will be saves with .SME extension. The file format is not readable on the computer unless you adopt a third-party tool.

Tip: Backup WhatsApp messages with MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer

Transferring WhatsApp messages from your android or iPhone to PC can be challenging at some point. However, you can make use of optimum alternatives to accomplish the backup process successfully. MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer is a one-stop tool offering the most straightforward technique to backup WhatsApp messages to the PC. The application is designed intelligently to avoid data loss during the backup process.

transfer messages whatsapp

Besides backing up messages, the MobileTrans program allows android and iOS WhatsApp users to restore the chats to their phones. You can also transfer the chats from one device to another, whether android to iPhone or vice versa, more safely and efficiently without a network connection. The following steps will get you a successful backup to the PC.

backup whatsapp faq

Step1: Launch the MobileTrans app on your PC and select WhatsApp transfer from the modules available. Choose the "Backup&Restore" choice found under the WhatsApp tab.

Step2: Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable. Select the "WhatsApp" function after connecting. The application will load all messages and attachments.

Step3: Select the messages you and files you want to backup and click the start button. Android devices will prompt you back up in detail after clicking on start. For iPhones, you have nothing to do after hitting the "Start" button.

backup steps

A pop-up window will appear on android prompting you to backup WhatsApp to the local android storage.

local storage

Step4: Go ahead to your WhatsApp and attempt to restore the backed-up data from your Android device's internal storage.

Ensure you keep your device connected throughout the process until the MobileTrans software completes the backup process. The software will notify you when the process is completed.

backup whatsapp faq


It is easy to prevent any loss of essential chats and files with the backup feature available on the setting panel of the WhatsApp application. You can also use other methods mentioned above to avoid worse scenarios to tamper or lose your WhatsApp data permanently. You can opt for MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer software to perform an efficient WhatsApp transfer with easy-to-follow and straightforward guidelines.

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