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How to Fix WhatsApp Not Detecting Local Backup?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Hello,I tried to restore my WhatsApp data from a local backup. But I'm encountering WhatsApp not detecting local backup errors. Any suggestion on how to fix it?

It can be very frightening to restore your WhatsApp data while your WhatsApp didn't detect any local backups. No one prays for such to happen because it means one won't be able to access all data they have been keeping for years.

If you are in a similar situation, worry less, there are reliable solutions that you can try to fix the problem. So, here, we'll walk you through the best solutions to fix the WhatsApp not detecting local backup problem.

local backup problem

Part 1: Why is WhatsApp not Detecting Local Backup?

Several things could cause WhatsApp not to detect your local backup. So, before we discuss the solutions, let's take a quick look at the major reasons you're facing such an issue. You can find out below;

a. Wrong Google account

You don't expect to find your data where you did not store them. So, if you're using a Google account different from the one you've used to back up your WhatsApp data, then WhatsApp won't detect local backup.

b. Incorrect phone number:

When you back up your WhatsApp data with a specific number, you can't use it with another number. So, if you change your WhatsApp number, you'll encounter the WhatsApp not detecting local backups issue.

c. Unstable internet:

Yes, you need a stable internet connection for WhatsApp data restoration from local backup to be smooth. If you're in this situation, try to switch to a stable WiFi connection.

d. Backup corrupted

If the backup created has been corrupted, you can't restore it to your WhatsApp, and all your data is gone.

Part 2: Fix 'WhatsApp Not Detecting Local Backup' Issue

Knowing why WhatsApp won't detect a local backup, let's dive into the solutions to fix the problem. So, don't hesitate to check them out.

Method 1: Back up your WhatsApp to local drive again

The easiest way to fix WhatsApp backup not detecting errors is to re-backup your WhatsApp data to local drive. However, you must have enough local storage space to store the data you want to back up.

See how to backup WhatsApp to local drive below;

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner. Then, select Settings from the drop-down list.

select settings

Step 2: On the settings page, scroll down and select Chats > Chats Backup.

settings page

Step 3: Locate the checkbox next to Include Videos at the bottom and tap on it so the backup can include your WhatsApp videos. After that, tap the Backup button to start backing up your WhatsApp data to your phone's internal storage.

locate the checkbox

Your WhatsApp data should be copied to your mobile phone's internal storage within a few minutes. Afterward, you can try to restore WhatsApp from the local backup.

Method 2: Fix local backup issue

Since there have been controversies that the latest Android update could be why WhatsApp won't detect local backups, you can try to do some debugging to fix the local backup issue. The only problem with using this solution is that it can be quite confusing, and you might need technical knowledge to complete it smoothly.

Step 1: Open Files Manager on your old Android phone and navigate to Internal Storages. Select WhatsApp > Databases and copy the files "msgstore.db.crypt14", "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt14″.

open files manager

Step 2: Get your new Android phone, create a path "sdcard > WhatsApp > Databases" and then move the files there.

Step 3: Install WhatsApp on the new Android phone. Then, launch it and verify your WhatsApp number.

Step 4: When you reach the screen where you're asked to grant access to your files for Google Drive, ignore the message and close the WhatsApp application. Then, turn On Airplane mode on your phone.

Step 5: Open WhatsApp again and wait until a message appears saying scanning is taking longer than usual.

Step 6; Skip the message. Then, on the new screen, you should see your local backup, just tap on Restore. Then, turn off Airplane mode and enable WiFi or cellular data.

Step 7: Ignore the message regarding Google Drive. Then, open WhatsApp again. You should see your old and new WhatsApp messages.

Method 3: Make sure everything is correct

As mentioned earlier, using a wrong Google account or an incorrect phone number could cause WhatsApp not to detect local backup. So, you should make sure everything is the same to fix the WhatsApp not detecting a local backup problem.

Part 3: Transfer WhatsApp Data without Local Backup

Are you still facing WhatsApp not detecting local backup problems after using the solutions above? Then, the best thing to do is transfer WhatsApp data directly from your old phone to the new one. Then, all you need is the Mobilerans software to execute the operation quilt and effortlessly.

MobileTrans is a powerful tool popular among tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy individuals for WhatsApp data transfer problems from one phone to another. The software offers seamless WhatsApp data transfer from Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, or Android to iPhone. And it operates at a lightning-fast speed without lagging or data loss.

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Step 1: Download the latest version of MobileTrans on your computer from the official website and install it.

Step 2: Launch the app and click WhatsApp Transfer from the top bar. Then, select WhatsApp Transfer.

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connect the phones

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Step 4: After the operation is complete, disconnect the phones from the PC.

disconnect devices


How to fix WhatsApp not detecting local backup? The article has provided the best solutions anyone can ever need to execute the operation. Also, we believe you now understand why WhatsApp is not detecting local backups. So, if you encounter this kind of problem in the future, you should be able to resolve it handily. In all, MobileTrans can help you quickly transfer any data, including WhatsApp data, between two phones. It only takes a few clicks.

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