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How to Backup WhatsApp on Samsung?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

"Are you worried about what will happen to your precious WhatsApp data if your phone broke, which recently happened with your colleague in the office?"

Let's try to figure out some of the critical questions related to your Whatsapp that becomes the need of the time. Here, if you are a Samsung device user, it is an obvious task to save and keep a proper check over ways to backup Samsung Whatsapp in advance.

Several WhatsApp Samsung backup apps are available to help you get back data without loss. We have selectively considered three efficient methods and the best Samsung backup software to help you backup effectively and timely. 

backup whatsapp on samsung

Part 1: Why do I Need to Backup WhatsApp on Samsung

WhatsApp is an application that gradually gained so much popularity in terms of ease of access, sharing, free to use. That almost all of the world's users are attached to it. So it is fundamental to back up WhatsApp on Samsung:

  • Avoiding the situation of data loss due to device breakage.
  • Sometimes theft occurs, so take preventive measures in advance.
  • Unnaturally device gets damaged, hanged, or Whatsapp is not working.
  • Planning to change phone.
  • To secure data from unwarranted situations at a safe place like your PC. 

Well! Those feelings of losing data will be pathetic. That is the point where you will feel the necessity of backing up your WhatsApp data on Samsung.

Part 2:  Backup WhatsApp Samsung with MobileTrans

If you are searching for backup Samsung WhatsApp software to backup WhatsApp on a Samsung device, our best recommendation will be MobileTrans. This best software will be the most effective to backup data from a device to a PC. MobileTrans will let you easily transfer and backup WhatsApp history and data with the fastest speed. It is a reliable and secure tool to backup WhatsApp on Samsung devices with a user-friendly interface.

MobileTrans - Backup WhatsApp

Backup WhatsApp Messages from Samsung to Computer Easily

  • • Backup WhatsApp chat history, images, videos, emojis, and attachments.
  • • Backup More App data from WhatsApp Business, Wechat, LINE, Kik and Viber.
  • • Transfer WhatsApp data between iOS and Android devices.
  • • Backup 18+ phone data from your phone to computer.
  • • Support directly phone-to-phone and phone-to-pc transfer.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

Now, we will check how you can get a successful result in WhatsApp chat backup for Samsung devices, including other data types, with this top alternative of Samsung Smart Switch to transfer WhatsApp messages.

Step 1: Launch Mobile Trans

Run MobileTrans, start with the option named "Backup & Restore.

backup whatsapp with mobiletrans

Step 2: Connect your mobile phone to your PC

Further select App Backup & Restore," then choose the "Backup" option and the "WhatsApp" button.

backup whatsapp with mobiletrans

Step 3: Start the WhatsApp backup process

Choose the data you want to backup and hit the "Start" option to start the backing up procedure.

backup whatsapp on samsung with mobiletrans

This is how this best app will help you backup Samsung WhatsApp content that you can restore anytime whenever you want. So, friends, you can rely on this application whenever you need WhatsApp backup.

Part 3: Backup WhatsApp Samsung with Google Drive

Google will offer you 15 GB of free Cloud storage as a Gmail User to backup all your WhatsApp contents to Google Drive. You can manually or automatically backup WhatsApp to Google Drive. We will show you both methods briefly and follow the steps below to keep Samsung WhatsApp backup to Google Drive on your Samsung device.

Method 1: Automatically backup WhatsApp

Step 1: Do setting

Open WhatsApp and click on the 3-dots icon. Tap on the "Settings" button. Then go to the "Chats > Chat Backup" option and select "Account."

(Note: If Gmail account is already linked to the WhatsApp, then after clicking 'Chat Backup' directly click on 'Back up to Google Drive' and select backup frequency, otherwise follow the guidelines from step 2).

go to the chat backup

Step 2: Enter Gmail account and set the “Backup Over” option

Choose your Gmail account or log in to your account. From the Chat Backup screen, select the "Backup Over" option and choose Wi-Fi/mobile network.

go to the backup over to select wifi

Step 3: Select backup time

Then, hit the "Backup to Google Drive" option and select period for WhatsApp auto-backups.

select backing up time period

So whenever your phone connects to Wi-Fi, it will automatically backup WhatsApp data to Google Drive.

Method 2: Manually backup WhatsApp

Step 1: Go to the Chat backup from setting

Open WhatsApp and hit the 3-dot icon to go "Settings." Now go to the "Chats" and choose the "Chat backup" option.

select the chat backup option

Step 2: Start the backup process

Click on the "Backup" option and start the process of backup to Google Drive.

finish backup process

Part 4: Backup WhatsApp Samsung with Email

You can use the Email feature to effectively backup WhatsApp on Samsung Device, including chat history. Now follow the below steps to keep the backup of your WhatsApp data.

Step 1: Go for the setting

Open WhatsApp and go to the top right end, hit the 3 vertical dots/lines, and go to the 'Settings' option.

go to the setting

Step 2: Choose the export chart option

Click on 'Chat' and press the 'Chat History' option. Select the 'Export Chat' option. Select from the chat messages visible on the screen. After selection, it will prompt to choose the option for media or no media.

Then, the Gmail option and send the chat through Email. Enter the mail ID and click 'Send' to mail.  

mail the chat


In this article, you saw how to back up WhatsApp on Samsung device with MobileTrans effectivelyBesides, we also revealed some alternate methods, such as backing up via Email or Google Drive, which come with certain limitations. Though all these mentioned ways will work great, for the best experience, use MobileTrans as it is perfectly efficient. So without delay, try now MobileTrans to backup chat of WhatsApp on Samsung quickly.

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