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How to Backup stickers on WhatsApp?

Axel Nash

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If you have ever seen WhatsApp stickers, they work similarly to Facebook. All in all, the stickers are one of the attractive features apart from emoticons. They present a great way to jazz up your chats with plenty of quips and colors. You can choose among a perfect collection of sticker apps, including, Wemoji, Game Stickers, Sticker Maker, and so on.

Considering this popularity, people usually ask, 'How do I backup WhatsApp stickers?’ The backup sticker on WhatsApp is almost a similar process to creating a backup for photos, contacts, calendars, etc. on the smartphone. However, it's a bit unique as not everyone is aware of the WhatsApp sticker backup process. So, let’s explore the sections given below!

1 – How to Backup WhatsApp Stickers on Your Phone?

As we all know that WhatsApp doesn't have its backup solution, it usually goes for a third-party backup solution, which is mainly Google Drive or iCloud. WhatsApp backup its data in Google Drive for Android users and iCloud for iPhone users.

Steps to backup WhatsApp stickers in Google Drive

Step 1: Click Settings

Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and click the three dots to arrive at Settings.

backup whatsapp stickers 1

Step 2: Select Chat Backup

Go to Chats> Chat Backup. You need to click Back up to Google Drive and choose among different options, Never, Daily, Weekly or Monthly, etc.

backup whatsapp stickers 2

backup whatsapp stickers 3

After you select the backup, it will automatically backup all your WhatsApp media at a specified time.

Steps to backup WhatsApp stickers on iCloud

Step 1: Turn on iCloud for WhatsApp.

The first step is to turn on the iCloud for WhatsApp by clicking Settings> Apple ID banner> iCloud.

backup whatsapp stickers 4

Scroll down the page and click the switch next to WhatsApp to turn on with a green position.

backup whatsapp stickers 5

Step 2: Open WhatsApp on iPhone and start backup

Open WhatsApp on iPhone and click the Settings> Chat> Chat Backup> Backup Now> Auto Backup.

backup whatsapp stickers 6

Then, you can select the Backup frequency and tap the switch next to ‘include videos.'

backup whatsapp stickers 7

2 – How to backup sticker WhatsApp to PC?

Backup is a case of seconds if you do it right. There’s no need to go long steps or use expensive software to do this backup task when you have a speedy tool to do this all very quickly. Yes, we are talking about the WhatsApp sticker backup regarding the only reliable transfer tool in the industry known as Wondershare MobileTrans. It is pretty affordable software determined at providing Transfer, Backup, and Restore facilities to the user. The Wondershare MobileTrans further comes with an exclusive feature called WhatsApp Transfer to transfer your entire WhatsApp data, including chats, stickers, and media, in few seconds.

Key Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • • The MobileTrans can quickly transfer the entire phone data, including videos, photos, music, and other files, from one device to another while also supporting cross-platform transfer.
  • • Its WhatsApp Transfer module helps transfer each WhatsApp data and other similar social apps such as Kik, Viber, Line, WeChat, etc. from one phone device to another.
  • • You can create a backup of various social apps or overall phone data from Android/iOS devices to Mac/PC and avoid data loss.
  • • Its ‘Restore’ module will help you quickly restore the backup files, including MobileTrans and iTunes backup, to a phone.
  • • The most recognizable benefit and feature of using MobileTrans is the presence of 24/7 Help Center support.

How to backup sticker WhatsApp to PC via Wondershare MobileTrans

Before you decide to create a WhatsApp sticker backup, make sure you have downloaded those stickers and have them already in the sticker section. After you are over, follow the steps given below to backup WhatsApp stickers.

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp Transfer module.

Download MobileTrans and hit the "Backup & Restore" module, as shown below. It will take a few minutes and some permissions to install MobileTrans software on your Windows PC/Mac.

backup home

Step 2: Start WhatsApp sticker backup

Connect your smartphone to the PC from which you want to backup WhatsApp stickers and click the “App Backup & Restore” feature.

backup whatsapp home

Step 3: Complete backup

After you begin the WhatsApp backup, it will create the backup of entire WhatsApp data, including stickers, messages, group SMS, system notifications, photos, videos, documents, etc.

whatsapp backup ios 1

It will take seconds to complete the backup process. After the backup is complete, remove the connected smartphone.

whatsapp backup ios 2

The backup file gets automatically saved on your PC, which you can quickly restore via the same MobileTrans software. There's only a need to click Restore to the device module, and you are good to go.

3 – How to backup and restore favorite stickers in WhatsApp to another phone?

There are two ways you can do this via the Wondershare MobileTrans software. The first way is to transfer the entire WhatsApp data from one phone to another while using its WhatsApp Transfer feature and then create a backup on another device.

Another significant way is to create a backup of your favorite WhatsApp stickers on your PC and then restore them over to other phones.

So, let's consider the first way of transferring WhatsApp data from one phone to another as another way of creating a backup, already mentioned in Part 1.

Transfer WhatsApp data from one phone to another and then create a backup

Step 1: Select the WhatsApp Transfer module.

Download Wondershare MobileTrans and choose the WhatsApp Transfer module from the interface, as shown below.

whatsapp transfer

Step 2: Start WhatsApp transfer

You need to connect both the smartphones with the PC and click "Start" to transfer WhatsApp data.

transfer messages whatsapp

It is the last step of WhatsApp transfer, after which you can create a backup of this entire WhatsApp data on another phone using the steps mentioned in Part 1.

Steps to restore WhatsApp stickers on another phone

Step 1: Connect phone with PC

Connect the phone with the PC, where you want to restore the WhatsApp backup stickers.

Step 2: Start to restore

Within the WhatsApp backup module, you will find a “Backup&Restore” module to the device; after clicking, the entire WhatsApp data will restore to the connected device.

whatsapp restore from ios to ios 01

Remember that this section is only applicable when you want to restore the backup created on a previous device.


So, this is the whole concept to backup sticker WhatsApp in different ways. On the same note, restoring your favorite WhatsApp stickers to another phone is also easy, as mentioned in the last section above.

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