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Does Samsung Smart Switch Transfer WhatsApp?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

I am switching from iPhone to the new Samsung S22, but I do not know how to transfer WhatsApp data to Samsung, can I use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer WhatsApp Messages?

Developed by Samsung itself, Samsung Smart Switch is one of the best apps to transfer data to Samsung.  But does it transfer WhatsApp data? People keep asking. Here in this article, we will provide you with how to move WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Samsung with Smart Switch and the simple and quick alternatives ways for you.

transfer whatsapp transfer with smart switch

Part 1: Does Smart Switch Transfer WhatsApp?

The answer is YES! Earlier, users couldn't transfer WhatsApp with Smart Switch. But now, it supports the transfer of WhatsApp messages from iOS to Samsung. Besides, you will get plenty of other suitable ways and third-party apps to answer does Samsung Smart Switch transfers WhatsApp messages and other data.

Part 2: How to Transfer WhatsApp via Smart Switch

Now, to our primary concern, can Smart Switch transfer WhatsApp messages? 

As mentioned earlier, Samsung Smart Switch will help you transfer WhatsApp from iOS to Samsung device only.

This part explicitly explains the complete step guidance about moving WhatsApp through Samsung Smart Switch. So stay with us and follow these steps to know the ways of moving WhatsApp from iPhone to Samsung.

Before transferring WhatsApp via Samsung Smart Switch, you need to check if you meet the requirements below:

  • Both your old iPhone and new Samsung are equipped with WhatsApp or above.
  • Smart Switch installed on Samsung phone should be version or greater.
  • A compatible USB cable (Lightning to USB-C or equivalent adapters).
  • Both of the devices are using the same WhatsApp mobile phone number.
  • Your Samsung phone must be factory new or restored to factory settings.

Step 1: Set up a connection

Turn on the Samsung device and set up a connection to your iPhone while prompting. Continue following the directions of the Samsung Smart Switch.

transfer whatsapp transfer with smart switch 1

Step 2: Scan to confirm starting the process

After prompting, scan the displayed QR code with the iPhone's camera on the new device. Click on your iPhone's "Start" option to complete the process.

transfer whatsapp transfer with smart switch 2

Step 3: Log in to WhatsApp with old used phone number

Now, set your new Samsung up. Open WhatsApp and log in with the previous device's phone number used for WhatsApp.

Step 4: Active the new device after importing

Finally, tap the "Import" once the prompting is over, and allow the process to complete. After the activation of your new device, check your backup files.


  • With Smart Switch, you can transfer data, including contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, apps, etc.
  • This platform is free to transfer data and doesn't require an internet connection. You won't have any limitation of size for sharing.


  • Can only transfer WhatsApp to an inactivated device (Samsung) indicates only a brand-new phone.
  • Only supports transferring to high-end Samsung devices.
  • Transfer WhatsApp from iOS devices to Samsung only.

Part 3: Transfer WhatsApp between Phones with MobileTrans

Due to the above complexity and limitations, while transferring WhatsApp using Smart Switch, you need a better solution. Well! We have the best recommendation for you, called MobileTrans. It will let you safely share data from one device to another with just one click at the fastest transferring speed. It offers a powerful platform to transfer WhatsApp data, such as WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, and attachments. The key features it offers:

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer

Transfer WhatsApp from phone to phone With a few Clicks!

  • • Transfer WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos, stickers, and attachments from phone to phone.
  • • Transfer phone data from Android to iOS, iOS to Android, Android to Android, and iOS to iOS.
  • • Merge WhatsApp chats to guarantee your conversations remain complete and consistent across platforms
  • • Support other social apps, including WhatsApp Business, Viber, Line, WeChat, and Kik.
  • • Support phone-to-phone and phone-to-computer transfer, and phone backup & restore.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
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The following steps will help you transfer WhatsApp from one device to another phone via MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans and choose a module

After launching the MobileTrans app on your computer:

  • Click on the "WhatsApp Transfer" module.
  • Hit the "WhatsApp" tab.
  • Go to the "Transfer WhatsApp messages" option from the visible interface. 

mobiletrans whatsapp transfer

Step 2: Connect your both devices to the computer

Build a connection with both devices to your PC using the actual USB cable of your smartphone device. MobileTrans will load the contents before you transfer.

mobiletrans whatsapp transfer 1

Step 3: Start the process of WhatsApp messages transferring

Now hit the "Start" option and give a few seconds until it finishes the transfer. Flip the position of the phones to make it correct by clicking the "Flip" option.

mobiletrans whatsapp transfer 2

Step 4: Completed transferring

Lastly, disconnect both devices, and check transferred files.

mobiletrans whatsapp transfer 3

Note: Samsung Smart Switch will only allow you to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung. But MobileTrans is compatible with more than 6000 mobile devices.


That is all about today's discussion on the solution of "does Samsung Switch transfer WhatsApp messages?" As we saw, besides Samsung Smart Switch, you can also use other better methods to avoid the limitations of Smart Switch. Consider using MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer to complete your WhatsApp transfer. It is a reliable, efficient, and top method for moving your precious WhatsApp assets.

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