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4 Ways to Export WhatsApp Chat from iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Using WhatsApp on your iPhone is common because WhatsApp is a famous social media app widely used by millions. Have you gotten a new iPhone or do you desire to have your old WhatsApp messages on your current phone? 

If that is what you have been looking for, then your search has come to an end. This article will be very helpful to you. You will learn how to export WhatsApp chats to iPhone devices easily with full step-by-step guidelines here. You will also learn how to backup and restore or export WhatsApp chat history using different methods. That is manual, using WhatsApp backup and restore service or using a powerful tool. Before we go into that, let's ponder over a little question, can WhatsApp chat history be exported?

Part 1: Can WhatsApp Chat History Be Exported?

The export chat feature on WhatsApp can be used to export a copy of WhatsApp chat history from an individual or group chat. The days of sending business letters through the post office, going to the call center to call your loved ones, or going through the rigorous registration on Skype to make a video call were over with the advent of WhatsApp. Nowadays, you can buy, sell, communicate with friends & family, send business letters, educate and do a lot of things using your WhatsApp. That shows you how important WhatsApp has become in our daily activities. Sometimes you may need to export your WhatsApp chat history if you probably bought a new iPhone, have a separate phone for your WhatsApp business, or for another need that may require you to export your WhatsApp chats. Exporting your WhatsApp chat may become necessary for you at that moment.

Part 2: How to Export Entire WhatsApp Conversations?

There are different ways available to export the entire WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone. You can use the manual chat backup and restore method or simply use a working software from your PC to do it. Additionally, if you face WhatsApp export chat not complete issue, then you must use good software from the computer to properly perform the exporting method.

Manually Back Up Your Chats Before Uninstalling WhatsApp:

Your WhatsApp chats are backed up daily if you had preset it to do so. WhatsApp backs up your chats to your Google Drive or iCloud account. This helps to keep your chats updated in case of any cause that might result in the loss of your WhatsApp data. You can manually backup your data to be sure it has been backed up before uninstalling WhatsApp from your phone. First of all, let's look at how you can back up your WhatsApp chats manually before exporting. Here are the detailed steps which you can follow.

Use Google Drive to Backup Chat from iPhone:

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app on your iPhone and go to the Settings option.

Step 2: Now you need to find and select the Chats option. Then you need to turn on the slider of the “Save to Camera Roll” option. This will allow WhatsApp to save all the photos and videos from your chats directly to the camera roll.

Save to Camera Roll

Step 3: Next you need to launch the Google Drive app on your iPhone and go to the Settings option. Then select the Backup button.  

Google Drive Settings

Step 4: After that, you need to visit the Photos option and toggle the switch on to turn on the auto-backup option. Now go back to the Backup page, and click on the START BACKUP option to manually backup your photos and videos to Google Photos/Google Drive.

Back up with Google Drive

Use iCloud to Backup WhatsApp Chat from iPhone:

Step 1: First you need to launch WhatsApp from your iPhone. Navigate to the Settings option by tapping on the gear icon. Now select the Chats option.

Use iCloud to Backup Chat from iPhone

Step 2: Next you need to select Chat backup and choose Back Up Now to upload all the chat history to iCloud. You can also select to set up an automatic backup of the chat data on iCloud. Tap on the Auto Backup option to do so. 

Google Drive Auto Backup option

Step 3: You can select the backup frequency to set a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly backup of all your WhatsApp chats.

Step 4: Then select the Chat Backup option to go back to the last Settings menu.

Step 5: Finally you can turn the toggle switch “on” for the “Include videos” option to whether or not to backup video messages.

Google Drive toggle switch

Export Chats individually from iPhone Using Email:

You can easily export WhatsApp chat from iPhone by the individual chat exporting option available in WhatsApp. Here is how to do it –

Step 1: First, open your WhatsApp. Tap on More options, it is located at the top right corner of WhatsApp. It has three dots aligned vertically.

Step 2: Tap More, you will find Export chat among the list of menus that comes under more. Next, tap on Export chat.

Step 3: You can now choose if you want to export your chats with media or with no media. Bear in mind that if you are exporting with media, you can only export up to 10,000 of your latest messages. If you are not exporting with media, you can export up to 40,000 messages. This is because of the maximum email size which any email accepts.

Export Chats individually from iPhone Using Email

All in One Tool - Export WhatsApp Chat to PC with MobileTrans:

The above step-by-step guide was basically for mobile phones. It might seem difficult but it gets better. Let's check out how you can export WhatsApp chats to your personal computer using an all-in-one tool, very simple and easy. If you desire to use WhatsApp web on your PC, you may decide to export your chats so keep up with business deals or chat which you might have had in your chats.

WhatsApp does not support transferring data from Android to iPhone due to security reasons. This becomes a major problem if you desire to switch from Android to iPhone or from an iPhone to an Android. With MobileTrans from Wondershare, that major problem is brought down to be a no problem. Wondershare MobileTrans makes it easy and possible for you. It gives a simple method to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone instantly. MobileTrans has a lot of features including backing up of your mobile data, transfer of chats from various social media platforms, etc.

  • You can transfer WhatsApp data between Android to iOS or iOS to Android.
  • Allows users to backup WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, and attachments, etc. to the computer.
  • Supports WhatsApp Business and it also supports Viber, LINE, Kik & Wechat.
  • It can restore your WhatsApp chat backup to devices.
  • Export WhatsApp messages from computer to PDF/HTML.

Step 1: Launch and Choose WhatsApp

First, download, install and launch MobileTrans on your computer. Choose the option Backup & Restore, then select Backup App Data. After that, select WhatsApp to proceed.

mobiletrans - whatsapp transfer

Step 2: Connect Android/iPhone to PC/Mac

Now connect your iPhone/Android device to the computer. You’ll see that MobileTrans is displaying 4 different data types that you can backup.

mobiletrans - whatsapp transfer

Step 3: Start Backup

Next, click on the Start button. For iPhone, you don't have to do anything else during this backup process. The software will do the rest on its own. But for an Android device, the software will provide you with how to back up and restore your WhatsApp chat data in detail after you click on the Start button. You will see popup windows like the below image. When you see this window, simply navigate through the whole process on the Android phone as instructed.

mobiletrans - whatsapp transfer

Step 4: Finish Backup

Finally, when the process ends, you’ll get a window like this on the program. You can either click on View It to view, or simply click on Restore to restore the chats on the Android/iPhone.

mobiletrans - whatsapp transfer

Bonus Part: How to Restore WhatsApp from iCloud

Though this article is about solving WhatsApp export chat not complete issue or exporting WhatsApp chat from iPhone to PC, in this part, you’ll also learn how to restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud. WhatsApp allows you to easily backup chat history on iCloud and restores them whenever you need it. Here is how you can do it –

Step 1: First of all, you need to have already backed up your previous chats on iCloud from your iPhone. To do this, you should launch WhatsApp on the iPhone, then go to Settings. Select Chats and then choose Chat Backup.

Backup Settings

Step 2: Now on your new iPhone, download and install WhatsApp. Then verify your phone number and other details to log in to your account. You’ll also be asked to restore previous chat history during the process.

Step 3: Finally, hit the Restore Chat History option and wait till the chats are restored.

Restore Chat History

Some FAQs:

1. Why is WhatsApp backup necessary?

WhatsApp backup is necessary because it serves as an easy way to get back your lost data.

2. Can I export WhatsApp media from one phone to another?

Yes, it is possible to export WhatsApp media from one phone to another the same way as you export chats. During exportation, you will be asked if you want to export media too. If you want to, you can choose that you want to import media as well as chats.

3. Is it possible to export WhatsApp chat from an iPhone?

Yes, it is very possible to export WhatsApp chat from an iPhone using MobileTrans.

Exporting WhatsApp chat history from iPhone is way easier than you thought. The advantage of using MobileTrans from Wondershare to perform an exporting or backup is that it is easier and faster to use. Its only disadvantage is that it requires a personal computer to use the software. If you have a PC and USB cable and an SD card exporting, backup and restoration of your WhatsApp chats and media such as images, voice notes, videos, etc. can be easy for you. We believe if you have gone through the article to end, you have also learned how to manually restore and backup your WhatsApp chat. It is a skill you should have, especially if someday you have to look at your previous chats.

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