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How To Reduce WhatsApp Storage on Android and iPhone

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Let's face it - if you are an avid WhatsApp user who does more than just chat and calls, your phone storage will fill up quicker than expected.

Perhaps you usually share and receive large files with your clients via WhatsApp. Many WhatsApp groups get flooded with stickers, photos, and videos. Or more. All these media files would accumulate and take up your mobile device's storage.

So, if you're wondering how to reduce WhatsApp storage on your phone, this guide will show you different workable ways to complete the operation.

complete the operation

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Part 1: How To Reduce WhatsApp Storage on Android

It's easy to reduce WhatsApp storage on Android. This can be done via WhatsApp settings, and you don't need technical knowledge to operate.

The steps to operate are as follows;

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and go to Settings.

go to settings

Step 2: Scroll down and select Data & Storage Usage.

scroll down and select data

Step 3: Navigate to the Usage section and tap on the Storage Usage option.

navigate to the usage section

Step 4: You should see a list of all your WhatsApp chats and how much storage space they're taking up on your phone. Tap on a chat that you wish to delete.

tap on a chat

Step 5: On the new screen, you should see the size of text messages, videos, GIFs, and lots more shared in the chat. Tap Free Up Space to proceed.

tap free up space to proceed

Step 6: Tap the checkbox next to the media you want to delete and tap Delete Items.

tap the checkbox

Step 7: Tap Clear Messages from the pop-up that appears.

Part 2: How To Reduce WhatsApp Storage on iPhone

The process of reducing WhatsApp storage on iPhone is similar to Android, but since both phones have different interfaces for WhatsApp, we've explained the steps to help you get the job done quickly.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, tap Settings from the bottom left, and select Storage and Data.

tap settings

Step 2: Tap Manage Storage. You should see all your WhatsApp conversations and the file size displayed right next to them. Tap on anyone that you intend to delete.

tap manage storage

Step 3: Tap Select from the top-right corner and select the Files you wish to delete. Alternatively, you can tap Select All at the bottom to select all files. After that, tap the Trash icon at the bottom left side of your screen to reduce WhatsApp storage.

Repeat the process for every other chat!

Part 3: How To Reduce WhatsApp Storage: 4 More Useful Methods

Besides the WhatsApp storage reduction methods introduced above, more valuable tips can come in handy to reduce WhatsApp storage on iPhone or Android devices.

Method 1: Stop Saving WhatsApp Media to Your Photos App

WhatsApp, by default, usually auto-download all media files shared with a user to the photos app to make them easily accessible via phone. But this can be very annoying if it downloads unnecessary media files that will occupy your phone storage faster.

You can easily prevent this by turning off media visibility via WhatsApp settings. The steps to execute the process have been explained below;

Step 1: Go to Settings on WhatsApp and select Chats.

go to settings on whatsapp

Step 2: For Android, scroll down and turn off the toggle next to Media Visibility.

  • For iPhone, turn off the toggle next to Save to Camera Roll.

scroll down and turn off

Method 2: Disable Media Auto-download

Even after preventing WhatsApp from saving media files to your device's photos app, it's still essential you turn off media auto-download to prevent the automatic download of media files. This will allow you to save only files essential to your phone's storage.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone and go to Settings. Select Data & Storage.

open whatsapp

Step 2: Navigate to the Media Auto-Download section and set each option to Never.

navigate to the media auto download

Method 3: Move WhatsApp Data to SD Card [Android Only]

You can also move WhatsApp data to an SD card to reduce WhatsApp storage on Android. All you need is a reliable file manager app like ES File Explorer that will enable you to export WhatsApp data from your phone to your SD card manually. The following steps explain the process;

Step 1: Open the ES File Explorer on Android and go to Internal storage > WhatsApp.

Step 2: Select the category of WhatsApp data you want to move to SD card and tap Copy at the bottom of the screen.

select the category of whatsapp data

Step 3: Open File Explorer and navigate to SD Card storage. Then, paste the WhatsApp data there. Alternatively, you can operate Manually by using the Move to option to complete the process.

open file explorer

Method 4: Backup WhatsApp to a Computer [Editor's Choice]

Backing up WhatsApp data to iCloud or Google Drive is a great way to free up your iPhone or Android device's storage. But what if you don't have enough cloud storage to get the job done? Well, this is where MobileTrans comes to your rescue.

MobileTrans is a data management software that enables users at all levels to back up WhatsApp data to a computer. It can back up various WhatsApp data, including chats, videos, photos, and much more.

Besides, unlike using Google Drive or iCloud, MobileTrans allows you to view the WhatsApp backup and export them as PDF or HTML files. You can even transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone or vice versa.

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Manage Tool

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Step 1: Install MobileTrans software on your computer. Select Backup & Restore and click Backup under Apps Backup & Restore.

click backup under apps backup

Step 2: Select WhatsApp from the options displayed on your screen.

select whatsapp from the options

Step 3: Connect your Android or iOS device to the PC. Then, select the WhatsApp data you want to back up.

connect your android or ios

Step 4. Click Start to start backing up your WhatsApp data to your PC.

click start

The Closing Thoughts

After reading the article on this page, you should be able to reduce WhatsApp storage on your Android and iOS devices. You need to select the method that best suits your requirements. But don't forget to back up your WhatsApp data to your computer first with MobileTrans before reducing WhatsApp storage.

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