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How to Set Up WhatsApp Broadcast List:- A Step-by-Step Guide

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Are you looking for an accurate method of setting up a WhatsApp broadcast list? In this article, we have guided step-by-step methods for your convenience.

Whatsapp broadcast

WhatsApp is a widely used messenger app that has constantly and conveniently become the most obvious social platform for users of all ages. Communication and its ways have widened and become highly conducive with the features embedded in this app. The services provided by WhatsApp are the same as the other apps, it can work on smartphones, on desktops by downloading it to Mac or Windows.

It has become the biggest online messenger app on the market which makes it viable for several purposes, ranging from person-to-person conversation to business expansion and formal conversation.

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When it comes to features, there's no other quality than adaptivity that would enable a messenger app or any communicative technology to prevail within the competition.

This is how WhatsApp expanded by considering the key to sustain.

Here, we will talk about the Broadcasting feature of WhatsApp.

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The term broadcasting exists from a long time ago when communication was driven by different technologies like TV and radio.

Broadcasting is the transmitting of data or information from the source to various directions or to make the data available to a wide range of public.

The Broadcasting List feature of WhatsApp enables a user to transmit data or information to pre-selected recipients. The message from the source can be sent to a large number of users in their chat simultaneously. Therefore through this feature, WhatsApp built a one-to-many relationship between the sender and receivers. At the receiver end, the recipient does not know that the message has been sent to other users as well.

So, this feature enables us to conveniently convey messages on WhatsApp to many but selected recipients. We have a pre-existing list for this, within a click the message will be sent to the desired list of recipients.

PART 1: The distinction between broadcast vs group

Alt: Groups vs Broadcasting

Making groups in WhatsApp is also a method to communicate with many users, here we send messages to the members of a group that appears in a chat screen that is shared by several users or the added members of the group, unlike broadcasting.

The other distinctive feature is that in a group all members can see that the message has been sent or read by the co-members or not.

Broadcasting is convenient towards the source side where a particular message is sent to recipients who are unaware of the other addressees the message has been sent to. It enables repeatedly sent broadcasting to the saved list of recipients.

On the receiver's end, in the case of the broadcasted message, the reply from the recipient will be sent directly to the source or the user who broadcasted the message. To the user and the recipient, the conversation will become like a normal person-to-person chat.

The recipients' replies will not be visible to the members who are selected in the broadcast list.

The messages in broadcasting seem personalized, it enables the user to save time in case the same message has to be sent to many without revealing the frequency of messages to the recipients.

PART 2: How to Broadcast Message on WhatsApp

Alt: WhatsApp Broadcast

Enabling broadcasting requires a list that has to be created on the desired grounds by the user. It is very simple and convenient to set up a broadcast list. We can do so by following the steps listed below.

  • Open WhatsApp on the device or phone.
  • Tap on the More Options button on the screen
  • Go for New Broadcast
  • Select the recipients you want to keep in the particular broadcast.
  • Click on Create

As you visit WhatsApp, there appears a window of your recent chats.

Towards the top right-most corner there's a More Options button which looks like vertically trailing three dots. It may vary in the case of different operating systems.

Here, when you select New Broadcast from the drop-down list, you find your saved contacts on your phone. To proceed you may select the recipients and even search for particular contacts to add to your newly created broadcast list.

While creating the list keep in mind the limitation of the number of recipients you can add to each broadcast list, it is 256 in WhatsApp just like the number of members that can be added in a WhatsApp Group.

As the desired members are added to the list, press on the checkmark which confirms the creation of the broadcast list.

Now you are ready to use this feature of WhatsApp.

This feature has made WhatsApp open to business promotions, contacting clients, instructions to be given to particular contacts, publishing newsletters, and sending an opening or offers to registered contacts. It provides a system to target particular orientations.

It makes it look like a one-way communication therefore it is preferred in areas where a user has to build one-on-one relations.

PART 3: Things you should know before sending WhatsApp broadcast

Alt: WhatsApp broadcast list.jpg

Limitation in Numbers

The broadcast list consists of several contacts, 256 contacts can be added to the list. This limitation may bother the marketing strategy of marketers to broadcast even larger mass.

This limitation is eradicated by replacing it with more personalization. A WhatsApp broadcast list can have groups that improve the specification and work on service priority and target customers.

This division of the list into groups has become beneficial for consumers and marketers who wish to convey or broadcast.

Contact Must be Saved

The message to be sent will only be sent to the target address if the desired recipients have added your contact in their address book. Therefore, one must ensure that their contact is saved to broadcast the message to targeted contacts.

Messages Cannot Be Deleted

While broadcasting a message, the user needs to ensure the correctness of the content as the message once sent cannot be deleted. It is unlike the other messaging systems in WhatsApp where the user may delete the message.


WhatsApp Broadcasting is a direct method that efficiently attains attention from targeted customers. This is how broadcasting works and makes WhatsApp extensively used. Broadcasting helps your small and big-scale business grow rapidly and effectively. It is one of the most widely used ways to spread the word amongst the masses.

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