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Whatsapp on Apple Watch: How To Receive and Reply Messages

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Truth be told, constantly checking every WhatsApp notification on your iPhone can sometimes feel disturbing. Perhaps you're expecting an important WhatsApp message but are too busy and don't want to stay glued to your phone. Whatever the situation might be, your Apple Watch can help you stay updated in such a situation.

Worry less if you're wondering how to get WhatsApp on Apple Watch. Here, we've discussed the simple steps to receive and reply to messages via WhatsApp on Apple watch within a few clicks.

reply to messages via whatsapp

Part 1: Is There a WhatsApp Apple Watch App?

Currently, there is no WhatsApp Apple Watch app. Although Meta (Formerly known as Facebook), the company that owns WhatsApp, would like to have its app on a smartwatch like Apple Watch, they believe there's no need for such as the app has done so well over the years, so the cost will not be worth it.

Also, the company wants to keep WhatsApp in a unified infrastructure!

Part 2: WhatsApp on Apple Watch: What You Can and Can't Do

Luckily, despite the fact there's no official WhatsApp Apple watch app, you can still use WhatsApp on Apple watch series. All you have to do is to mirror your WhatsApp notifications. But there are limitations to what you can do with WhatsApp on Apple watch.

What you can do with WhatsApp on Apple Watch

  • Receive and read WhatsApp notifications
  • Reply to WhatsApp messages.

What you can't do WhatsApp on Apple Watch

  • Browse received message
  • View multimedia files, such as images, videos, stickers, etc.
  • Start a conversation with a contact.

Part 3: How To Receive WhatsApp Messages on Apple Watch

Now that you can receive WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch, the big question is, how do you go about it? Well, it's pretty simple. And we've explained the steps to perform the operations smoothly. Just keep reading.

Step 1: Connect iPhone and Apple Watch via BlueTooth

  • Turn ON the Apple Watch and set it up.
  • Open Settings on your iPhone and locate Bluetooth. Then turn ON the toggle next to it.
  • Find your Apple Watch from the discovered devices and tap on it to establish the connection between your iPhone and the Watch.

Step 2: Enable WhatsApp Notifications on iPhone via Settings

  • After you finish connecting your iPhone and Apple Watch via Bluetooth, navigate back to the Settings app main page and select Notifications.

enable whatsapp notifications

  • Find and select WhatsApp.
  • Turn ON the toggle next to Allow Notifications.

turn on the toggle

Step 3: Toggle ON WhatsApp Notifications in the Watch App

  • Now, Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone.

toggle on whatsapp notifications

  • Navigate to Notifications and turn ON the toggle next to WhatsApp.

Onward, once you receive a new WhatsApp notification, it should appear on your Apple Watch.

Note: Apple Watch can't receive WhatsApp calls.

Part 4: How To Reply to WhatsApp Messages on Apple Watch

To reply to WhatsApp messages via Apple Watch is also simple. And there are three ways to do that: suggestions, scribble text, or voice dictation. The following steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Once a new message appears on your Apple Watch, tap on it to read it. Then, select Reply.

Step 2: You should see three reply options, including;

Suggestions: This consist of three replies, including Hello!, What's Up? I'm On My Way. Just tap the relevant response to reply to your message.

three reply options

Scribble Text: Scribble your finger on the middle of the Watch screen, and hopefully, it detects what you've written and converts it to text. The Emoji icon can also come in handy if you wish to reply with emojis.

Voice Dictation: Use the Microphone button to dictate your reply.

Step 3: Your message should be delivered instantly!

Note: You cannot reply to or read messages you've dismissed.

Part 5: FAQs

1. Why can't I see WhatsApp notifications on my Apple Watch?

If you can't see your WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch, this might be because you've turned off WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone. To go to Settings > WhatsApp > Notifications > Turn on the toggle next to Allow Notifications.

2. Are there any third-party WhatsApp apps for Apple Watch?

Yes, there are third-party WhatsApp apps for Apple Watch. Although not all the third-party apps for WhatsApp work perfectly, some reliable ones include;

WeChat2: This app offers many missing functions, such as listening and sending voice messages, viewing images, sending texts with a rudimentary keyboard, viewing stickers, and lots more.

Chatify: The app allows you to view WhatsApp chats, reply with text, view images, listen to voice messages, view stickers, etc.

3. Can you make or answer a WhatsApp call on Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, you cannot make or answer a WhatsApp call with Apple Watch. You can only receive notifications of WhatsApp calls on Apple Watch, then answer it using your phone.

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Final Thoughts

We believe you already know how to receive and reply to messages on WhatsApp on Apple Watch. You need to complete the steps outlined in the article correctly.

However, remember that you need third-party apps like WeChat2 or Chatify to reply to messages more efficiently. Plus, if you need to back up your WhatsApp data on your iPhone without occupying iCloud storage, you can rely on a tool like MobileTrans to carry out the operation within a few clicks.

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