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3 Methods to Transfer WhatsApp Message to Xiaomi 11

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

When you switch to the latest gadgets like Xiaomi 11 you might face challenges in transferring WhatsApp messages to Xiaomi. If you take a closer look at the digital market, you will come across an immense collection of programs to carry out this process.

In this article, you will study how to transfer WhatsApp to Xiaomi 11 in traditional ways. A detailed discussion on a sophisticated tool that overcomes the disadvantages of the general method in the WhatsApp transfer process is available in the below content. To discover the new horizons of the WhatsApp transfer technique, it is enough if you scroll down for more details. Choose the right method which fits your needs without any compromises. Connect with this article to explore the unknowns related to the WhatsApp transfer procedure.

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Method 1: Use Google Drive

Google Drive is a sophisticated space to share files between users effortlessly. It serves as a boon for the professionals working with the data. This environment assists you to transfer WhatsApp to Xiaomi 11 flawlessly. You can effortlessly move the WhatsApp messages to your branded gadget Xiaomi 11 in no time. Here, you will learn about the use of Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp messages to Xiaomi devices.

In the latest version of the WhatsApp tool, you can find options to set automatic backup of messages for easy retrieval on any gadget. You can surf through the following instructions to set backup for your WhatsApp data and restore it to your new device during the installation process.

Step 1:

Unlock your gadget and go to your WhatsApp program. Then, tap the three dots displayed at the top right side of the screen.


Step 2:

From the expanded list choose "Settings -> Chats -> Chat backup" options.


Step 3:

You can find options to set backup in your Google Drive at regular intervals. Choose the desired item from the list based on your requirement.


Step 4:

In your Xiaomi 11 gadget, install the WhatsApp tool and verify it using your number. Then, a pop-up message appears requesting to activate the restore process. You can allow the restore process to take place by tapping the ‘Restore’ button.


Method 2: Use MobileTrans in one click

In the above-discussed Google Drive method, you will face a few challenges while transferring WhatsApp messages between devices. The procedure takes a long time to complete when you handle more data. Sometimes the process ends suddenly for no reason due to network issues. It is not a reliable method.

For a flawless transfer, you can opt for the MobileTrans tool from a giant software developer Wondershare. You would have come across many apps to transfer data between gadgets in the digital market. This app stands unique amidst the competitive crowd of tools. It is a simple tool and satisfies both the professionals and newbies to work comfortably. In this tool, you can find all the controls at easy reach for quick access.

The Outstanding Features of Wondershare Mobile Trans tool

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer

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  • • Transfer and Merge WhatsApp chats to guarantee your conversations remain complete and consistent across platforms 
  • • Transfer data between cross-platform gadgets effortlessly & allows you to move data between Android and iOS devices.
  • • You will not encounter any data loss during the data transfer process.
  • • It is compatible with more than 6000 devices.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
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Steps to transfer WhatsApp messages from your old devices to Xiaomi 11 gadgets:

You can watch the video tutorial first:

Step 1: Download and Launch

Go to the official page of Wondershare Mobile Trans, and download an appropriate version of the tool as per your system OS requirement. You can either choose the Windows or Mac version of this app. Then, install the application by following the instruction wizard. Next, launch the program by tapping the tool icon twice.

Step 2: Choose WhatsApp transfer

On this home screen, you must select the "Phone to Phone" module. This option helps you to work with WhatsApp data.

Step 3: Select the Transfer option

You must select "WhatsApp Transfer" in the left pane of the screen. This application supports many social chat apps like Line, Viber, Kik. You must ensure the desired chat platform to proceed with the transfer process. Please select the right social chat app carefully in the left panel of the screen to avoid confusion during the transfer process. This option prepares the app to get ready for the data transfer between the gadgets.

Step 4: Connect the phones

Now, connect your old device and Xiaomi 11 with your PC using a reliable USB cable. Ensure the connection is strong throughout the transfer process to avoid data loss. When you connect the gadgets, the application senses the devices. Check the smartphones displayed at the right place on the app screen to commence the transfer procedure.

You must ensure the source device is your old phone and the destination gadget is Xiaomi. If you find any controversy in the smartphone’s position, then hit the "Flip" option. This app loads the WhatsApp data like messages, documents, photos, which require the transfer process between the devices. Now, press the "Start" button at the bottom right side of the screen to begin the transfer process.

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Method 3: Using Email

You can transfer the WhatsApp messages to the Xiaomi gadget using an Email option. It is enough if you follow the below instructions to transfer WhatsApp data between smartphones.

Step 1:

Open your WhatsApp tool and go to the WhatsApp individual or group chat requiring the transfer process.


Step 2:

Press the "Settings" option displayed as three vertical dots at the right top of the screen in the WhatsApp environment.

Step 3:

From the expanded list hit "More -> Export Chat". A pop-up message appears asking whether to include media or without media. You can select according to your needs.


Step 3:

Another window pops up displaying various channels to export the chat messages. The list contains Email, WhatsApp, Bluetooth, etc. Select the Email icon from the list and enter the email address to transfer the selected WhatsApp chat. Finally, tap the ‘Send’ button to move the chat data to your Email account.


Next, open your Email on the Xiaomi device and download the exported chat data. Now the WhatsApp message is available in your new gadget.

The limitations in this method are

  • This Email method will not be able to handle a lot of chat data due to less storage space.
  • The entire transfer process takes a long time.
  • Due to network issues, you may lose data during the transfer process.
  • You must wait for hours to transfer a few data between devices.

These are the disadvantages of adopting the transfer process using the Email method.

These are the three methods to transfer WhatsApp messages to Xiaomi gadgets. All these transfer strategies have their pros and cons. It is sufficient if you follow the instructions carefully to complete a successful WhatsApp data transfer process.


Thus, this article brought you some insights on reliable methods to transfer WhatsApp to Xiaomi 11. From the above discussion, you can choose the right method that fits your requirement without any compromises. The Wondershare Mobile Trans app is the perfect tool to carry out the transfer of WhatsApp messages to Xiaomi. This method consumes less time and handles the data carefully. You will not encounter any data loss using this method. If you have more WhatsApp data to transfer it is highly advisable to adopt the Wondershare Mobile Trans app. You can transfer the WhatsApp chats between gadgets with one click effortlessly. Stay connected with the Wondershare Mobile Trans tool to discover new horizons in the reliable data transfer process.

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