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How To Send Videos from iPad to Android?

Axel Nash

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There are ample pros in making use of the Android media player to play the videos effectively. If you take a closer look, at some of the iOS media players there are many issues, which require an effective fix. Most iOS media players operate in a singleton mode, which means it can handle only one audio/video element at a time. It has compatible issues and the file format conversion is necessary to play the videos across different iOS gadgets. The advent of Android TV box altered the perspective of the sound professionals to switch over to this platform. Apart from playing videos this box, assist in live streaming media content without any interruptions. RVEAL MEDIA TV TUNER, ZIDOO H6 PRO is the latest collection in the Android Platform.

Part 1: Transfer videos from iPad to Android by MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Step 1: Download the software at its official website

Visit the official website of Mobile Trans and download the software. Then, install it by following the wizard. You must download the tool based on your PC’s operating system type. If you own a Mac system then go for a free Mac download else tap the free Windows download.

Step 2: Choose ‘Phone Transfer’

In the home screen of the MobileTrans app, you must select ‘Phone Transfer’ option. Tap the button to proceed with the next screen. This option enables you to perform all sorts of data transfer between gadgets smoothly.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Select the required files for transfer

Now, you have to connect the gadgets to your PC. While connecting the gadgets with your computer you have to ensure that you make use of a reliable USB cable. The quality of the cable determines lossless data transfer between the devices. Ensure the source device is an iPad and the destination gadget is an Android mobile. If you find any changes in the position of the phones then hit the ‘Flip’ option to interchange. This action exchanges the places of the gadgets between the source and destination.

video transfer

In the above screenshot, tick the ‘Videos’ option and hit the ‘Start’ button at the right bottom of the screen to trigger the transfer process. You can select any other listed data too by ticking. Choose according to your needs and finally tap the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer procedure.

You must wait for a few minutes until the transfer completes successfully. Make sure you connect the cables properly throughout the transfer process. Any disturbances in the cable lead to data loss and interrupt the transfer procedure unknowingly. Then, disconnect the gadgets from your PC and check out the transferred videos on your ‘Android’ device.

Part 2: Transfer videos from iPad to Android with Computer

You can try out a manual method in transferring videos from iPad to Android using Computer. Instead of employing the third-party apps, you can try out a traditional method in transferring videos from iPad to Android via computer.

Step 1: Connect iPad with PC

Make use of a reliable USB cable and connect your iPad with PC. In the pop-up screen, hit the option ‘import pictures and videos’ to download the videos from iPad to PC.

connect ipad

Step 2: Save the files

You can navigate through the drives in your PC and save the video as per your desire. You can modify the file name and file type while saving the videos in your local drive. If you prefer to go with the original name and file type then save as it is without any changes.

save video

Step 3: Connect Android

Now, disconnect your iPad from the computer and connect the Android phone using the USB cable. Open the device from ‘This PC’ folder. Next, you must navigate through the folders and reach out for the iPad videos. Select the desired video files and right-click to select the ‘Cut’ option from the list. Finally, ‘Paste’ it in the ‘Android’ page of your PC. Repeat this process to complete the transfer for all the necessary iPad videos available in your PC.

You can select many video files by holding the ‘Shift’ button and right-click to choose the ‘Cut’ option from the expanded list. You can paste the files as discussed above. You can transfer many videos at a time using this ‘Shift’ button.

transfer video

Disconnect the Android device and surf through the ‘File Manager’ to view the transferred video content from PC. In the ‘File Manager’ screen, you must tap the ‘Videos’ option to view the newly added videos. To play the videos, just make a slight tap on it.

You might encounter data loss when you attempt to transfer a large number of video files at a time. The transfer process takes a lot of time is the video sizes are too large.

Many experts do not recommend this type of traditional transfer process when you deal with sensitive data related to your business activities. It is not a safe and secure procedure.


In this article, you had an idea to send videos from iPad to Android optimally. The transfer procedure must consume less time and it should occur without any data loss. The Mobile Trans – Phone transfer is the best fit, which satisfies these criteria without any compromises. Most traditional methods are time-consuming and any interruptions during transfer will ruin the entire process. It would be difficult for you when you attempt to transfer bulk content between the gadgets. The Mobile Trans is the right tool and it is reliable in the long run. Go for it without any second thought and you will not regret choosing this incredible software for your transfer needs.

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