5 Solutions to Fix iPod Will Not Sync to iTunes

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Nowadays, iOS is moving in direction of not using the iTunes sometimes, but there are people who still require syncing their iPod, iPhone or iPod touch to copy music library, various Medias and more. Typically iTunes will sync easily with an iOS device without any accident but sometimes the situation becomes worst and things go awry and your iTunes can’t sync iPod at all. If you find yourself in a frustrating situation, don't worry. We have best solutions to fix iPod will not sync to iTunes.

Part 1. Solutions to fix iTunes can’t Sync iPod

In this tutorial we are going to discuss the number of reasons for your iTunes can’t sync iPod and solutions to fix iPod will not sync to iTunes. But firstly, we need to analyze the problem and make it clearly. This could happen due to following reasons.

#1: iTunes not working properly

It happens when you try to run the iTunes, it will automatically shut down on your computer. A problem such as an improper installation of iTunes or might be the virus have caused the issues due to third party program and so your iTunes can't sync iPod.

Solution: Sometimes just updating the iTunes is enough to resolve all the syncing problems. Or else firstly remove the current version of iTunes and download the latest version of iTunes.

#2: iPod crashed after Sync process

Some users complete the sync process but their iPod crashes every time they play music

Solution: The only way to fix this issue is by performing the soft resetting your iPod. If this does not work then fire up iTunes and click on Restore button.

#3: Sync button is grayed out on iTunes

This is a problem of Apple ID and its affiliation so your iPod will not sync to iTunes. How will fix this problem?

Solution: If you’re using new Apple Id on your computer you will have to authorize the computer under this account. Simply use your Apple ID to login and authorize this computer.

#4: Sync Process is completed, but no new music available on iPod

This is the most common problem for the users of iPod and Windows. Some of them reported that they were not able to transfer music to iPod after they hit the sync button.

Solution: The easiest way is to enable it manually and manage music on your device. Turn off the setting and turn on it again. Sometimes you have to restart the iTunes to apply the settings.

#5: iPod is not detected on computer

If your iTunes is not detecting your iPod due the faulty USB ports on your computer. Or else you are having the driver problem with iTunes on Windows computer.

Solution: Try to change the USB port for the iPod cable. Also, try another cable to check if it’s working or not. If both work fine to try to reinstall the iTunes and restart the computer.

Part 2. How to sync iPod music to PC with MobileTrans

When it comes to listening to music, iPod and iPod touch are one of the best choices as iPod comes with portability and large storage. There are many tools available in the market but which works best for you is the confusing question. So, if you are looking ways to sync iPod music to PC then we recommend using Wondershare MobileTrans which is one of the best tools to transfer iPod music to PC. Many users are satisfied after they have used MobileTrans tool to sync iPod music to PC.

Key Features

  • You can easily transfer Music from iPod to Mac.
  • Easily Backup and restore data on your device to a computer with one click.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to sync the music from iPod to PC.
  • This tool can work perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG and other devices.

Steps for How to Sync Music from iPod to Mac/PC

Step 1. Install and Run MobileTrans on your Personal PC

Download, install and run the MobileTrans software. A primary window will be opened which shows four different modes select the mode ‘Backup your Phone’.

Fix ipod not sync to itunes-step 1- Install MobileTrans

Step 2. Connect your iPod to Mac/PC

Now connect your device and transfer the music from iPod to Mac using USB cable. Wait until the device is detected.

Fix ipod not sync to itunes-Step 2- connect devices

Step 3. Copy the music from iPod to PC/Mac

Select the content that you want to transfer from iPod. Now, click on ‘Start Transfer’ and finally your process will start.

Note: Do not disconnect your device until the process is completed.

Now, sync your iPod music with using MobileTrans which can help in transferring the music to PC within few clicks only. You can also go through the best solutions given by us as for why iTunes can't sync iPod easily. Refer above solutions to it and resolve your issues with using our perfect solutions.

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