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Transfer phone data without a PC

How do you transfer contacts from iPad to iPad?

Nicola Massimo

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It is high time to explore the salient features of the new iPad Pro model from the Apple store. It has a larger display screen with upgraded pixel values and resolution, quicker charging hardware pack, reliable battery with longer lifetime, enough memory space, best connectivity, improved locking, and recognition system and advanced 5G cloud-computing features. Do not miss all these outstanding functionalities of the new iPad Pro model. Grab your favourite model and transfer the contacts from iPad to iPad precisely using the below-described methods. Move on with the new brand iPad models leaving behind the older ones.

Part 1: Transfer contacts from iPad to iPad by MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Mobile Trans – any guess on this term

It is a program designed by the Wondershare developers from eminent professionals to ensure an easy transfer, backup, and restore of data between advanced gadgets in the digital market. This precision tool allows the transfer to take place quickly and efficiently. It is simple software, which does not require any technical skills to handle the necessary tasks.

Steps to transfer contacts from iPad to iPad via Mobile Trans app

Step 1: Load the tool in your PC

Visit the official website of Wondershare Mobile Trans and download the program. Install it by following the series of the wizard and finally click the tool icon to explore its transfer features.

Step 2: Connect the gadgets

In the home screen of the MobileTrans, choose ‘Phone Transfer’ option and then connect the two iPad accordingly. On the source side, attach your old iPad and on the destination side connect your new iPad. In case if you find any changes in the screen then hit the ‘Flip’ button to interchange the gadgets between the source and destination.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Select Data

You must check-in the data which needs a transfer process. Here you should tick the ‘Contacts’ option and press the ‘Start’ button.

ipad transfer

Disconnect the gadgets soon after the completion of the transfer process. Now check the contacts folder in your new iPad to view the lists without any data loss.

Part 2: Transfer contacts from iPad to iPad by iCloud

You can make use of the common platform iCloud to transfer data between iOS devices.

Step 1: Login the iCloud account

In the ‘Settings’ option of your old iPad, tap ‘iCloud’ for a login process. Enter the Apple credentials to modify the options in that space.


Step 2: Enable contacts

From the listed items in the iCloud environment, you must enable the toggle button nearby the ‘Contacts’ label. This action synchronizes the enabled data with other iOS devices carrying a similar iCloud account.


Step 3: Work with the new iPad

In your new iPad, go to ‘Settings’ then choose iCloud. Enter the credentials and hit the ‘Contacts’ option from the expanded list. You can witness the synchronization of new data with the existing one. Amidst this process, a popup arises with a text ‘Merge or Delete’ the contacts.


If you select Merge option, then the procedure adds the new contact with the existing one. The ‘Delete’ option erase the existing contacts in the new iPad, thereby allowing the new data to flow in without any interruption.

Part 3: Transfer contacts from iPad to iPad by iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes

Connect your old iPad device in your PC using the USB cable and launch the iTunes program

itunes window

Step 2: Create a Backup

Select your iPad device at the iTunes platform and tap ‘Back up now’ option. Disconnect the device soon after the backup work completion

backup data

Step 3: Restore backup

Connect your new iPad in your PC and hit your device in the iTunes platform. Press ‘Restore from backup’ option and wait until the restoration task completes. Finally, disconnect the device.

restore data

Check the contacts in your iPad and you will find all the contacts moved to your new gadget without any issues.

Part 4: Transfer contacts from iPad to iPad by Finder

What does Finder mean? Any idea about it

The Finder is a built-in program to manage the files in a well-structured format to enable easy access at any time. This program organizes the local files and external storage files wisely. This gateway is available in the Mac systems. The latest iOS devices synchronize with this program

Step 1: Open ‘Finder’

Connect the old iPad and new iPad with your Mac system and open the ‘Finder’ program in your Mac PC. Select an old iPad by tapping the name of your device at the Finder sidebar.

finder ipad

Step 2: Choose ‘info’

In the top menu, select the ‘info’ tab

info finder

Step 3: Enable ‘Sync’ process

You have to check-in the ‘sync contacts on to (new device name)’ and choose any one radio button with the label ‘All groups’ or ‘Selected Groups’.

The ‘All groups’ sync the entire contacts in your iPad whereas the ‘Selected Groups’ option directs you to choose contacts manually from the list.

sync contacts

Finally, tap the ‘Apply’ button to trigger the sync process. Disconnect the two devices after the process completion by hitting the ‘Eject’ option in the ‘Finder’ platform.


It is the perfect time to conclude the discussion related to the data transfer between two iOS devices. Despite the technique in the transfer process, you must ensure the procedures takes place without any interruptions or data loss. Moreover, always go for the quick transfer process to save your time factor. The above-discussed techniques display simple steps to transfer contacts from iPad to iPad effortlessly. Most of the methods involve an intermediate to establish their transfer tasks successfully. You need a PC for optimal transfer process. Choose any one method, which is convenient for you for ease transfer tasks.

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