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5 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

If you're an iPhone user struggling to transfer photos to your iPad, you're not alone. Many people face this problem and we're here to help.

As an Apple device user, you must frequently face the situation where you need to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad or from iPad to Mac. The Apple ecosystem makes process pretty easy as it provides multiple methods and channels.

This guide will show you how to easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. Whether switching from an iPhone to an iPad or simply wanting your photos on both devices, these methods and steps are simple to follow.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that your old iPhone pictures are safely transferred and accessible on your iPad.

Tip: AirDrop is an efficient way to transfer photos. Check out another article for methods to move photos to iPad via AirDrop.

Part 1: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad via MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

MobileTrans is an intuitive and efficient data transfer application that runs on Windows and Mac. iPhone users can use it to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad in an effortless way. It is a versatile file transfer tool for learning how do I transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. It enables users to transfer the data between mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

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Let's check out how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad with MobileTrans.

Step 1: Install MobileTrans

MobileTrans Interface

First of all, install MobileTrans on your computer. Launch the application and choose Phone Transfer > Phone to Phone to begin the process

Step 2: Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPad

Selecting File Type

Now, you need to select the files you want to transfer to iPad, here you need to choose photos. And click on the Start button to begin data transfer.

Step 3: File transfer completed

Transferring Files via MobileTrans

Now wait for the process to be completed and you can view your iPhone photos on iPad.

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Part 2: How to sync photos from iPhone to iPad via iCloud

iCloud is the best cloud-based storage service offered by Apple for iOS device users. The service allows users to store stuff of their Apple device and sync photos, movies, documents, and much more securely.

More than 900 million users are using it to access their iOS device content in another Apple device. You can use it to sync photos from iPhone to iPad, and it will do it effectively to multiple devices. You can move your photos from iPhone to iCloud first, and then transfer then to your iPad.

  • Go to Settings > iCloud to launch it. When it open, type your Apple ID and password to log in to your account.
  • Choose all the data you are interested in transferring. Right now, you want to move photos, so tap on it to switch it on. We already did it for you, as you can see in the picture above.

Opening iCloud

  • Do the same on your iPad, and this is how to sync photos from iPhone to iPad. Do not forget to turn on the internet connection or Wi-Fi must be turned on.

Part 3: How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad Using AirDrop

If you are pondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad wirelessly, then we are going to tell you in detail. We do not want to disappoint readers who can’t find iCloud or using software like MobileTrans useful. They can try AirDrop that could be a reliable option to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad. It provides a quick to work facility to transfer files among iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Faster and highly secure, these are the two best properties of the Airdrop feature. The use of Airdrop is not limited to sending photos only. You can send other file types without using Wi-Fi, Mail, Bluetooth, or a mass storage device.

  • Enable AirDrop on both device.

Turn on the AirDrop using the control center on both devices by swiping up from the bottom. Also, turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when asked. If the person is in your contact, then choose Contacts Only and, if not, tap on Everyone.

Turning AirDrop On

  • Open the Photos application on your iPhone. Tap on the Select button at the upper right corner to choose the images you want to transfer to your iPad.

Selecting Pictures

  • Now, you have to hit the Share option and choose AirDrop to transfer. Your iPhone will show the iPad as the option, so just tap on it. On your iPad, accept the picture sent to you.

Sharing Photos

Part 4: How to move photos from iPhone to iPad Using iTunes

iTunes is an official application of Apple that supports file transfer and backup features. It is a media management application developed for Mac and Windows users. You can download music, TV shows, podcasts, and so on. This software is suitable for learning how to get photos from iPhone to iPad. It’s the perfect application to sync photos from iPhone to iPad.

  • Open iTunes in your Windows PC or Macintosh Desktop. Connect the iPhone and iPad to the computer via USB. Ensure that you have installed the latest version of iTunes. To import photos to an Apple device, iTunes 12.5.1, or a version older than that is essential.
  • When your iPhone gets connected to the PC, it will look like an icon in iTunes. Click on it and then on Summary.
  • In the Setting menu, you can view all the contents type that you can transfer from iPhone to iPad. This way, you can transfer pictures to iTunes that you can transfer to your iPad now.

Selecting File Type

  • As you can see above, we were syncing music, but you can choose the Photos option given on the menu. Sync your iPad with iTunes to end the process of file transfer by clicking on Sync Photos (as shown like Sync Music)and then click on Apply. Don’t remove the device while doing all these things.

Syncing Files

Part 5: Transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad using Photo Stream

When the Photo Stream feature is on in your Apple device, it helps upload the most recent files from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iCloud. You can access the photos from any of your Apple tab or smartphone. Except for live images, it uploads the most recent 30 days photos to iCloud. The maximum number of photos that you can sync with this method is equal to 1000. This feature only works when the Photo Stream feature is active on both devices. Besides, you must be logged into your iPad with the same Apple ID as on your iPhone.

Step 1: Open Settings and Log in

Go to Settings on your iPhone and log in to your account with the help of Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Open Photo Stream

Uploading Photos to Photo Stream

After logging in to your account, tap on iCloud and then on Photos. Go to the Photo Stream and slide to the right to turn it on. Repeat the steps on your iPad.

You successfully synced photos from iPhone to iPad.

Step 3: View Photos

Lastly, to open Photos on your iPad, go to Albums>Photo Stream and view the imported photos from iPhone.


Now, we hope you are confident in the methods of how to transfer pictures from iPhone to iPad. We provided you the options of Photo Stream, AirDrop, iTunes, and MobileTrans. All these tools are extremely good at doing their jobs. However, try a different method if one fails, and we assure you that you will discover that the best way to transfer photos from iPhone to iPad is MobileTrans. So what you think now after reading this article? Can you do it on your own? If your answer is yes, just go for it.

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