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Do you wish to move your photos from your iPod to either your Mac or Windows PC but are having problems doing that? Are you wondering how to transfer photos from iPad to computer? Well, just keep calm as in this Article we have brought to you the most effective and simple ways of doing this process. It Is quite a hassle-free process if you follow the instructions properly.

There are many other users like you who find it difficult to do this shifting of their photos into a Mac or PC. On losing their media they want to move all their pictures to Mac/PC. If you are in the same kind of situation and looking for a fix then just keep reading.

Part 1. How to Backup Photos from iPod to PC/Mac in a single click

There is no doubt that photos are our memories that we wish to keep for life, and in these days, everyone likes to use their iPhone, iPod, iPad touch to click pictures instead of using the traditional camera. So, either due to limited storage or to backup in case of a loss of media, it is always better to shift the images to the Mac or PC. Below you can find 1 click solution to bring all your photos to your Mac or PC with the help of MobileTrans.

MobileTrans is an amazing software for windows and mac devices to transfer music. This does not include using iTunes for the shifting of the files. Apart from this, the specialty of the software is, it is extremely reliable and does not lose even a single byte of the files. Moreover, it is completely compatible with iOS 10 and allows you to transfer music from computer to iPhone.

The Key Features of this software are:

  • Enables shifting the photo files from iPhone to PC
  • Allows backup and bring back of files to PC
  • It has no compatibility issues with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile devices.
  • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.

Now to understand the procedure using MobileTrans follow the steps

Step 1. Download and install MobileTrans

To start with on your PC simply download, install and run. Now, tap on “Backup” which you can find on the interface and further link iPhone with PC using USB.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -download MobileTrans

Step 2. Shift Photos to PC

After making a connection of iPod with your PC all your files will be displayed in the mid interface. Select photos and all the files you wish to backup and tap “start”.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -start transfer

Step 3. Transferring Photos from iPod to Computer

So, finally, the transfer will initiate and will execute in some time automatically as pictured in the illustration below.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -Transferring

Part 2. Transfer Photos from iPod to Mac with iPhoto

In this part, you will ride through the way how to transfer photos from iPod to Mac. This as well is a simple method and all you need to do is to follow some instructions to execute this process. The usual way of doing this is to make use of the inbuilt on Mac. This technique involves shifting the pictures using a wire to plug the iPad into your computer. However, this can also be pursued using the iCloud or if you own the latestMac you can also opt for Airdrop for easy and effortless shifting.

In this by making a simple connection through a USB, the app for photos will open automatically. And then by choosing the Import option on the top, you can click on all the photos you wish to move. And finally, to check out the photos navigate to the last import on the sidebar.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -iPhone

Part 3. How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC with Photos App

In this case, we assume you own a PC and wish to move your pictures on windows. In case if an old edition is installed on your Pc then, as soon as your iPod is connected to the PC an auto play will open. However, if there are windows 8 then it will auto detect the iPod and a pop up will appear to offer you options for what happens to this device. Next, tap on the pop-up and follow the instructions. In Windows 10, just like Mac, there is an app for photos to easily manage and export the media.

In this case, start by plugging the iPod into your PC with a USB and you will see that the photo app launches automatically. Now, press the Import sign on the right corner of the Photos app as shown in the illustration below.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -Photos App

Part 4. How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC with AutoPlay

This method enables the shifting of photos using the inbuilt AutoPlay feature within the PC system. To do this, simply link your iPod with the computer via USB, this will open an AutoPlay window.  Here you will select the first option out of the three, which will say ‘Import pictures and videos". In case the Autoplay doesn’t open then check the disk mode and enable it before progressing.

And then select the above option and wait for the process to execute.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -AutoPlay

Part 5. How to Transfer images from iPod to PC Manually

In this article, we will also guide how to transfer pictures from iPod to the computer manually. To do this follow the instructions below:

1. Enable the iPod in Disk Mode by using iTunes or do it physically. Click and hold the Menu and chose the keys for about 6-7 seconds and do this unless you see the Apple logo. And after that release the keys and hold the select as well as play button simultaneously unless you see the Disk Mode screen.

How to Transfer Photos from iPod to PC or Mac -Disk Mode

2. Open the iPod on your computer. If you did the above step physically, connect the iPod to your PC and place the pictures that you wish to copy.

3. Now, simply move the pictures from the iPod to the PC by picking the photos to copy to pc.

4. Finally, you are almost there, just wait for a couple minutes to let the process finish completely as it might take longer to move a lot of photos.

5. Now eject the iPod safely to prevent any data corruption which can be done by tapping on the safety remove hardware option.

These are all the ways to shift photos from iPod to PC and shift pictures from iPod to Mac. We hope you have got the answers for all your questions.

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