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How to Transfer Files from iPad to an Android

Nicola Massimo

Written By Nicola Massimo |

Want to transfer files from the iPad to Android? Well, lots of solutions and tools are available out there in the market. It further makes it difficult and confusing to choose the right, natural, and best means, or you can say software. In general, you are also aware of precise handy solutions such as using an online platform like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. or tools like Gmail. Still, most of our audience is either stuck in their steps or the limitations of the storage they offer.

Hence, the reason we are discussing almost five methods on how to send files from the iPad to Android. Whether you want to transfer files from Android phone to iPad, the steps go mostly the same except few. So, stick the article till the end, observe the usability of each method, and take your decision at last to use one of these best methods.

Given below is an ultimate step by step tutorial with corresponding screenshots!

Part 1: Transfer files from iPad to Android with email

Email is going to be our first recommended platform to send data from the iPad to Android. It’s one of the simplest ways to share files over multiple devices.

Follow the steps given below if you need to share files between devices with Gmail. We are assuming that your iPad contains all the essential files you wish to transfer with Android.

    1. Log in your Gmail account, go to the Compose button on the top-left corner. 

compose the email

    1. Enter the recipient's email address.

A new pop-up window will open in which you have to enter the destination email address in the To tab. Set the Subject. Then, click the Attach Files icon below.

    1. Attach all the required files in Zip format and click the Send button at last.

send files from iPad to android

  1. Open recipient Gmail account on Android

Well, everything comes with certain limitations. So, do the email sharing platform. It has the following disadvantages to note down.

  • Recipient’s address is unknown
  • Not able to get online
  • Sending huge files
  • Sharing confidential data

Thus, all the data moved from one Gmail account to another. Here, you have to open the destination Gmail account on the source, i.e., Android. In this way, you can access all the shared files via email on your Android device.

Part 2: Transfer files from iPad to Android with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Here is our top recommendation of all software, i.e., MobileTrans - Phone Transfer. It provides the easiest, compatible, and hassle-free solution as compared to other platforms. The MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Given below are some steps to send files from iPad to Android with MobileTrans.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans

Visit the official website of MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, download and start launching the system over your operating system. Then, head towards its Phone Transfer feature, as shown below.

mobiletrans phone transfer

Step 2: Pick files you want to transfer

This step wants you to first connect your iPad and Android device to the computer system with Android as a destination source. Then, select any of the files shown on the window to transfer to Android.

select files to transfer mobiletrans

Step 3: Transfer

Simply click the Start button and wait for data to be transferred. After the data get successfully transferred, you will get a notification to remove both the devices.

transfer files mobiletrans

Part 3: Transfer files from iPad to Android with Google drive

You have mainly two options on Google Drive to transfer files from iPad to Android. Either you can upload specific files or share them via email after setting viewing limitations.

To upload files on Google Drive, find specific documents, contacts, or other media you want to share with Android. Then, open your Google Drive account on an iPad device and tap Share icon. After that, tap on the Save to Drive button to upload a file. 

save files google drive

Allow necessary permissions, save your data, and simply click Save.

save files google drive

Open this Google Drive account in your Android device and access all the shared folders on the device itself.

Follow the specific steps given below for the purpose.

transfer files via google drive to android

Step 1: Download Google Drive from the App Store

First of all, install the Google Drive iOS app, update it to the latest version and then sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: Backup content

You can use the backup wizard to backup all your essential iOS content. Go to Menu> Settings> Backup. After that, you have to simply tap the Start Backup button or select the specific content to backup.

Step 3: Sign in with Google Drive on Android

Sign in with Google Drive on your destination source of the Android device. Use the same Google account that you have used for backup. All your content is now available on the Android device itself. 

Part 4: Transfer files from iPad to Android with iCloud share

If you are using an iPad, all your contacts and other data will get backed up to iCloud. Suppose you want to transfer the file of contacts from iPad to Android, then you should save it in Vcard format.

Step 1: Log in iCloud on the iPad.

Log in your iCloud account and go to Contacts or select any other file you want to share.

login iCloud and select files

Step 2: Export

Head to bottom and choose Settings. Select all and then click Export vCard.


export files iCloud

Step 3: Click Gmail

After you export, the data will get downloaded over your iPad in VCF format. Then, sign in to your Gmail account on the Android device. If you click on Gmail on the top left corner, given below will be Contacts. Click Contacts.

select files Gmail from iCloud

Step 4: Import

Click Import from the dropdown list. Go to VCF files that got saved on iCloud. In this manner, Gmail automatically syncs and saves all your contacts using the same account.

import iCloud files android

Part 5: Transfer files from iPad to Android with Dropbox

Dropbox is another free and simple app by which you can share or sync files and accesses them over the destination device. However, there are certain limitations to use the storage space. The app is free; however, you can’t start on it for more than 2GB of storage.

transfer files iPad

Step 1: Launch Dropbox app

At the very first step, download Dropbox on your iPad and create an account.

create account dropbox

Step 2: Set folders and create new files

Whether you are using Dropbox for the first time or are an old-time user, try to set up folders to upload files. To do this, simply tap on three dots given along the side, and you will be provided with Create New File and Create Folder.

create folder dropbox

Step 3: Upload photos

To upload photos, tap + icon on the screen's bottom and select the Upload Photos tab. Select the images and tap the folder on the side where you want to keep them. 

upload files dropbox

Similarly, you can upload various other kinds of files such as contacts, and audio, etc. on Dropbox. After you're done with uploading important files, sign in with the Android device.

Step 4: Select files to download

Go to three horizontal lines or the Menu button on the top left corner. Then, you can select individual files or an entire folder to upload.

download dropbox files android

Step 5: Export

On the side of a specific file or folder, tap three dots, and click Export. After it, select the location where you want to place it and click Save to Device.

export dropbox files android


Now, after we discussed all the five best methods, we are concluding our post with some practical advice. As you analyze the credibility, usage, and simplicity of each technique, it's better now to discuss our recommended pick and the reasons behind the top method preference. After reading all the steps, we decided to make MobileTrans – Phone Transfer our top priority. It’s super easy to transfer files from iPad to Android via this particular software as compared to other methods.

There are no limitations and complexity, as was experienced in other ways. Other factors we have considered in choosing our top software are user interface, few numbers of steps, and a high level of compatibility. You can also follow the same approach to select your favorite method and go for it worry-free. All our mentioned ways work great in practical scenarios and lets you do the task very quickly.

Good luck with transferring files!

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