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How to Transfer Music from iPod to Android with or without Computer

Axel Nash

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You must be excited with lots of Android music player knocking the entertainment platform with striking features. There are Android gadgets with built-in stereo speakers and Dolby Atoms. It sounds great! It is the perfect time to create your favourite playlist in your latest Android gadgets to discover fun beyond imagination.

How to transfer music from iPod to Android? This question strikes your mind after surfing through the benefits of Android gadgets related to the music player. There are several effective options available to carry out the transfer task optimally. It is your responsibility to pick the right fit which matches your needs without compromising on any factor.

Part 1: How to transfer music from iPod to android with one click

You must be surprised to read out the phrase 'one-click' in the above heading. Now your mind lingers with controversial thought regarding the transfer process just by a single click. Is that feasible? If so will it be reliable? All your bombarded questions find the perfect answers in the following illustration.

The MobileTrans – Phone Transfer from a renowned software developer firm Wondershare.

It is an eminent program which sorts out all issues regarding the data transfer process between the similar platform and cross-platform gadgets. This tool offers you with stunning functionalities during the transfer process.

You can expect uninterrupted transfer without any data loss at your desired destination gadgets. Check-in some of its incredible built-in features which serves the users with high standards

  • • One-click data transfer between gadgets with quick and swift outcomes.
  • • Perform optimally on cross-platform.
  • • Backup and restore apps and chats between your favourite smartphones.
  • • Supports social media apps like WhatsApp transfer in a precise manner.
  • • Effortless transfer procedure with easy to go illustration

Lightweight steps which ignite precise transfer of music files from iPod to Android

Step 1: Launch the program

Click the free download option at the official website of MobileTrans then follow the wizard carefully for successful download process.

Step 2: Intrude Phone Transfer feature

It is the perfect time to knock the tool icon to trigger the transfer process. In the first screen, you must select the 'Phone Transfer' feature and hit the button.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Connect the devices with computer

Next, connect iPod and Android with your PC with the help of USB cable. Make sure the gadgets are fixed in the right position. The iPod should be in the source side and the destination is the Android smartphone. If you find any issues in the gadget position then immediately tap the 'flip' option to rectify the controversies.

connected gadgets

Step 4: Select music files

Hit the desired data which requires a transfer between gadgets. In this illustration go for music files and tap the 'Start' button. You can find this button at the bottom right side of the screen.

start transfer

Step 5: Disconnect gadgets

The transfer process takes some time and you have to wait until the procedure completes successfully. Remove the gadgets safely from your PC and check out the new playlist in your Android. Enjoy your favourite tracks on Android music players with built-in stereo speakers.

Part 2. How to transfer music from iPod to android without computer

In case if you have no access to your PC and you want to accomplish the precise music transfer process from iPod to Android then follow the below two techniques

  • 1. Data import from iCloud
  • 2. Data transfer using OTG cable

How to transfer music from iPod to Android using the iCloud platform

Before starting the transfer process make sure to backup iOS data in the iCloud virtual storage without fail.

Step 1: Open MobileTrans - Copy data to android

In your Android device launch the program and select ' import from iCloud' option in the home screen. This option assists you to access the iCloud virtual storage from your Android gadget.

Galaxy S8 Right 3

Step 2: Enter Apple ID credentials

Log in to your Apple account to connect with your iCloud backup data. You have to enter the username and password for an error-free login process. Check in the desired data which requires the transfer process and import it from the iCloud backup to access the selected data in your Android gadget.

Galaxy S8 Right 4

How to transfer music from iPod to Android using OTG cable

Step 1: Launch the MobileTrans - Copy data to android

In your Android gadget, open MobileTrans app and select ' import from USB cable'.

Galaxy S8 Right 8

Step 2: Connect the gadgets

Make use of an OTG cable to connect gadgets with unique operating platforms. Connect the gadgets with utmost care because for a precise data transfer between the gadgets this connection plays a vital role. Then, select the desired data which needs a transfer and hit 'Start importing' button to trigger the transfer process.

Galaxy S8 Right 11


Therefore, to conclude the discussion on transfer process between cross-platform gadgets MobileTrans from Wondershare provides a comfortable space. Utilize this program to transfer music from iPod to Android without any issues.

You can handle this tool easily due to its concise and clear environment. This app has a surplus collection of online tutorials to guide newbie users to enjoy the maximum potential of this program.

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