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How To Know If Someone Blocked or Deleted You in LINE App?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Have you ever experienced something like when you message someone on LINE, but you don't get a reply in the end?

Your message seems to be completely ignored. Maybe you've been blocked by them on LINE, and you've wasted a lot of time contacting the person via LINE messages that will never be delivered to the target device. So, how do you know if someone blocked you? Theoretically, you'll never know if you're blocked on LINE because of LINE's privacy policy unless someone tells you the truth. But you can still take steps to explore the truth on your own.

In this article, we will explain the main signs you can confirm if you are blocked on LINE. Let's check it now!

who blocked me in LINE

Part 1: What Happens When You Are Blocked?

As a result of a problem, maybe your friend will block you on LINE. However, what does it look like when someone blocks you in LINE?

  • Unable to receive and send messages

To maintain privacy, LINE does not notify you that the person in question has been blocked. As a result, blocked contacts will still be able to write messages, but they will not be sent to you. Messages sent will only have a tick one.

When you block someone, you can't contact them on LINE either. If you want to send a message, a notification will appear that you must first unblock it.

After unblocking a contact, messages received while the account is blocked will not appear on the phone, and there is no way to display the message.

who blocked me in LINE

  • Can't see the latest status in the timeline

You cannot see that person's latest profile picture when someone blocks you. You will only see the last LINE profile picture before you are blocked. Otherwise, they will still be able to see your profile photo updates unless you block them as well.

The same thing happens to the status in the timeline. Their timeline will be hidden, while they will still be able to see your timeline changes. Meanwhile, blocking someone will hide your status updates from them and vice versa.

  • LINE Group

LINE group work is a little different from private chat. Group chats remain unaffected when you block someone. This means that you can see each other's messages in the group.

Part 2: 5 ways to know if someone blocked you in LINE on iPhone/Android

Maybe you just got blocked. Then, how do you know if someone blocked you? Here is the answer!

Method 1. Try to chat with them

who blocked me in LINE

The first thing how to know if you have been blocked on LINE is by trying to chat with them. If you are blocked on LINE, the characteristic feature is that chat messages are not read. However, remember that this first feature does not necessarily indicate that our contacts are blocked 100%.

We know that LINE has an interesting feature in the chat rooms. When the message has been read, a "Read" sign will appear on the left side of the chat that we sent.

So, there are three possibilities why the contact is not reading the chat message.

  • First, he is no longer active on the LINE.
  • Second, maybe he rarely replies or rarely opens LINE applications.
  • Third, your contact has been blocked.

If the contact is often active and responds quickly when replying to chat. But suddenly, our chats are never answered and even read. It could be that your contact line has been blocked.

Method 2. Called them

who blocked me in LINE

Maybe our chat was not answered because it was buried, or he was busy, and so on. Well, to know whether the line is blocked or not, you can make a call.

This is done so that the person knows that our chat has not been answered for a long time. He usually knows right away if he is busy and immediately answers calls or replies to chats.

However, if the call is never answered and there is no reading sign, it is almost certain that the contact has blocked your line account.

Method 3. Send Stickers or Themes on LINE

who blocked me in LINE

How to know if someone blocked you in LINE is by sending stickers or themes. This method is quite simple and easy to understand. However, for iOS users, the only stickers you can use are the free one. So if you don't have free stickers, you can consider sharing the LINE theme.

For Android users, both sending stickers and themes can be used to confirm whether you are blocked or not. However, sending stickers is considered more accurate than sending themes. Try to provide the latest LINE stickers (Preferably tested on Tuesday as new stickers will be released on that day), or consider providing an unpopular LINE theme. If the person already has a theme, you may have been blocked by that person on LINE.

Here are the steps to check if you have been blocked on LINE by sending a sticker for Android users.

  • Step 1. First, access the LINE chat of the person who may have blocked you, then pick 'Sticker Shop' from the small arrow in the upper right corner. 
  • Step 2. Then click 'Send as Gift'. You will get a 'Buy this Gift' notification if that person does not block you. Now you can feel free to send stickers to your friends or cancel them.
  • Step 3. On the other hand, if you get a notification that 'you can't give this sticker to this user because he already has it', you can suspect that he has the sticker or someone who just blocked you on LINE.

For Android and iOS users, follow the steps to check by submitting a theme on LINE.

  • Step 1. For iOS users, you can only test it by providing a theme. Find "Theme Store" on the settings menu, some themes will be listed here. Choose a theme and click 'Send as Gift'.
  • Step 2. You can successfully send a theme as a gift if you are not blocked and the person does not own the theme. Then send it to the intended person.
  • Step 3. You will get a message that 'He already has this theme' if the person has blocked you or already has the theme.

Method 4. Can't tag the Line contact

How do you know if someone blocked you? There is a powerful way to find out if a line is blocked by using the tag (mention) feature.

The way to tag or mention someone on the line is by typing the @ sign followed by the contact name you want to mention. You can do it in groups or the comments.

The contact should appear blue. Means you are not blocked. This is a problem when the contact tag appears, but the username does not display and is not blue. It's usually grayed out or the contact's username isn't clickable. That line friend, of course, has you blocked.

Method 5. Check the status of the contact line

who blocked me in LINE

We know that LINE has a timeline feature that allows users to update status in the form of text, photos or videos.

When a line friend does a status update or changes a profile photo, it will appear on our line account timeline. When your friends block you, you will definitely not see their status on timeline.

If he changes his profile photo, there is no update to the latest post on the timeline. It could be that you have been blocked.

In addition, you can check all the posts of the contact. If previously there was a post and it turns out that it doesn't exist at all, it is certain that you have been blocked from the LINE friends list.

Part 3: Bonus Tip -  How To Backup Line Chat?

To Backup Line Chat you can use the MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer software service by Wondershare. This device allows you to transfer LINE chat to your new phone easily and quickly. The tutorials are below;

  • Step 1: Open the MobileTrans program. Once you've seen the interface, go to the "Whatsapp Transfer" section and click the "Other Apps transfer" tab.

line transfer

  • Step 2: Connect your old iPhone to your computer via USB. Select the "LINE" tab from the drop-down menu. The UI will detect your phone when you choose the backup option.

line transfer

  • Step 3: MobileTrans will begin creating a backup of all of your LINE messages that are currently available.

line transfer

  • Step 4: Connect your new iOS phone to the computer and access the "Whatsapp Transfer" section, as in steps 2 and 3. "Restore" can be found by clicking on the LINE symbol. The UI will recognize the LINE chat backup and prompt you to choose your preferred choices.
  • Step 5: To begin the chat restoration procedure, click "Start" and wait to finish. Once MobileTrans has restored all of your files, it will alert you. That's it! Please check out the other 4 Ways to Back Up LINE Chat to learn about the many methods to back up LINE data if you want to change your phone.


These are answers to the question how do you know if someone blocked you. Many things can cause you to be blocked, ranging from personal problems with someone, system errors from the line and others. It's better to avoid this and obey all the line's rules.

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