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10 Tips to Use LINE Smartphone App Incredibly

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Line application, the response to WhatsApp by Japan's own informing application, is by all accounts making ponders in South Asia and a few different pieces of the world. Despite the fact that the month to month dynamic clients are on a lower side when contrasted with WhatsApp, this ought not to prevent you from downloading Line application. The line application comprises energizing highlights like Line Taxi, Line Mall, Line Wow (conveyances) and so forth.

Notwithstanding whether you've recently joined Line or you're a current client; from the sticker, game to improve the nature of the photographs you share, the rundown of tips and deceives I've arranged will assist you with benefiting from Line.

While the application exploded, there were a few highlights that weren't declared to each client and those tips and deceives are what we will talk about in this article. Likewise, a couple of stunts to improve your general intrigue to everybody in your Line contact list.

line messenger app

1. Hidden Chats

Shrouded Chats happen in a different 1-to-1 visit room from standard talks. Content and picture messages are sent in a safe state, and after the collector taps on the message, the substance may be shown for a pre-set measure of time. After that time limit is surpassed, the message will be erased consequently.

This element is ideal for sending messages containing touchy data or pictures that you just need the beneficiary to see.

  • • Hidden talks can't be utilized in bunch visits or multi-individual visits.
  • • Types of messages that can be sent – content, stickers, area information, contact data, and pictures. (Video messages, voice messages, snap motion pictures, collections, and notes can't be sent.
  • • A talk room will open as would be expected when the message shows up.
  • • After you tap the concealed message, the substance will show for the measure of time set by the sender of the message.
  • • After the clock closes, the message will be consequently erased.

Utilize Hidden Chats together with normal LINE visits to take advantage of your social experience!

line messenger app hidden chat

2. Password-Lock

On the off chance that concealing your visits isn't sufficient protection for you, you can include another layer of security by secret key bolting the application. That ought to demonstrate to dissuade even the most obstinate of snoops.

Go to Settings and afterward Privacy to empower Password Lock. Key in your four-digit code to take your Line visits to an uncrack-able level. In case you're on iOS, you can likewise empower Touch ID on Line. Be cautioned however that in the event that you ought to ever overlook your password, the best way to recuperate your record is to erase and reinstall the application. What's more, that will mean losing your visit history in the event that you've never sponsored it up. So possibly do this in case you're completely certain of always remembering your password.

line messenger passcode lock

3. The Sticker

With Line's stickers being the coolest element, discovering stickers you like is hard. Nonetheless, Line causes you to locate the ideal sticker for any event. Simply type the watchword into the content and Line will propose all stickers related to the catchphrase. Odds are you will find the ideal act out; choose and download your preferred sticker and act out away. In the computerized world, a few words are best communicated by means of emoji’s. Line stickers have your back with their magnificent sticker game.

line messenger app sticker

4. Send Stickers as Gift

Stickers are everything on Line. What's more, on the off chance that you have a companion who appreciates they as much as you do, fill his heart with joy by sending some as a blessing, so he'll have the option to pepper every one of your discussions with them forevermore.

Sadly, stickers can't be sent from the in-application sticker store any longer. You'll need to utilize your PC/Mac, sign into the Line Store, select the stickers, and afterward click Send as a Gift. Fun piece: you can likewise choose the character that will convey your stickers to give your companion a charming astonishment in his Line talk.

line messenger app send sticker as gift

5. Easily Create a Group

It becomes necessary to create a group to chat with two or more friends or colleagues. Tap Add friends option on the top of LINE app and select Create group. You can edit and name the group as you like.

line messenger create a group

6. Have a Massive Group Call

Having the option to call your companions by means of Line is old news; however, did you realize you could have a gathering call? Not news either? All things considered, what about the way that you can have one with up to 200 individuals if your squad is that enormous.

line messenger group call

Go to the visit with the gathering you need to call, hit the telephone symbol, and afterward start. Your companions will get the notice and when they tap the Join button, they're in. To maintain a strategic distance from disarray, the image of the individual who is talking will be set apart out so you can make out what their identity is.

7. Prevent Others from Adding you Automatically

Abhor it when somebody you don't generally realize ends up including you Line? There's a method to keep yourself from being added consequently and having to clumsily make sense of where you know the individual from.

Tap on More, Settings at the top, Friends and incapacitate Allow Others to Add. So regardless of whether they have your telephone number, they'll need to send a solicitation that you can don't hesitate to acknowledge or lie about never getting proudly. On the off chance that you need to be significantly increasingly subtle, head to Privacy at that point cripple Allow Others to Add by ID, so you get the chance to be the snake rather than the additional.

line messenger add friends automatically

8. Shake To Add

One of the coolest Line highlights is "Shake it!" since it enables you to immediately include an individual by shaking the telephone. For this to work, you and your companion should be close and have the GPS or Location Services turned on.

To utilize this strategy, tap progressively (three specks), select Add companions, and afterward tap "Shake it!" Now, you and your companion need to tap the screen or, obviously, shake the telephones. Your contact names will show up on one another's screens and you should both tap Add.

line messenger shake it together

9. The New Way to Blog

We all offer musings and posts with our loved ones. Line has a committed course of events where you can see posts that are shared by your companions. You should simply swipe left and see the posts shared by your companions.

This is fundamentally your Timeline where you share media, likewise, start a discussion on what you've posted. Like how Facebook works; these presents are open on the remark, as and share.

Be sure and double check what you post as the wise man once said: “You are what you post”.

line messenger new way to blog

10. Photo Quality

The majority of us might want to share our photographs at its best, while some would like to spare their information and offer low-quality photographs. Indeed, with Line, you have the decision of top-notch photograph sharing or sparing information by sharing low-quality photographs. You won't locate this decision in other informing applications.

This stunt will assist you with sparing your information while additionally empowering you to share your media all the more advantageously. This element lets you pack your record and spare your information. Line additionally includes customization for Image Auto-Download and Auto-Play Videos. You can choose downloads to be just by means of Wi-Fi and spare your telephone information.

line messenger change picture quality

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