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How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Samsung S24

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Samsung is bringing in its most powerhouse smartphone ever in the form of Samsung Galaxy S24, housing massive camera profile, lenses and software augmented with AI technology. Now, if you’re upgrading your existing Samsung phone with S24, what will happen to the photos on your older phone? No need to worry, here we’ll provide a comprehensive guide for you to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung S24.

Part 1: How to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung S24 with one click

Wondershare is delivering cutting-edge software solutions for all kinds of problems, serving its massive worldwide consumer base and diverse markets. The MobileTrans - Phone Transfer can help you answer the question of how to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung. And not just that the tool can transfer data between different operating systems, backup phone data and restore that backup, everything in just a few clicks.


  • • Supports 6000+ devices and every kind of mobile operating system in use. From Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • • Supports transfer of videos, photos, messages, contacts, documents and every other file type.
  • • Perform backup onto your computer and restore from that backup.
  • • Supports Windows operating system as well as macOS and all the major mobile operating systems.

Here is a vieo tutorial, you can watch it firstly.

Step 1: First download and install the MobileTrans – Phone Transfer tool on your computer system either macOS or Windows machine.

Step 2: Open the application, you’ll be presented with diverse features. You need to go to the “Phone Transfer” option on the screen.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Connect both the Samsung smartphones to your computer via data cables. The software will automatically recognize the devices connected and show their details on the tool window i.e. operating system, model no, and name. There’s a “Flip” button in the middle of the software screen that lets you swap and select the source and destination of the data transfer. Select your older Samsung phone as a destination and the new Samsung Galaxy S24 as the destination.

phone transfer ios to android 01

Here you’ll also be shown all the content available to be transferred from one Samsung device to another Samsung.

Step 4: As you only want your photos to be transferred, select all the photos in the selection pane. After the selection press the “Start” button. Be warned not to disconnect the devices during the transfer process as it might damage the files being transferred. The photos are almost on your new Galaxy S24.

There’s another option available for the destination device – “Clear data before copy”, which cleans everything from the destination device and makes room for all the pictures coming through.

phone transfer ios to android 02

The number of photos will determine the time it takes to transfer all the files. Overall the software is robust and efficient in transferring large amounts of data with virtually no difficulty. The process for getting all your images on your new device is swift and straightforward, all thanks to the powerhouse MobileTrans tool by Wondershare.

Part 2: How to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung S24 with one Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a great way to wirelessly transfer photos from one mobile device to another without needing any inbuilt or third-party app and without incurring any data charges. To establish the Bluetooth connection among smartphones just enable Bluetooth and make it visible for other devices in proximity, then send the desired photos.

Step 1: On both the Samsung devices turn on Bluetooth and pair them. Open “Settings” on your Samsung smartphone.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20

Step 2: Now go to the “Connections” tab and turn on Bluetooth with the toggle button.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20

Step 3: Pair both the Samsung devices to each other to transfer photos from the old phone to the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20

Step 4: Once the two Samsung devices are paired, go to your internal storage via the “My Files” app on the old Samsung device and select the photos to be transferred to the Galaxy S24.

Part 3: How to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung S24 with Smart Switch

The lavish new Samsung Galaxy S24 is all pompous but only one thing is missing from the equation and that’s your personal photos that you’ve collected over the years in your old Samsung phone and now you can’t lose them though still want to perform the transition to a new device. Samsung Smart Switch allows you to transfer all your photos without any problem to your new Galaxy S24 smartphone. We’ll go through the steps involved for you to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung in a straightforward way.

Step 1: On every new Samsung device the Smart Switch app comes preinstalled but in any case you don’t find it in your old Samsung phone you can download it from the play store. Now open the Smart Switch app on your last phone and if prompted, agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and allow all permissions. Now press the “Send data” button.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 4

Step 2: Here you’ll be presented with two options for connecting the two Samsung smartphones, either wired or wireless. Though we’ll go with the wireless method the wired one is pretty much the same with one change that you’ll have to connect both the mobiles using a data cable. Press the “Wireless” button on the screen.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 5

As soon as you press the wireless button, your device will begin the search for any nearby devices running the Smart Switch application.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 6

Step 3: Promptly open the Smart Switch app on your Samsung S24 and connect both your devices. On the new device enter ‘Yes’ when prompted to connect the two devices.

Step 4: Once both the devices are connected, you will get the option to select what you want to transfer to your new device. Select all the images and press the “Send” button to start transferring pictures from Samsung to Samsung device. The pictures will be transferred right away to your Galaxy S24 phone.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 7

Step 5: Finally press the “Receive” button when prompted on the new Samsung device to receive the photos.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 8

That’s all you need to do here. Samsung has refined and simplified the process of how to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung devices. The procedure is pretty simple, and you just need to select the content you want to share with your new Samsung device.

Part 4: How to transfer photos from Samsung to Samsung S24 with Dropbox

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage solution that enables you to upload your data onto your cloud profile and access it anywhere and at any time. The service is so ubiquitous that it’s being offered on almost every platform and the automatic uploading feature from the phone makes it a very good option for securing and sharing photos among multiple devices.

Step 1: Open the Dropbox app on your old Samsung device and tap the “Menu” icon on the top-left corner of the screen, a pane will slide out from the left edge.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 9

Step 2: Now press the “Settings” button, then scroll down to the “Features” section and you’ll see “Camera uploads” which is off for now. We need to turn it on to share our mobile photos onto the cloud. Tap the camera uploads button.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 10

Step 3: In the Camera uploads window you’ll be presented with all the settings for uploading photos and videos on your Dropbox cloud account. Make sure you press the toggle button for “Camera uploads” to upload photos in your personal Dropbox automatically. You can also upload video files with the “Video upload” option which I’ve enabled in the screenshot. You can opt for using cellular data for uploading your photos onto your account, which will cost you substantially.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s20 11

Step 4: Here another option concerns the battery consumption on uploading the photos. You can choose only to upload while the phone is charging or set the minimum limit for the background upload to run.

transfer photos from samsung to samsung s11 12

Dropbox camera upload is a good way to ensure your photos and videos automatically get uploaded and saved on the cloud storage without requiring any input from you other than the one-time setup of the settings.


MobileTrans is definitely the most advanced and straightforward method available to transfer photos from one Samsung device to a new Samsung Galaxy S24. The tool is filled with superior features that enable you to perform the transfer in a much swifter and easier manner. It also supports every image format to be transferred and no restriction on the amount of data with high transfer rates.

Moreover, this amazing tool is proficient in backing up your smartphone data onto the computer system, in case you ever need to restore it. The only lagging part of this professional software is that you’ll only be able to utilize its advanced features after purchasing the full version.

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