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Samsung File Transfer For Mac: Every Possible Method

Axel Nash

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It is common to store your files from your smartphone to your computer, as smartphones have limited storage. So, if you have a Samsung phone and want to transfer your device data to your Mac, knowing the easy way for Samsung file transfer to Mac is a must.

To help you transfer your Samsung files to a Mac, we have explained different methods for data transfer in this article. Unlike iPhones, Android devices cannot transfer data to Mac via AirDrop, but they can use alternative tools to do that. It's also possible to send messages from Android to Mac.

Read this article to the end to learn how to transfer files from Samsung to Mac.

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Solution 1: The Best Tool of Samsung File Transfer for Mac

Wondershare MobileTrans is the best data transfer tool for Android file transfer from Samsung to Mac. It offers the easiest and quickest way to transfer data between Samsung and MacBook. You can transfer over 18 types of phone data to your Mac without any issues. If you have important photos on your Samsung device, you can back them up on your Mac for free.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

  • • It allows you to easily transfer data between your phone and your computer. You can transfer photos, videos, messages, etc., directly between your phone and computer.
  • • The Backup & Restore feature of MobileTrans allows you to easily create your Samsung device's backup on your Mac and restore it later to any device.
  • • You can also use it to directly transfer data between two smartphones with ease.
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Prominent Features of MobileTrans

Steps to Use MobileTrans for Samsung File Transfer

It offers a simple procedure to transfer your data from Samsung to Mac. The steps for data transfer are following:

Step 1: Connect Your Samsung Phone to MacBook

Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to the Mac and open MobileTrans on your Mac. After that, access the "Phone Transfer" tab from the top toolbar and select the "Export to Computer" module.

connect your samsung phone to macbook

Step 2: Choose the Samsung Data to Transfer

It will lead you to a screen with your Samsung data. Here, you can choose the data you want to transfer to the MacBook. Next, hit the "Export" button to start the export process after the data selection is finalized.

choose the samsung data to transfer

Step 3: Complete the Samsung to Mac Transfer Process

Don't move or touch your Samsung device during the data transfer process. If the process is interrupted, your data can get damaged or lost. The program will let you know once the data transfer is complete.

complete the samsung to mac transfer


  • You can freely select the data you want to transfer when using MobileTrans for data transfer.
  • The process is smooth and fast, and time-saving. It transfers your data in a matter of minutes.
  • It also offers other features like WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore, Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages, Playlist Transfer, etc.


  • You are required to connect your phone to your computer for data transfer.

Solution 2: Use Android File Transfer for Samsung to Mac Transfer

Android File Transfer is a handy option when looking for how to transfer data from Samsung to MacBook. It is the official app developed by Google to transfer data from Android devices to Mac. The app is needed as Mac doesn't allow the data transfer by just using a USB cable like Windows. The steps to use Android File Transfer are given below:

Step 1: Install and launch the Android File Transfer app on your Mac and open it. Connect your Samsung device to your Mac via USB. You will see a pop-up notification "Charging via USB" tap it and select "Transfer Files."

enable the transfer files option

Step 2: On your Mac, you will see a window with all your files on your Samsung device. Navigate to your targeted files and transfer them to Mac using the drag-and-drop method. Do that until all the targeted files have been transferred.

transfer data using android file transfer


  • It is the official app of Google, that's why it is lightweight and free to use for data transfer.
  • This app is compatible with every Android device and provides secure data transfer.


  • The data needs to be transferred manually as you can't copy/paste the data.
  • App's interface needs to be updated and can be confusing for new users to use.

Solution 3: How To Transfer Files From Samsung to Mac via Smart Switch

You can use the official data transfer app of Samsung, the Smart Switch, as an answer for how to transfer files from Samsung to Mac. It transfers the data inside your Samsung device as a backup to your Mac. Your macOS needs to be Mac OS X® 10.9 or later for Smart Switch to work. Following are the steps required for using Smart Switch as a transfer method:

Step 1: Use the App Store to download and install Smart Switch on your Mac and open it. Connect your Samsung device to the MacBook and press "Allow" on your Samsung device.

hit the allow button

Step 2: Once the program detects the device, tap "Backup" on Smart Switch. It will open a screen with different categories of data that can be backed up.

use the backup option

Step 3: Choose the Samsung device data you want to transfer to your Mac and press "OK" to start the process. Depending on the data size, it can take a while to complete the process.

select the data to backup


  • It is the official app by Samsung and is completely free to use.
  • You can use this app to back up and restore your Samsung device's data.


  • The app only works for Samsung devices and can't be used for other Android devices.
  • It has very limited functionalities when it comes to data transfer, such as you cannot transfer data to non-Galaxy devices.

Solution 4: How To Transfer Data From Samsung to MacBook Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an in-built function in all Mac and Samsung devices and can be used to share different types of files between two devices. Though it is not recommended if you have large data to transfer, it can be your last hope if there is no other way. The steps required to transfer Samsung to Mac are following:

Step 1: You will need to enable Bluetooth on your MacBook and your Samsung device. Bluetooth can be enabled on the Samsung device using the "Quick Access" menu or "Connections" in the device's Settings. The device visibility for Bluetooth should be set to everyone.

enable your samsung bluetooth

Step 2: Move to your MacBook and access the "System Settings." Tap on "Bluetooth" from the left sidebar and enable Bluetooth. When your Samsung device appears in available devices, select and pair it with MacBook.

turn on the bluetooth

Step 3: Now press "General" from the left sidebar and enable "Bluetooth Sharing" in the "Sharing" settings. Select the file you want to transfer on your Samsung device and press "Share." After choosing Bluetooth as sharing method, select your MacBook to transfer the file.

activate bluetooth sharing option


  • The method doesn't require downloading or installing any app on your Samsung device or Mac.
  • It is a wireless way to transfer files and is an easy-to-follow transfer method.


  • The Bluetooth transfer has a very slow speed and can take ages if you need to transfer large files.
  • Your Samsung device and your MacBook needs to be near each other for Bluetooth transfer to work.

Final Thoughts

After going through all methods for Samsung Android file transfer to Mac, it is clear that Wondershare MobileTrans is the best data transfer tool. It provides faster data transfer, supports a wider range of devices, and has a straightforward transfer process. Aside from transferring Samsung files to Mac, it also provides phone transfer, WhatsApp Transfer, and many other valuable features.

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