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WhatsApp Business Catalogue 101:Ultimate Guide

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Are you aware of WhatsApp business catalogue? From the term, you may predict that it must be a WhatsApp feature related to business processing. The WhatsApp catalogue digitalizes your product marketing at the online platform. The WhatsApp permits the business users to share their product catalogues to the target customers at one shot effortlessly. The product catalogue comprises of images, price tags, features of the product etc. This platform assists the entrepreneurs to connect with their customers round the clock. Using this functionality, the customers can surf through their favourite goods without travelling to the stores. This type of transformation seems to be interesting and you can scroll down to discover related information on WhatsApp catalogue.

whatsapp business catalogue 1

Part 1: What is WhatsApp business catalogue?

You must be familiar with a normal business catalogue comprising of product images, description, features, price tags, offer details etc. WhatsApp provides a platform to digitalize these details and send it to the target customers by a single click. The WhatsApp product Catalogue serves as a mobile storefront for the vendors to display their goods in the online mode for their valuable customers. The buyers access the goods at their comfort zone without stepping into the product stores. It is a convenient way of shopping and boosts up the sales rate in a short span. This WhatsApp feature is available in most countries worldwide. The vendors can attract many customers beyond boundaries through their stunning business catalogues

whatsapp business catalogue 2

Part 2: How do you create a WhatsApp business catalogue?

After going through the above content, you must be enthusiastic to learn about the making of this business catalogue for the cyber platform. Fewer clicks are sufficient to complete the WhatsApp Business Catalogue creation procedure. Carefully read out the steps below which directs for the skilful making of business catalogue

Step 1: In your gadget, unlock the screen and open the WhatsApp Business app. You have to tap the three vertical dotted line to view the ‘Settings’ screen

whatsapp business catalogue 3

Step 2: In the ‘Settings’ window follow the wizard ‘Business Settings -> Catalogue’. If you want to create a new catalogue then hit ‘Add Product or Service’ option.

whatsapp business catalogue 4

whatsapp business catalogue 5

Step 3: To insert the images into this product catalogue you have to tap the ‘Plus’ icon displayed at the bottom right side of the screen and hit ‘Add Images’

whatsapp business catalogue 6

A pop-up window assists you to browse the images in the local drives. Go to the Gallery section and upload the product images depending on your requirement. You can add 10 images at a time.

Step 4: Then, add captions to the products and similarly, you can upload the product description, price tags etc for each item in the list.

whatsapp business catalogue 7

Finally, click the ‘Save’ button to create an attractive WhatsApp product catalogue to connect with the customers.

The above steps give you a detailed illustration of product catalogues creation procedure. It is enough if you follow the guidelines properly for successful results.

Part 3: How do you share WhatsApp business catalogue?

After the successful creation of WhatsApp product catalogue, the next step is to figure out optimum ways to share the catalogues with valuable customers. You can either send the product details to individual customers on the WhatsApp platform or connect with the group of individuals through group chat environment.

For an individual customer, you can share the WhatsApp business catalogue by selecting the appropriate options as discussed below

Step 1: It is time to unlock your phone and open the WhatsApp Business app.

whatsapp business catalogue 8

Step 2: Then, you have to open the chat environment of any individual customer on your WhatsApp address book and attach the catalogue by tapping ‘Attachment icon’, which appears near the text field. Next, hit ‘Catalogue’ to link the product file with this chat platform.

whatsapp business catalogue 9

Step 3: Choose the service or product you want to share and finally hit the ‘Send’ button.

whatsapp business catalogue 10

If you want to share the products on a catalogue to many individuals or group of people on WhatsApp platform then try out the below steps

Step 1: Open your gadget and tap ‘WhatsApp Business app’ icon

whatsapp business catalogue 8

Step 2: Next, hit the three vertical dots at the top right side of the screen and it directs to the ‘Settings’ window.

whatsapp business catalogue 3

Step 3: Then go to ‘Settings -> Business Settings -> Catalogue’.

whatsapp business catalogue 4

Step 4: Here you must choose the required catalogues or products in the catalogues to share and click the ‘Send’ button.

whatsapp business catalogue 11

Step 5: Surf through the WhatsApp address book and select the individual customers or group chats. At last, press the ‘Send’ button to forward the selected data.

whatsapp business catalogue 12

Part 4: Tips and Tricks when using business catalogue

Using the WhatsApp Business Catalogue, you can reach out to your desired customers despite distances. During the chat with the customers, the business owners can insert media and select a particular product from the catalogue for discussion. This platform emphasizes effective communication with the shoppers and enhances the sales rate precisely.

The customers can access the browser history to refer their interested products later avoiding annoying moments. This type of access triggers the shoppers to make unlimited shopping. The WhatsApp product catalogue displays the products in an organized way for easy access.

The vendors can connect with the shoppers round the clock clarifying their queries related to the products immediately. The business users can make use of the different file formats like videos, GIF, PDF, voice recording etc to connect with the customers flawlessly.

The chatbot feature on WhatsApp Business API platform assists the business users to attend the common queries of the customers quickly. The users should program the bot with common questions related to the products. This bot welcomes the customers and provides an immediate response to them in an effective way.

There are options at this WhatsApp platform to integrate the business links through social media. This feature provides worldwide exposure to your business processing. The WhatsApp Web functionality permits the business users to respond to a huge number of questions quickly at a time. It is impossible to answer many questions manually via phone or any electronic devices. This type of set up enhances business users to establish reliable communication with their valuable customers.

whatsapp business catalogue 13


It is the perfect time to digitalize your business marketing strategy on the WhatsApp platform using WhatsApp business catalogue. The business users can easily connect and reach out to the target audience through this reliable network. The vendors can set up a virtual store on this incredible environment and boost up the sales rate in no time. Hurry up and create a WhatsApp business product catalogue to become a successful entrepreneur amidst the competitive market. Utilize this communication app effectively and enjoy consistent success in the business processing.

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