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9 Key Differences and Comparison - WhatsApp Group vs. WhatsApp Business Broadcast

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp has become an integral part of our lives, not only for personal communication but also for business-related. If you are already using or planning to use WhatsApp for your business the two most commonly used features that you will come across are – WhatsApp Group and WhatsApp Business Broadcast.

Now, just like a lot of other people, you must be thinking these two are the same thing? No, they are not, so now you must be wondering what’s the difference? The difference is not one but many, and this topic will let you all the key differences in detail. Let's dive into it.

9 Key differences between WhatsApp group and WhatsApp business broadcast 

First things first, let's start with what these two features are all about. WhatsApp Business Group likes any other WhatsApp group where multiple people can be added to chat with one another. This feature works like a chat room where all the members of the group can share files and chat with each other. All the conversation in the group is visible to all the members.

WhatsApp Business Broadcast is a feature where private messages can be sent to multiple people at a time. Similar to a WhatsApp group, you need to create a Broadcast group where multiple people can be added (without anyone knowing who else is in the group) and the messages sent to the recipients of this group receive them as a private message. 

Now moving further, let's discuss the key differences between these two groups to have a better insight. We have also compared the difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp.

1. Features

WhatsApp Group: Chatting and having a discussion with multiple people at a time. All the members of the group can discuss and talk with each other. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: Sending a similar message to multiple people at the same time as a private message. The members of the broadcast list do not know who else are the members of the list.

2. People Limitation

WhatsApp Group: There is a limitation of adding a maximum of 256 people in a WhatsApp group. If there are more people, you will need to create another group. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: There is no limitation to the number of people who can be added to a WhatsApp business broadcast. 

3. Message Sender

WhatsApp Group: In a WhatsApp Group, any member of the group can send a message to the group and these messages are visible to all other members.  

Note: Though there is a setting where only Admin can send the message. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: Only the person who has created a broadcast list can send messages. These messages are sent as one-to-one chat and if there is any reply, they will appear on the chat window of that person. Click here to head to our in-depth creating and customizing WhatsApp broadcast guide.

4. Message receiver

WhatsApp Group: All the people added to a WhatsApp group will receive the messages sent. Everything in the group can be accessed by all the members irrespective of whether they are saved to your address book or not. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: These messages can only be received by the people who are present in your address book, else the messages will not reach them. If any recipient has added you or removed you from their address book it will not be revealed by WhatsApp. You can though check that your messages are not received by some people through your delivered list. 

5. Chat History

WhatsApp Group: The messages in a WhatsApp group are not saved automatically, but if you need to save any particular message, you can mark it with a star. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: The messages sent through a broadcast group in the WhatsApp list will automatically save as one-to-one chat history.

6. Participants Reply

WhatsApp Group: The reply by any one of the members in a WhatsApp group is visible and goes to all the participants of the group. These messages appear in the group window itself.

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: The messages through a broadcast list are delivered as private chat. All the members of the list receive all the messages on their personal chat window and their reply also appear on a personal chat. 

7. People Exit

WhatsApp Group: Any member of the group can leave and exit the group whenever he wants and all the other members will come to know about it as well. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: A person on a broadcast list cannot leave or exit the list as such. Though, if the recipient does not want to get your messages, they can remove you from their address book, and then the broadcast list messages will not be delivered to them. 

8. Feature Using Occasion

WhatsApp Group: When group discussion is needed, a WhatsApp group works as the best option. Using this feature, multiple people can chat, communicate, and share their experiences with the other members. All the messages and media files shared over a WhatsApp group are accessible by all the members. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: A WhatsApp business broadcast list works best when you need to send share some important information, notices, reminders, and files to multiple people. There are high chances of important information being getting lost into multiple messages of a group and thus a broadcast list works best. Moreover, when you do not want the people in the group to know who are the other people in the group, broadcast message WhstaApp works best.

9. Advantages of WhatsApp Group and WhatsApp Business Broadcast

WhatsApp Group: A discussion involving opinions, suggestions, and views of multiple people can be done using a WhatsApp group. Information to multiple people can be sent at a time. 

WhatsApp Business Broadcast: There are high chances that important information may get lost or missed by several people among hundreds of messages. Here broadcast list works as the best option as messages are sent directly to the recipient chat. Moreover, when you do not want to reveal who all are there is a group, the broadcast list is just the right tool. Some other benefits of using the feature include creating a personal connection with the recipient, better one-to-one communication, working as an excellent marketing tool, and more. 

Final Words: a must-have tool for WhatsApp and WhatsApp business

So, now when you thoroughly know what is WhatsApp groups and WhatsApp Business broadcast group and the major differences between them, choose the right method depending on your requirements, types of members/recipients, and other features.  For business and professional purposes, WhatsApp broadcast for business is a good choice.

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