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How to Create WhatsApp Group

Written By Axel Nash |

Whatsapp is an online-messaging app that not only lets you text anyone in the world but also lets you make audio and video calls. You can talk to your loved ones who are overseas or have meetings with business groups that belong to different countries.

However, if you want to communicate with more than two people at a time, then the WhatsApp group is one of the best options. Whatsapp works more or less the same in both Android and iPhone devices. But you need to be aware of a few changes if you want to navigate certain features.

This article will teach you how to create a WhatsApp group on both Android and iOS devices.

Part 1: How to create a WhatsApp Group on Android?

The process to create a Whatsapp Group on an Android device is slightly different from what you’d do in an iPhone. However, both of them are very easy to understand. Whatsapp has the same format on all smartphones but the difference arises because of the models of the phone and their software design.

Nevertheless, without going into the details of the techno-designing, these steps will help you get what you want. This is how to make Whatsapp Group on your Android model -

Step 1: You need to go to the settings option on Whatsapp. You will find this in the top-right corner of your WhatsApp display. There will be three vertical dots that you need to select.


Step 2: From the options that you can see, click on the "New Group" option, that is, the first one on the list that shows up on your screen.


Step 3: Now whatsapp will display the names of everyone who is part of your contacts. Select those ones that you want in the group. You simply have to tap on each name and a green tick will appear next to their names.


Step 4: Then click on "OK" and you will be directed to the next page. There you are supposed to enter the name of your group. Depending upon the purpose of your group, choose an appropriate name and proceed. Remember that you can only enter a specific number of characters under the name of your group.


Step 5: You can leave it at that or add a profile picture to your group. To add a profile picture, click on the camera icon next to the group name and choose an image from the gallery and click on the tick icon to proceed.


Part 2: How to create a WhatsApp Group on iPhone?

iPhones are always scorned upon for their complex designs but no one can deny that they are highly safe against security threats. When you are planning to make a WhatsApp group on your iPhone, you will be repeating some of the steps from the Android model but the process is not exactly the same.

Step 1: Go click on the WhatsApp icon on your iPhone and all your conversations will display on the screen. At the bottom of the page, click on the chat option. It is the fourth option from the left.


Step 2: On the top right corner of the page, you will see the ‘New Group’ option. Click on that.


Whatsapp will ask you permission to let it access your contacts. Approve the necessary permissions to proceed. The list of all your contacts will display on the screen. If someone is not having a WhatsApp account, their names will also be displayed along with an ‘Invite’ option next to their names. You can choose to invite them or ignore them.

Step 3: Once you tap on the names of those people you want on the group, a blue tick will appear next to their names.

Step 4: Now you can add a name to your group and also a Group icon/ group profile picture and then proceed to finalize everything. In case you want to change them in the future, that is possible too.


That’s how you make your own groups on Android or iPhone. However, if you’ve already made your group and want to add more people to it, that is possible too. You have to go to the Group Info option that is available on both the phones > Add Participants and Click on the Tick to proceed. New people will be added to the existing group. But you also need to remember that you should be the ‘Admin’ of the group to remove or add someone to the group. People can choose to exit these groups on their own too.

This is where other apps like Telegram and Signal are different. Telegram lets you add anyone to a group as long as you have their contact on your phone. This is similar to how it works on Whatsapp. But Signal leaves the choice to the ones who are being added to the group. You need to send an invite link to them even if they are in your contacts. Only after they accept it, you will be able to add them to your groups. Users can’t help but see this as a very effective security move because WhatsApp lets absolutely anybody add you to groups you don’t want to be a part of.

How to make someone a group admin?

A Whatsapp Group Admin has unrestricted rights to make changes to the group activity, add or remove participants, change the group icon or in some cases, even restrict other group participants from leaving any messages in the group. They can even make other people co-admins and remove them from the position if they see fit.

These are the simple steps that will clear the air about how to make group admin on Whatsapp.

Step 1: If you are using an iPhone, hold the group in the Chats tab until the ‘more options’ choice pops up on the screen. Click on it and go for Group Info.


Step 2: There you can tap on any member’s name and make them the Group Admin. In case you do not want someone as the group admin, you can tap on any admin’s name and remove them as admin.


Step 1: Almost the same thing works on an Android device as well. In the case of Android, open the group chat and click on the vertical three-dots on top of the page.


Step 2: Then select ‘Group Info’ and the list of participants will display. Tap on the name and either make them the admin or remove them as an admin.

To remove someone as an admin, you have to be one of the admins in that group.


Part 3: How to invite people to join WhatsApp Group?


So far we have seen how to add someone to the Whatsapp group. All these people were existing contacts on your phone and you were easily able to add them to a group that you’ve created for them. In case you want to invite them with a link to join your group, then this is how you do it.

You will find the ‘Invite using a link’ option in the Group Info section. The process to access the group info is the same as what we had discussed previously. Once you click on the Invite using the link option, the app displays the names of your contacts. You can send the link by choosing the members and proceeding. You can also forward the link to others by forwarding it from individual chats of people to whom you’ve already sent the link. They can share the link too.

If you’ve been wondering how to create a WhatsApp group link all this while, you don’t have to do it at all. Whatsapp does that for you.

Part 4: How safe is WhatsApp?

When you are planning to have business conversations on the platform, you should be sure that it is completely safe to do so. By safe, we mean that your information should be secure and secretive. With the new privacy policy and the doubts surrounding Whatsapp, there has been a debate about the authenticity of the app and several people questioned its transparency.

One thing is for sure - Whatsapp doesn’t have access to your chats because every chat, including group chats, are end to end encrypted. However, there is a small glitch here. When you backup your data to the cloud, it is no longer encrypted and Whatsapp can access your chats if it wants to. Though, being thorough professionals, they shouldn’t do or encourage such activities.

Other apps like Signal are much safer. They do not access data even when you back it up and your conversations and files remain encrypted no matter what. So, if security is your top priority, Whatsapp may not be your first choice. And after reading this, if you plan on leaving WhatsApp behind, we have a few tricks under our sleeve to save your data. Read the next section to know about the perfect third-party applications that will help you transfer and secure your data.

Part 5: How to save your WhatsApp data?

We will be discussing two apps that have similar functions but serve their purpose in different situations. First, we will be talking about MobileTrans that will help you transfer your WhatsApp data to a PC or Desktop.

Step 1: Download the MobileTrans application from the official website and launch it on your computer. You just have to follow the Prompts and the application will open up for you.

Step 2: Now, you will find several options on the screen. If you go for Whatsapp Transfer, you can shift all your WhatsApp chats, audio and video files, any documentation or images to your PC/Laptop.


Step 3: Connect your phone to the desktop/PC and the application will detect it. Select all the files that you want to be transferred and click on proceed.

transfer messages whatsapp android to ios

Step 4: Wait for the process to happen and do not interrupt the transfer. Once the "Process Complete" prompt appears on the screen, you can disconnect your phone.

If you only plan to charge your phones, that is, you bought a new iPhone and you want to shift your data from the old Android to the new device, you can use Wutsapper. You only need a cable to connect both the phones and you can initiate the transfer.

How to use Wutsapper?

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone

If you are planning to transfer your WhatsApp data from one phone to another, this is how you do it. Here, this is an example explaining how you can shift data from Android to iPhone. You have to download Wutsapper and then proceed with these steps.

Step 1: You need to have a USB OTG adapter. You have to connect your Android phone with your iPhone (the one that you want to transfer the data to) using the cable and then authorize it. So, collect this first.

Step 2: Then click on the chat backup option on your Android phone. This will gather all your previous Whatsapp conversations and data files. Tap on "Complete" once it has done.

Step 3: The Wutsapper application that is on your phone will quickly detect the transfer files that have backed up on your Android device. So, now, it creates the process to transfer it.

Step 4: Several series of prompts will appear on the screen to help you with the transfer. Agree to them, follow the instructions and your files will be transferred to the other device (iPhone).

transfer whatsapp business between android and iphone


People also ask about how to create a WhatsApp group without adding contacts. Without adding anyone to your contacts, you can send them the invite link either through email or through another social media app. With the COVID-19 taking over the world, online conversations through Whatsapp groups are the wisest option for businesses and families too.

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