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How to Delete WhatsApp Account

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

WhatsApp is the world's most widely used instant messaging service, and it achieved this status by offering a largely seamless onboarding and usage experience. But what if you decide to cease using WhatsApp?

Yes, there are a few solid reasons you may want to delete your WhatsApp account.

  • WhatsApp may ask you to break end-to-end encryption - not secure.
  • WhatsApp tracks the usage of your apps.
  • WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook.
  • WhatsApp wants information on your saved contacts.

The above reasons make WhatsApp somewhat insecure, and you may want to move to other more secure apps.

Fortunately, you do not need to worry, as you can delete your WhatsApp account permanently in one of the simplest ways possible. However, note that you will have to create a whole new WhatsApp account once you delete your existing one.

So, here is all you require to delete your WhatsApp account permanently.

delete whatsapp

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Part 1: What Happens When a WhatsApp Account is Deleted?

Are you aware of what happens when a WhatsApp account is deleted? If not, here are some events post-WhatsApp deletion.

  • The local backups on your Android phone will remain even when all your WhatsApp backups delete from Google Drive or iCloud.
  • If you formed a WhatsApp group, another member would take over as admin, and you would get kicked out of all the groups you joined.
  • You will lose your WhatsApp chat history even after you reactivate your account.
  • Account deletion will remove your contact information with your friends.
  • Your WhatsApp profile photo will vanish.
  • Your photographs and videos from WhatsApp would get destroyed if you didn't save them on your phone.
  • After deleting your WhatsApp account, the history of your payments would delete.
  • Although they cannot send you new messages, your pals can still access the prior chats you had with them.
  • My friends will not know if I deleted my WhatsApp account.
  • Before deleting the WhatsApp account, you might still receive messages from your pals.
  • For 90 days, your private WhatsApp data will remain on a Facebook server you cannot access.

Part 2: Backup Your WhatsApp before Deactivating WhatsApp Account

You can lose both iCloud and Google Drive backup because, in the course, all messages will get wiped out. Thus, it is essential to back up your WhatsApp data on a PC using a third-party app before deleting a WhatsApp account permanently.

Try MobileTrans if you're seeking a hassle-free, one-click way to back up WhatsApp without using iCloud or Google Drive. It offers several features, including WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Kik, and Viber, with seamless backup and restores functionality. Not only that it helps to back up your WhatsApp messages, but the program can also send your WhatsApp data directly from one device to another (even between iOS and Android).

So, use MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer before deactivating your WhatsApp account to avoid losing social data.

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To carry out WhatsApp message backup using MobileTrans, before deleting your WhatsApp account, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans on your computer

Launch MobileTrans first, then select "Backup & Restore" from the menu on the left. .

launch mobiletrans

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or Android phone to a computer.

Connect your Android or iPhone to the PC, click on the Backup & Restore option, and then , select WhatsApp.

connect device to computer

Step 3: Begin the backup.

Click the "Start" button now and wait for the program to process the WhatsApp backup.

Now, follow further instructions given to begin the backup process.

begin backup

Step 4: Complete Backup

Throughout the backup procedure, keep your phone plugged in. This will appear on the software once the backup is over.

complete backup

Part 3: How to Delete My WhatsApp Account

To delete your WhatsApp account, follow the simple step guide below as we curated each for an iPhone or an Android.

For iOS Users:

You can permanently delete your WhatsApp account on your iPhone by following the instructions below.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your iPhone first. After you have logged into WhatsApp, click the Settings button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

open whatsApp

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Account option on the Settings screen. Click Delete My Account on the Account screen.

scroll down

Step 3: Tap the Delete My Account option after entering the Phone Number linked to your WhatsApp account on the following screen.

tap the delete my account option

Step 4: Your WhatsApp account on your iPhone will be permanently erased, together with all of your sent and received messages, photos, videos, and contacts.

For Android Users:

Step1: On your phone, launch WhatsApp, and tap the three dots in the upper-right corner to select "Settings."

launch whatsApp

Step 2: Click Account and select Delete my account.

click account

Step 3: Insert your phone number. Then, select Delete my account.

select delete my account

Step 4: Briefly explain why you wish to remove your account, and click on "Delete my account."

delete my account


No matter why you want to deactivate your WhatsApp account, please ensure you know what you will lose after deleting the account. And we suggest you back up your WhatsApp data via MobileTrans first, in case you regret or want to keep some precious messages with your loved ones. Then, you can say goodbye to WhatsApp and delete your account.

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